Still no word. Oh well. I’m beginning to think I don’t want it anyway. I really like working in the kid’s department at B&N. The day goes by so much faster!

Mom and Jenny and her boyfriend Rob and another friend of hers came by the store today. This should be an interesting weekend…”poor George” is all I have to say. I’ll be lucky if our relationship survives Hurricane Jenny. har har.


No word yet re: Employment Guide job. Hmm. I hate waiting. Oh well. Am about to go for a run. Jenny’s coming into town this weekend. She’s 30 today! Ha ha!


Okay, so Tuesday night, Laurie and James came over to the pub for a drink after I got off work. It was so much fun. yay! So anyway, we were talking about Laurie’s job, which is the ideal job, and how I need a job, told them the story about the aborted interview, etc, etc. On Wednesday, out of the blue, I get this phone call from a guy at Adecco Technical (a placement agency) saying he saw my resume on the internet, wanted to know if I was interested in an opening he had. It was for the Employment Guide, as a graphic designer, doing the stuff I love to do. Part-time, but whatever. Could I go for an interview on Friday? Of course! The only catch is, the office is in St Rose, which is past the airport. Quite a commute. About 45 minutes. But if it pays well enough, and if I can stay on at B&N part time, then, great. So I go on the interview. The woman interviewing me seems excited about my experience, which is absolutely perfect for the position. It’s a nice, modern office. Young-ish people working there, seems friendly, hours are good, etc, etc. I get a “test.” Two ads, thirty minutes. The first ad turns out fine. The second ad, I’m supposed to redesign to fit into a 2×2 space. Tiny, but whatever. I do it. Thirty seconds before the other graphic designer tells me my time’s up, I notice that it says 2x12. Ooops. No time to redesign. But I tell them my mistake, and now I’m hoping it doesn’t cost me the job. I know they were interviewing someone else. But come on…can anyone else have the kind of (free, targeted ad-only publication) experience I do? So I think I still have a good shot at it. Keeping my fingers crossed. Should hear today.

Saturday night was the film festival here that Evan won a prize in. It was cool, Mom came in with her new man, Jim, and George came. (Ew, double date with my mom. Creepy.) We went to the pub before for a drink. Woah, Jim’s nice, but he’s loud. And very friendly. And ever-so-slightly obnoxious. I liked him, though. After the drink, we left (whew) and went to the theater downtown. There was a little reception, then an hour’s worth of short films. Some of them good, some of them terrible and pretentious, some cute because they were done by teens. Then intermission and another hour of films. Naturally Evan’s was the last one shown. But it was worth the wait – his got the loudest applause and the biggest laughs. Yay! And now I have the trophy thing. A big chunk of plexiglass. Okay, so I’m supposed to send it to him. I will…eventually. Ha ha hahahahahah!

Yesterday George and I went to the Quarter and had beignets and walked around the French Market. It was fun. George cursed at tourists (under his breath) and afterwards we went to this cool used bookstore called Beckham’s. We bought some books. About London, of course. George is going in November for two weeks. 😦 This is probably the only time I wish I hadn’t left my last job, because then I could afford to go. Oh well, one day. So then we went and saw “Signs.” Eeeep! I thought I was going to die, it was so scary. I’m sure George’s arm is bruised today, because I was grabbing onto it for dear life. I’ve never been so happy a movie was over, except when I saw Alien 4. That was scarier. But I enjoyed this one, overall. Just couldn’t actually watch most of it.


Well, I wouldn’t say the interview yesterday went well….rather, not at all. I got to where the guy told me to go, but it was in the middle of the hood. I couldn’t find the building he was talking about. It was all a mess.

Sent in my application for the bridge race, but realized that I took the wrong day off work! It’s really on the 7th. Hope I can fix that. Especially since the entry fee is non-refundable.

Went for a walk on the levee on this side of the river today. Not bad. I think I’m ready to run on it.


Ahhh, day off. But I have an interview at two, for a secretarial position. So we’ll see. I’m not sure I want to accept anything long-term that doesn’t have to do with graphic design, but if it means making more than I am at B&N, then I don’t really have much choice. I need to live on something!

