June 28. 2002

Didn’t run today. My back hurt when I woke up, guess I slept funny. But Kristina and i did go on a 5 mile, 1.5 hour walk with some running yesterday, which is great. And it was fun. It was really humid and the whole time we thought it was going to start pouring, but it only started to rain when we were five blocks from home. And then we got mildly drenched. We were sorta disappointed.

Work has been fun. So has having days off. Ahhh. Gotta love it. Yesterday, Judy from the temp agency called to tell me about a permanent position at a big accounting firm (ahem, not one going under anytime soon, I hope) in the creative department. Perfect, right up my alley, well paid, and undoubtedly great benefits. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get an interview for that job, and then, well, actually get it. Ha ha!

Chris got into the NYC Marathon! It’s on his birthday this year. Exciting! Crazy, of course, to be running three marathons in eleven months, especially your *first three* but Chris is crazy. So good luck to him. I hope if I get the good job I’ll be able to take some time off in April for the marathon. Well, I’ll cross that bridge when it comes, etc, etc.

Work = good

Work is cool so far. Have met some nice people. You get to borrow books for free! Hardcovers only, but I borrowed one last night and I’ve already finished it, so I can get another one today. Woo hoo!

Didn’t run yesterday, or today, but I’m working 9 hours today, all on my feet, so I think it just might even out.

First day of work

Woo hoo! First day today! Well, this afternoon. And only for maybe an hour. Paperwork and stuff. But tomorrow and Wednesday and Saturday will be longer days. Yay! Exciting! Since I have to go in at four today, I’m going to go to the park early this afternoon, do two loops. I’m feeling very blah and gross and PMS-y. Sorry guys. Not much else to do, anyway. I do need to find an apartment, but the ones advertised are all available immediately, which is too soon.

Oh, big news! I think, not positive, but pretty sure, that Tatum got married. Woah! Well, her fiancee was in town for two days or something before he had to go to Afghanistan, and I guess they thought, why wait until he gets back? I don’t care if it’s for benefits or what, but that’s incredibly romantic. The photos Ann sent me were so beautiful. I’m so happy for her. I can only assume that they’re going to have a big reception or something when Jay gets back. They’d better! But I have to talk to her first, before I start spreading rumors. Ooops! Too late!

Woo hoo!

Okay, yay! Finally got a job! When I went in for my interview at B&N, they offered me the job on the spot. Woo hoo! Of course, part-time at $6.75 an hour is hardly likely to pay my bills, but at least it’s better than nothing. And it’s casual, and I can meet new people. And (best of all) I’ll get a discount on books! Woo hoo! I start on Monday.

Of course, my luck being the way that it is, the temp agency called on Friday to offer me a temp job starting, yes, Monday. (And yes, this is the first time in over six weeks that either temp agency has called to offer me a temp job.) But I didn’t take it. It was at a bank. Booooring. I’d have to wear stockings every day. Blech. And, after all, it was only temporary. But it was $10.50 an hour. Sheesh. Oh well.

Ran yesterday. Once around the park. But fast, at least.

Fingers crossed!

Ooh! Have an interview at Barnes & Noble on Thursday. Woo hoo! Maybe I’ll actually be working before too long! Can’t even imagine such a thing…

Jobless, but happy

Still jobless, but the happiest girl in the world!!!

Am now to start looking for permanent positions in New Orleans. Yep, I’m staying. Not leaving. Am very happy about my decision. Of course, I still hate New Orleans, but I can deal with that. I’ll just have to learn to love it, I guess. Or at least give it a chance.

Ran again yesterday. Same workout as on the 13th. Good stuff! Did it for three miles this time. Am doing better!


Still jobless. Whatever. I’m resigned to it. Thank god I at least have a small inheritance from my dad I can use if I’m desperate. Which I’m about to be. So I’m not going to dwell on it anymore.

Went running yesterday. Made up a new workout. Ran as fast as I could for a quarter mile, then walked a quarter mile, and repeated 4 or so times. One of my quarter miles, I ran in 2:13!!! That’s an under 9:00 pace! Holy cow! Of course, I’d die before I could keep that up for more than a quarter mile, but maybe…after I do it for a while…then try it in a cooler climate or in the fall…maybe then I’ll be able to sustain it longer… I think for my run today I’m going to drag out my heart rate monitor. That’ll be fun. Even better, I think I’ll wear it all day today. It’ll add a little bit of sorely-needed excitement to my life. Watching my heart rate. Sigh.


Okay, so those prayers went unanswered. No work so far. But a few leads. Sarah knows someone at Tulane who may need help with a database, but she hasn’t called or emailed me back, so I’m not holding out much hope for that. I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday to fill out a job application. Laurie’s James put a little note on it, maybe that’ll help. I almost went to the unemployment office Monday, but I didn’t. Or yesterday. I chickened out, I’ll be honest about it.

