May 31, 2002

Okay, so now the stress of unemployment is getting to me. Sort of. Still no word from the first temp agency I signed up with, so I called another one today, and I have an appointment for Tuesday, so maybe this one will be better. Yeesh. It’s been three weeks now since I’ve worked and I’m completely broke. Bleccch.

Yesterday was the two mile race. I didn’t go, because it was raining. Plus, I was feeling lazy (a bit of unemployment sloth.) Whatever. We went to Jazzland yesterday, and like the last time we went, it started to rain hard so we left after a couple of hours. The upside of it for me was I was able to avoid going on the big rollercoaster, which I was absolutely dreading. I hate the free-fall part, and Kristina wasn’t going to let me wuss out of it. Hmmph.

Taking George to Baton Rouge to meet my mom tomorrow. Eeep!

Oh yeah, and I went running today. Just got back. One lap of the park, but fast. Did one quarter mile in 2:35 or so. 10 minute mile, yeah, and in this heat! Once fall rolls around (and I’m in Boston) I’ll be much faster! Yay!


Went running yesterday. Longest run since the marathon! 3.5 whole miles! tee hee. Am happy about it, though. Ran 4, walked 1, except the last two bits I did run 3, walk 2. It was *&#$ hot, so I’m not unhappy about that. Today I’m going to do a 2 mile race. It’s free, thank god, because I’m so freaking poor right now. Blech. The downside of being unemployed. I did have a phone interview for a temp job yesterday, but I didn’t do so well. I’m really bad at answering questions on the phone or in an interview if I have no idea what the answer might be, so there was a lot of ummming and ahhhhing. Oh well.


Went running today. Finally! And it was a good run. At least by my recent standards. Kristina came with me and because it was so hot, we decided to do the run 4 minutes, walk 1 minute. Piece of cake. Well, Kristina wasn’t having any of it after one loop of the park, so I went another half mile or so while she waited for me. I felt better about myself after the run. I was afraid I’d never want to run again after the marathon, but I don’t think that’ll be the case after all. However, my big toenail on my right foot is turning a rather becoming shade of greenish-turquoise with yellow accents, but it doesn’t hurt, so I don’t mind. Thank god for nail polish.

So Kristina and I got back last night from New York. I loved it! It wasn’t nearly as scary or intimidating as I’d imagined. My view of Manhattan now is of a giant network of Oxford Streets, though. Which, in spite of the shopping, is one of my least favorite streets in London. So I don’t think I’ll be moving to Manhattan any time soon, although Kristie almost had me (and herself) convinced to on Saturday night.

So our trip. Here’s the story:

Thursday: Got off the airplane, got herded into a taxi. Turned out to be an unmarked Lincoln Towncar. The driver put our luggage in the trunk and disappeared. Certainly, we thought, we would be dead shortly. Fortunately, two other girls (from England) got in the car too, as they were headed in the same general direction. We were all a bit scared, but whatever. Adventure #1. Kristina was convinced our driver had Mafia connections, as he kept talking about car theft and wanting to kill someone. Ah well. We were almost to Anne’s house when the car clipped another taxi parked on the side of the road. Naturally, the driver leapt out of the car and began to argue with the driver of the other taxi. I kept my head down in case of gunfire, but fortunately, no one was injured or killed. I wonder if they don’t just make these scenes just for the tourists. Whatever. When we got to Anne’s house, we hung out for a little while, but didn’t go out.

Friday: Anne had to work, so Kristina and I went to Pret (!) for lunch and wandered around a bit before meeting Marianne at Penn Station. We found her, then went back to Anne’s on the subway. I liked the New York subway, or at least I appreciated it, but I think the London Underground is far superior. Naturally, I would think that, though. After dropping Marianne’s luggage off, we considered going to the top of the Empire State Building, but the lines were too long, so instead we went to an Irish pub nearby. After that, we went downtown to meet Anne at her office for “happy hour,” which entailed sitting in the conference room of her office with a beer and her boss and talking about law. Normally would have been boring, but hey, free beer. Hoegarden, no less. After that, we went to some historic old pub near her office. Then to some famous pizza place (Johnny’s?). Then to some famous old speakeasy bar (Clancy’s?). Then to some other bar (Blind Tiger Ale House?). (Will fill in the details later, just want to jot it all down now.) Then home and to bed.