I’m signing up for a four-mile run on September 8. It’s going to be really difficult – it’s from the west bank of the river to the east bank, over the Mississippi River Bridge. Yikes! Basically two miles uphill, then two miles downhill. So I figure I’ll walk the first half and then run the second half. Anyway, it’ll be cool and I’ve been wanting to do this run. Hope it’s not too hot. It’s in the evening, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I hope.


Dammit. I really hate it when that happens. I wrote out a whole entry and IE froze up. Grrrr. It was witty, funny, lighthearted, sophisticated, intelligent, errrr, okay fine. I’m just lazy. Let’s see how well I can recreate…

Last night I dreamt that I was buddies with John Cusack. It was very realistic, in the way that only nicotine-patch dreams can be. I had gone over to Catherine Zeta-Jones’ house to drop off some film reels (okay, I need to stop reading Entertainment Weekly) but John was hanging out, so we became friends. We even went to the mall. In Baton Rouge. I couldn’t get any of my friends to meet him, because they were either in New Orleans or out of town, so I’m sure no one (um, in my dreams) believed me. Hmmph. Unfortunately, I woke up before I got any satisfactory result out of Mr. Cusack. Not that I wanted him to put the moves on me, no no no, honestly, I just wanted him to offer to pay off my student loans, maybe a credit card or two, but nooooo, just like a guy he was completely oblivious to any suggestion. He even admitted he was worth $100 million, but would he even pay for my $3.00 lunch? Noooooo. So I’m not so sure I’m such a big fan of John Cusack anymore. Cheapskate. Ha ha!

I talked to my mom this morning. She wants me to accept, on my brother’s behalf, the award he won for one of his films. It’s showing at some New Orleans film fest next weekend. I think this calls for a new outfit, yessirreeee, but Dee (or John) is going to have to pay.


Oooh, ran two days last week. Thursday evening went a lap and a half around the park. Yesterday, I did two. But yesterday I went at noon, so it was mostly walking with a little running mixed in. Waaay too hot to do much more. But whatever. At least I got out there. And I did run some.

Didn’t sleep well last night. Woke up in the middle of the night with my left shoulder and arm aching. Not a heart attack, I’m sure. Just slept on it funny. So I had to get up, take some ibuprofin, and read until it kicked in. So now I’m a bit groggy, and I have to go to work in an hour. Blecch.


Okay, still not completely moved in, but I did get my computer set up at least. I still have to unpack my kitchen, which I’m a little wary about, considering the dead roach situation of a few days ago. However, have only seen one roach since then (and it was dead) so I think it might be safe to start putting stuff away. On the other hand, maybe they’re just waiting for me to relax…

Am running tomorrow. Have the day off. May go back to the park for old times’ sake, or may try out the river over here. Am a little nervous about my first day running in the new neighborhood. Maybe I should be brave? Or maybe I should wait until George will ride his bike alongside me? In that case, I’d have to wait until the winter, as he won’t voluntarily come outside during the summer. Hmmm. Anyway, I figured out today that if I do the Hal Higdon 18 week marathon training program, I’ll have to start in about a month! Woo! Tomorrow I’ll check it out and maybe post it on the site so I’ll have a bit of accountability.


Well, all moved in! Not quite unpacked yet, but pretty much moved in. Actually, a few boxes (and my computer, which I suspect is being held hostage) are still at George’s, but whatever. Close enough. George picked up a few dead roaches this morning when he went to feed Stinky while I was in Baton Rouge, so we spent some time this evening covering the apartment with roach bait and the gel goo stuff. It better work or I’m moving back in with my mom. Ha ha! Woah, not really.

Haven’t run in two weeks now. But have been constantly busy, either working or moving. And that’s it. Nothing else. So I don’t feel terrible about it, but I’ve got to start again soon. Yeesh. I got Kristina’s bike, so maybe I’ll go for a ride around the Point soon.

Aaaand, I may be doing a website for some people that live here. Woo hoo! I can use my brain again, maybe!