Whew! Finally got almost all of my stuff into George’s apartment. Now, just to get it into my new place. Woo. Well, at least I get my keys tomorrow. Too bad I have to work tomorrow until 4:30. Oh well.

I think I’m going to do the Las Vegas Marathon instead of the London Marathon. I won’t be able to afford to go to London unless I get a really high paying job like, oh, tomorrow, so I’m thinking of something at least within the United States. And my brother and sister (and some of her family) could come watch, and maybe my mom, and Kristina wants to come…yay! And it’s supposed to be cold. And downhill. Perfect!


Grrr. Found out yesterday from Tony (my new landlord) that the woman who is living in my apartment won’t be out until the 31st. Naturally, a day I have to work. So that means we have to move all my stuff to George’s apartment until Tuesday and then we have to move it *again*. Hmmph. And Stinky will have to stay at the old apartment until the new one opens up. I will visit her every day, of course.

Yesterday I got to work three hours early (they’d changed the schedule on me) so I went to see Men in Black 2. It was either that or (shudder) Scooby Doo, which I am most definitely not going to see, ever. But it was really good. I laughed. Also yesterday was me and George’s three month-iversary. Tee hee! Woo hoo! I got chocolate. Sigh. πŸ™‚


Woo hoo! Got a cell phone today. Exciting. More exciting was that our old UPS driver popped his head into the cell phone store while I was checking out. Mmmmm. Yummy. Of course, he just wanted to know what happened to Merlin Wines, but whatever. Tee hee!

Evan won first place in some New Orleans film festival for Fansom. I can’t wait to see that on the big screen. It’ll be cool. Not for another month, though.

Hope I hear something soon about my new apartment.

Wish I wasn’t working 12-9 so I could go running. I don’t want to wake up earlier than I need to, just to go running. Isn’t that terrible? Well, if it wasn’t so hot outside, it’d be a different story. I could go running at 10 a.m. But not now. Next week I work opening shifts, so I’ll be able to go running after work. I need to find somewhere safe to run on the west bank, though.


Okay! Finally I scanned the picture of my new yellow apartment. The outside. Haven’t gotten inside again yet. As I suspected (I am, after all, the daughter of a real estate agent), the current renter’s closing didn’t happen on Friday like it was supposed to. Therefore, I haven’t gotten to move my stuff in yet. Eep! It had better happen this week!


Oooh, I haven’t been doing so well at keeping up with this, have I? Well, nothing major has been happening anyway. Let’s see…Got a bruise from last weekend’s roach at party incident. It’s a big ‘un. Went to the dentist on Thursday. Was cheap! Hooray! However, mouth still hurts. That’s worrying. Ah well, give it a few days.

This morning was the Spillway Classic Trail Run. 3 miles. Wasn’t too muddy. I mean, my feet (shoes) got muddy, but it was a pretty dry course this year (or so they said.) There were some people who were literally diving into mud puddles. Later I found out why – there was an award for muddiest male/female. Hmm. I hope they got more than just a cheap trophy. Well, at least they’ll get glowing skin out of it. Overall, I had a good time. My time was better than I expected. Finished in 39:36, or roundabouts, and I expected closer to 45 minutes, considering it was my first trail run. Walked a bit of it, maybe a mile total, but I knew I would. Was really dehydrated at the end, but after Chee-Wees and a banana, oh, and a sno-cone, felt much better. Just woke up from a nap, have to go to work in an hour. Bleccch. For nine hours! At least I have tomorrow off. My goal tomorrow is to pack up the entire apartment. Yeah, right!


Kristina left yesterday. 😦 It didn’t really hit me until she was driving off. My god, we did everything together. We finished each other’s sentences. Goofy, I know, but she knew me better than anyone, and now she’s gone. Well, I mean, she’s only in Virginia, but that’s reeeeally far away! Hmmph. Hope she comes to visit soon. πŸ™‚

Need to have a garage sale to get rid of a lot of the stuff I don’t want and some of Kristina’s stuff she left behind. What a pain. Don’t know where to have it. Don’t want to get up at 5:30 a.m. to deal with garage-salers. Hmmm. But could definitely use the money.

Am sick of working at B&N. I want a real job. With normal hours. Where I can sit down. Where I get paid a normal wage. Sheesh. This is sickening.

Haven’t run in a few days. Several days, even. Have a race on Sunday. Dirty, muddy trail run. Chris is running it as well. Should be fun. Will run tomorrow if my dental appointment isn’t too painful. Ew. Oh wait, can’t afford dental visit! Crap!


Kristina’s leaving in the morning. 😦

I worked all weekend. We had a party for Kristina on Saturday night. Turnout wasn’t huge, but it was fun anyway. Until the roach flew into my hair, landed on some guy, and we all ran scared and piled up on Teresa. A drink was spilled on her fuzzy pants. Whoops.