Saturday: Breakfast at a diner near Anne’s house. Had omelettes, nothing too New York-y there. Then walked around, to Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station, etc. Took the subway to Battery Park, looked at the Statue of Liberty. Took the ferry to Staten Island. Took the ferry back. Went to get yummy french fries at this Belgian fry place. Mmmm. Went back to Anne’s for our big night out. Got dressed, took a taxi to a bar called Bliss on 49th. (don’t I sound knowledgeable when I say things like “on 49th?” yeah, i think so too.) After that, we went to meet Kristie at an unnamed bar in the Village (ooh, that sounds like I know something too, huh?) which was lots of fun. We stayed there for several rounds of drinks, which is where I made the drunken pact with Kristie to move to NYC instead of Boston. After that, to a bar next door called Kush, where Kristie and I talked to some Ken-doll lookalike who was nauseating. Then had pizza at some place nearby. Yum.

Sunday, went to have bagels at some uh, bagel place on the um Lower East side? (I could be making that up, but it sounds good.) Anne and Kristina went back to Anne’s after that, and Kristie, Marianne and I walked down Broadway so Kristie and I could get fake designer purses. We finally found some, I got a (as Kristie and I said) “Kate Spode” and Kristie got a “Prado” purse and “Kate Spode” wallet. Unfortunately, they actually say Kate Spade and Prada, so it’s not nearly as funny. Went back to the apartment after our shopping to prepare for Meat Fest. Anne had booked us a table at this Brazilian barbecue place near her house, and we had to eat lots of meat. There were yummy appetizers (fresh mozzerella, boiled shrimp, other stuff) then the main attraction is these guys who walk around with huge skewers full of meat. Lamb, steak, chicken, sausages, even a suckling pig. It was good, but I won’t be needing to eat meat for a long, long time. After that, we could only go back to Anne’s and lie on the couch, moaning, which was fine by me.

Monday: Walked around. Went to Bloomingdales, Trump Tower, FAO Schwartz, walked through the lobby of the Plaza Hotel. Walked a bit through Central Park (gorgeous!) and then to the Carnegie Deli. Had half of a yummy pastrami sandwich (more meat! geez!) and Kristina had (half) a liverwurst sandwich that was, literally, as big as her head. Incredible. As if we weren’t full enough after lunch, Anne insisted we go to this diner near her house that had banana split milkshakes. Just to fill in the cracks. Blech. Kristina and I had to leave right after lunch, and let me say, walking to the bus station with heavy suitcases (not on rollers, thank you) wanting to barf up pastrami and chocolate malt is not the most pleasant experience. But we survived. Yay! I heart ny!


Hmmm. According to the US News & World report (via the homepage), “The best bloggers weigh in on social and political issues, report nuggets of information that the national media miss or suppress, and provide links to other bloggers with something sharp to say.” Hmmm. Talk about making me feel inferior. Okay, fine, I’ll start providing links to social and political issues. Righty-oh. Think I’ll start with The Onion. Oh, forget it. This was never meant to be hip like those other blogs anyway. In fact, I don’t know why I’d want to be that kind of blog anyway. I read them and get instantly annoyed by the writer’s pseudo-hip pretentious observations on these issues that I couldn’t care less about.

So, yeah, back to my life. Still, nothing much going on. I did get a few little things accomplished so far today. Called the girl that’s moving into our apartment when we move out. Her boyfriend wants some of our furniture. Now, see how complicated my life is now. I’m concerned that he’s going to want my sofa. But he can’t have my sofa. I love my sofa. Even though I could really use the money. So the biggest issue in my life right now is steering him towards Kristina’s sofa. God, I love life. Also, contacted Debbie’s boss about doing some work for him. Left a message on his voicemail. Ooh, need to find a cheap ISP for when Kristina’s free Tulane account runs out. Now, this may all seem like trifling stuff, but I couldn’t manage to get any of it done yesterday. But I’m not feeling any guilt about my laziness yet, so I’m just going to enjoy it.