Kristina left for Virginia this morning, she’s getting lasic surgery on her eyes. Lucky! Although I don’t know if I’d ever get it myself because I don’t like people cutting my eyeball open, I’m envious that she won’t have to wear glasses or contacts again. Maybe if she says it’s not so bad, I’ll consider it one day. She at least can wear contacts, I personally hate them, so I’m stuck with glasses. Which I also hate. So maybe one day…

Anne’s sister Becky’s friend (and ours) Jen is coming in town tomorrow. I get to entertain her. Yay! I’m going to take her to, um, well, okay, Algiers for pub quiz night. Hey, she went to Yale. Maybe we’ll actually win something this week!

Oh yeah, and I finally got my official marathon photos! Yay! Woo hoo! Of course, the dreaded fanny pack (perhaps I should just call it a waist pack to avoid any cross-cultural faux pas) makes me look disgusting, but other than that, I’m happy about them. It’s exciting! Except that they actually want me to send back two of the photos. *&#($ that! I don’t think so! Let ’em come after me (or put the cost on my mom’s credit card. Either one is fine with me.) So here they are:


Oh, I hope I work tomorrow! Please, please please please let me work tomorrow! And Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And the ones after that, and so on and so forth so I can pay the rent next month. Blecccch.

Had a lovely, lovely weekend. Spent most of it with George, hence the loveliness of it. Thursday night, I did the unthinkable – saw George Porter in concert. I always swore I’d never see him again, but George wanted to go, so I went. And had fun, if only because of the company (siiiigh…am I sad or what?) Earlier that night we went to pub quiz night, and lost…again…but played with these four 21 year old girls who made me feel reeeeeally old. I think that we grow up more from our early to late twenties than in any other time of our lives. So far, anyway. So on Friday, I hung out with George (he had taken the day off work) and went home, took a nap, and went to the Quarter with Kristina and John and his new girlfriend, Blair, who we adored. Yay! We drank all sorts of fruity concoctions and got pretty tipsy, but had a great time. Spent Saturday with George, just hanging out, then went home, took a nap (sound familiar?) and went to Anne’s mom’s house for dinner. It was really nice to see her, not least because she was so happy to see us. Always nice. Then Kristina and George and I met up with John and Blair again at the R Bar and just stayed there most of the night. Good people, good fun, great time. Life is wonderful! (Except for the unemployment stress…)

Today Kristina and I saw “Insomnia” which was okay. Not the type of movie I like to see, in general, but it was a good way to pass the afternoon. Then we rented the videotape of the last five episodes of the third season of Sex & the City. Sad to see it end. Wish season four would come out on video right now!!!

Please let me work tomorrow!!!!


Applied for some new jobs today. See, I’m not completely lazy in my unemployment! One of them sounded really cool, as a Mac Artist for some investment firm. I’m sure I’ll never hear from them, but that’s their loss. Hmmph. Also added some new pictures to my photos page, just for fun. Blah, blah, blah. Last night there was a show on the Outdoor Life Network (or the Canadian channel as Kristina and I call it, since their logo features a big maple leaf) about the London Marathon. Curiously enough, Chris and I weren’t in it. Hmmph. But it was cool to watch anyway. Also, we saw “The Importance of Being Earnest” yesterday. It was goooood. Okay, okay, so Colin Firth could pick his nose for an hour and I’d pay to see it, but really, it was very entertaining.

Chris and the BR kids are having a luau in July and they decided to make it a Pam going away party. Aren’t they just swell? That should be fun. Of course, now that I really think about moving, it depresses me terribly. Makes me sad. I can’t not move, it’s something I really need to do, but right now, I just…don’t…wanna!


Dang it’s hot! But I ran today. For the first time since Friday. 3.5 miles, twice around the park. Walked a lot of it, actually, but I don’t care. Curious thing – I get blisters when I walk, but not when I run. Wonder if that’s a sign? I figured out, though, that I don’t care if I don’t get any better while in New Orleans this summer, only that I maintain running at all. Then, when I get to the cooler weather of Boston, I can work on improving whatever. I still want to do the London Marathon again next year, so I can’t slack off completely. Not that I want to or anything.

Here’s a picture of my tattoo for those interested.


Okay, so I’m a tool. I sent in a picture from the marathon to the New Orleans newspaper’s Travel section, where they’ll print a photo of you if you’re holding the Travel section. (Yes, that means I actually travelled 4600 miles with the Times-Picayune Travel section, and I really am a dork.) But here it is. I just wanna be famous!

PS Although I wrote most of the little caption below the picture, I did not say “not for the faint of heart.” Come on. I wouldn’t write anything that cliched.