It’s hard to keep track of the days when I have a strange work schedule. Today is Monday. Doesn’t feel like it though. Had the day off, but work tomorrow and Wednesday. Friday I may hear from my new landlord about when I can move into my new apartment. I hope I can get the keys this weekend. It’s so cute, I want to see the inside again. I got the pictures I took of the outside back today, tomorrow I’ll scan them and post them.


Ahhh, I guess time for a nice long update, eh? Haven’t posted much in a while. Bad Pam!

Went running yesterday for the first time in over a week. Got nice and sweaty. Ha ha! Didn’t go for nearly long enough, though. Only once around. Today I’ll go twice, but after working for 9 hours and being on my feet (in not the most comfortable shoes) I didn’t feel like running too much. Nevertheless, I was pleased with my time, as I did half a mile in under 5:30, walked a quarter mile, then did another half mile in under 5:15. Woo hoo! When I actually do start running longer distances, I should be able to go further. Faster. Something. I’m not sure where I’m going to run on the west bank, though (where my new cute yellow apartment is.) On the levee, I guess, but I don’t think it’s as long or as safe as the levee where I used to run. Hmm. I need to find out if there are any parks or anything. Still, a change of pace will be nice. Maybe I can get George to dig out his bike and he can ride (sloooowwwwwly) alongside me. Or something.

Work is good. Except for the pay, of course. But I really like it. The people are pretty nice, but I’m not sure I’ll ever fit in completely. I feel so old. Although I know lots of them are my age. But still. So many of them are still in college, so it’s not like we’ll ever be best friends. But that’s okay. Who knows how long I’ll be there anyway? Today I’m sending my resume to a bunch of places. My goal is to find a job by the end of the month. We’ll see. I’m liquidating my investment/inheritance account to pay off some bills, so that should ease my worries a little. But I’m still not making enough to really live off of. Oh well. I just need to find some freelance work. Does anyone need a website? ha ha.

Kristina’s leaving in a week. 😦 I can’t believe it. But she’s almost definitely not moving to New York now. Yeesh. That puts a crimp in some plans I have for next weekend. Oh well.

Gotta go to the dentist at some point this week. Blech. Need to get a cavity filled. Ouch.


Oh, found the cutest apartment in the whole world! Put down a deposit on it, and I get to start moving my stuff in in about two weeks. Yay! It’s so cute. Ack! It’s the front half of a yellow house. I have my own porch. Yay!


Blech. Drank too much last night. Waaaay too much. Ah well. It was fun, anyway. Kristina, George and I went to the Bulldog (hey, free pint glasses on Wednesday nights!) and had, between the three of us, three pitchers of beer. And then we went to Juan’s and ate, and split a pitcher of margaritas there. And then there was a bit more drinking at the Mayfair and at the Milan Lounge. Ooooh, and now we have to go out in the sun to celebrate the Fourth. Yeesh.

Went to look at an apartment yesterday, in this huge complex. Was okay, will consider it my “safety” apartment. In case I can’t find anything better. Hope I can. Hope I get a job making more money than I am now, or I’ll have to move back in with Mom. Ha ha, never! Not really.


Whew! Day off, finally! Haven’t run since Saturday. I’m bad. Well, I mean, I was too tired to run after work on Monday and yesterday I had things to do before work, and didn’t get home until after midnight. Once I get settled, moved, maybe have a real 9-5 job, then things will calm down. But I am going to run this afternoon. I’m not giving up on running by any means. Not to worry.

Have to look for an apartment today. Yeesh. Not that I can afford anything with the money I’m making now. Grrr.


Work is so very tiring. Not used to getting up early. Have to do it again tomorrow, but Tuesday only have to work at three. Whew! Am going to run tomorrow after work, ran yesterday after work. Felt nice. Ran a fast (10:40) mile, then walked some. Didn’t have much time before it got dark.

Today, after work, George and I went to see the Star Wars movie. He is a Star Wars freak, and because of my ignorance of the details of the SW saga, I am now going to be forced to watch the three original films. And probably quizzed on them. Oh dear. πŸ˜€

Kristina’s leaving in less than three weeks. I think because of work and George I haven’t had much time to think about it. But we’ve lived far apart before, and I don’t think our friendship really suffered because of it. It’s sad, though. I’m going to miss her so so so much. I mean, hellooooo, what am I going to do without my best friend around? Ack! Mustn’t think about it…

Now I have to go to bed so I can get up in 7 hours to go to work. Blech. Nevertheless, hope I get job at big accounting firm (as mentioned earlier) even if the day starts at 7 there. I mean, it doesn’t, not that I know of, but such a good job would be worth it. Maybe.