Might have to go to Baton Rouge tomorrow. It’s the fourth anniversary of my father’s death. I’d like to put a golf ball or two on his grave, but the real reason I’d go is for my mom. The Catholic/Italian mother guilt really kicks in this time of year. I don’t feel any burning need to go to the cemetery to honor him or anything, it’s all just symbolic, really, but if it’ll make her feel better, then I’ll do it.


Boy, being unemployed is tiring! Okay, so maybe I haven’t been sufficiently motivated to do much, but I couldn’t even manage to get my oil changed today! I did, however, go to lunch with Ren and Gary and a girl we went to high school with, who shall remain nameless. Hellooooo, can you say flaky? Yeesh. Her friend was going on about chakras and people named Greenheart who he could talk to telepathically and other crap like that. Come on. It was all I could do to not laugh at these people. I feel only slightly bad for the girl, who is actually pretty nice, but I just can’t take these arteeeests seriously. They take themselves seriously enough, thank you. But it was entertaining, at least.

Saturday was busy, busy, busy. And long. Kristina and I went to the mall in the morning to get her a new outfit for graduation, which we did. Then when we got home she had to get ready and go, then Kettie and I went to the ceremony, which was blissfully short and not that boring, then we went to dinner at this fancy-shmancy restaurant with Kristina’s mom and her friend and aunt, then we went to a bar called d.b.a. Not bad. Ren and Gary actually came and met us out, we saw this guy Jason Kaplan from high school, Miller Pam (one of Kettie’s friends) met some of her friends out (and they bought us drinks, always good) and Miller Pam and I ran into another Pam on the street, which was odd. George met us out too, so it was a good night altogether. I drank waaaaaaay too much but I wasn’t hung over on Sunday, and it was a special occasion, so who cares.

Oh I suppose I should watch what I say if I have this URL on my resume. Hmmm.


Day Four of the Pam and Kristina Week O’ Fun was yesterday. And fun it was! We took the streetcar downtown, then went to the aquarium, then got daiquiris and strolled around the French Quarter. It was a (mostly) beautiful day, we went to the French market and then to lunch (raw oysters…mmmm!) and then to Pat O’Briens for a hurricane (where we met some nice ladies from Minnesota who taught us how to speak Minnesotan) and then to the casino to gamble only $2, then we took the ferry to the West Bank to go to pub quiz night. Ren and Gary met us there. Of course our team lost every round, but oh well. One day…

Today was Gary’s Hippocratic Oath ceremony, but dear God did it last forever. We didn’t even stay for the oath, we left after Gary got hooded. Then we had to clean the house because Kristina’s mom and her friend came in town. And they’re at dinner now, so a quiet night for Pam.

But not tomorrow night…Kristina’s got her graduation at 4, then dinner, then we’re all going out. But it’ll be lots of fun because Kettie’s coming in. Yay! Haven’t seen her in a few months. Or at least 6 weeks. Well, whatever. It’ll still be great to see her.

I haven’t run at all this week. Sigh. It’s the cold. And it kind of interfered with the PAKWOF, but at least we walked a lot yesterday. Ha ha! I need to get back into it next week, so I’ll be ready for the 5K we’re doing on June 2. And I definitely want to run in Central Park at some point when we’re in NYC, next weekend. Woo hoo! Exciting! Yay!

I know it may seem that my life is really boring right now, at least from what I’ve been writing on this, but it’s really been the most extraordinary month. I mean, a month ago on Tuesday, I ran a marathon. Five days later, I met George. Two weeks after that, I left my job and decided to move to Boston. Two days ago, I got a new tattoo. My life has been turned completely upside-down, and it couldn’t be better.


Day three of the Pam and Kristina Week O’ Fun!

Day two was fun, too. Relaxing, mostly. Went to the dentist in the morning. It’s okay, he’s good-looking enough to take a way a little bit of the pain. But never enough. Got a shot, hate that. Hate the drooling that follows for the next four to five hours. Attractive! Whatever, though. He said next visit (the last!) probably won’t require a shot. Thank god. When I got home around noon, Kristina and Gary were at lunch, but then we just hung out on Gary’s patio for the next six hours, drank wine, played mancala, this really fun marble game. Then, because it was George’s birthday, I went over to Algiers and met him at the pub. We went to an Irish pub for dinner and hung out there for a while. It was nice. Always nice. 😀 I love the people in his neighborhood. I know a lot of them now, and they say hi when I see them and wave when they drive by. It’s a nice feeling, one you don’t often get in New Orleans. The area I live in, Uptown, is too big to be so friendly.

So today, the big plans were to get Pam a new tattoo. That’s right, a new tattoo. I have one on my left leg that I’ve had for eight or nine years, of Calvin & Hobbes. But I decided (Monday, these things have to be somewhat spur-of-the-moment, no time for being practical) to get a tattoo to commemorate the marathon. Finally decided on a design involving a Union Jack flag with a runner girl stick figure superimposed over it, with “26.2” beneath it. On my lower back. Okay, so it’s a little larger than I had originally planned, but whatever. I like it. It was without a doubt the most painful hour of my life, though. Made the marathon look like a walk in the park. Whew! And I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. But boy, this hurt! But now it’s over, so it’s okay. Now I have to tell my mom. 🙂


Day one of the Pam and Kristina Week O’ Fun!

This morning I had an interview at a temp agency. What an ego boost these interviews are. The tests they have you take are so easy and I’m a fast typer (76 wpm, baby!) so I always do well. Of course, it doesn’t mean I’ll get anything better than a $9 an hour job, but whatever. On the other hand, because of my web design and graphic design skills, they told me to contact the technical division, and they guy over there didn’t laugh in my face when I said I used to get $25 an hour for contract work. So we’ll see how that turns out.

After that, Kristina and I went to see Cat’s Meow, this kind of boring movie. Oh well. Then we went to check out this gym on the other side of town. It’s HUGE and I really want to join, but with the joining fees and monthly fees and stuff, two months would cost me $225 or something. Yeesh. So I’m going to look some more. Then we went and bought Kristina’s graduation present from my mom. And now I’m home. Okay, not the most thrilling day, but hey, better than working! Tonight we’re going to hang out with Ren and Gary and drink wine and stuff. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, hopefully my teeth won’t be so stained from red wine that they’ll notice.

Had an absolutely fantastic wonderful perfect weekend. Friday’s lunch was fun. Didn’t get the wine I wanted (oh well) but at lunch, we had two pitchers of sangria, one of which was drank pretty much solely by Erin (a girl I worked with) and I, which was fun. Three hour lunch, that turned out to be. Mmmm. Then Teresa came in town, and we went out with a bunch of George’s friends, to a bunch of dive bars on the West Bank. It was really, really fun. Didn’t get home until 5 a.m., though. Slept a little while, and Tee and I went shopping for mother’s day presents. Watched movies at George’s house later, had to go to Baton Rouge yesterday, but Kristina came with me so it was okay. Saw Spiderman. Fun.


Oh, weird. Just got an email from one of my high school friends, Allison. She was at Louisiana School for our junior year, we were suitemates and really good friends. So weird! Now she’s married, and she no longer seems to wear the thick black eyeliner and all black clothing she preferred in high school. Ahhhh, 16 year olds. Louisiana School had particularly strange students because we were the geeks of our former high schools, and suddenly we could actually be as strange as we wanted to be. Um, not to say I was strange. Nooooo. But I’m still good friends with so many people that went to school there. Ren and Gary, Anne, Kettie, Maura, and lots of people I may not be close friends with but still see from time to time. Weird.

May 10, 2002

Last day of work today. Weird! We’re going to Semolina’s, a yummy pasta restaurant, for lunch today. Hmm. I hope I get some kind of leaving gift. I’d love (hint, hint, in case anyone at work is reading this) a bottle of the Syrah-Grenache from Chateau Camplazens. (see, free advertising! a delicious red with hints of sage and stuff like that.) Well, Ren got a bottle for her birthday, so I think it’s only fair. Let’s see, after 25 years don’t you get a gold watch? I think three years of building a business from the ground up deserves a $15 bottle of wine, don’t ya think?

Went to the park to run yesterday. Only got 3/4 of the way around the loop before I was head off at the pass by Ren and Gary, walking in the opposite direction. So we walked back 3/4 of the way I had just run. Well, at least I got in three miles instead of two yesterday! I decided on my plan of action for the summer, running-wise. If I do 4 minutes running, 1 minute walking, I don’t get as overheated, so I can go further. So I’m going to try that and see if I can handle two or three loops of the park that way. And it doesn’t really take that much longer. See, I never saw anything wrong with Gallo-walking.

Last night I finished my super-secret project mentioned yesterday. It turned out really well. I will elaborate more on it next week. I’m quite proud of it. Also watched the new Friends and Will & Grace. Didn’t watch ER. Far too depressing to watch alone, so I taped it. I’ll watch it with Kristina later. Didn’t, obviously, go to pub quiz night. But ended up with a decent night’s sleep. I know I’d be better rested if I hadn’t brought back twenty books from London. But that’s my weakness, and now I have to read them all. Quite proud that I haven’t read them all already. And it’s been nearly a month! Of course, one of the drawbacks of being a voracious reader is that I accidentally bought a book in London that I already had. Duh. I guess I don’t retain as much of the books as I thought I did. But I also see that as a benefit, because I can read them over and over again and it’s like a new book every time!

Talked to my brother (left, that’s him, you can click on the picture to visit his website, and you should because it’s really cool) about Boston. He has friends that live in Somerville, where I’ll (hopefully!!) be living. Or Slummerville, as my oh-so-witty brother calls it. So he’s been, what, two times? He gave a talk at MIT last year about digital filmmaking, or something like that.

May 9, 2002

Ran a bit yesterday, 2 miles at the park. Sheesh. Two stinkin’ miles. And to think, less than a month ago, I managed 26.2. Hmmph. Strangely, Ren and Gary were there at the same time I was, but I didn’t see them. But I do keep seeing the strange “man-who-wears-his-shorts-really-low.” At the Mayfair (our favorite local bar) last weekend, at the bank the other day, and at the park too, of course. It’s generally his running shorts he wears too low, but at the Mayfair, he was wearing regular shorts too low too. Blech.

Anyway, I’m debating about going to pub quiz night tonight. I want to go, it’s really fun, but I’m also still tired from a lack of decent sleep and I know this weekend is going to wear me out. Plus it’s Thursday night, new Friends and ER and everything, and I have a little “project” I’m working on. (shh…it’s a secret. but all will be revealed soon enough…) So I guess I’ll give it a miss this week and rest up for the busy weekend.

May 8, 2002

Zzzzzz…tired again today. Went to the imax space movie last night with George. Was good. Love 3D. Stayed out too late. At least I didn’t drink heavily. So I’m not hungover, at least, only tired. 🙂 But now I have a dilemma about this weekend. Friday night Teresa’s coming in town and we’re all going out on the West Bank, but Saturday is tricky. I want to stay in town, go shopping with Teresa, hang out with George, not do anything stressful, buy Mother’s Day present for mom, see a movie, watch a movie, recover from the inevitable hangover I’ll have from Friday night, but my mom’s having a graduation party for my cousin Matthew at 2 on Saturday that she wants me to go to. (and she wants me to invite George, but there’s no way I’m subjecting him to my extended family right now. good god no) And because Mother’s Day is on Sunday, it’s not as if I can come back to New Orleans on Saturday night, I’d have to stay in Baton Rouge all weekend. sheesh. And then, I wanted to hang out with the Baton Rouge kids on Saturday night also, which throws another wrench into the whole thing. I just don’t know what to doooooooo….Oh well, I’ll figure something out. I’ll just be Zen about it. Just not think about it, let it floooowwwwwwww.

Not much to do around here anymore. Jimmy has learned just about everything. Curses to Jimmy for not being dumb! tee hee. not really. this makes everything much less stressful.