My car’s ready, my car’s ready! Yay yay yay! And Laurie and James are coming for dinner tomorrow night! Yay! And after today, I have three days off in a row! Yay! And tonight I’m going to dress up as the Rotten Tooth Fairy for the party at the pub! Yay! Life is good!


Well, I finally met George’s parents last night. I was soooo nervous going over there, but they made me feel comfortable right away. Thank god. George kept going on about how strange they were, but they weren’t. I guess it’s one of those things – you always think your parents are the weirdest out there. But they were really nice and funny and just so dang cute, I wanted to put them in my pocket. George’s mom is so teeny I really think I could have stuck her in my pocket and taken her home with me. I did get a breadmaker, though. She gave me her old one. Score!


Oh yeah, also decided I’m definitely going to do the Mardi Gras half marathon in February. Gotta figure out how I’m going to manage that while working at 7:30 am, may have to get some mornings off. Yep. Would have to start training in a few weeks. Woo hoo! Got a plan!


Awww, Kettie’s getting married! She called me last night to tell me. I’m so happy for her, I really like her, erm, fiance, yay yay yay. The wedding’s going to be in May, she thinks. Seven months ahead of time, and May is already full for me. Another friend’s wedding, high school reunion, now Kettie. I hope no one else announces an engagement anytime soon! God, and I have another friend who’s getting married, I hope her wedding isn’t in May, but I have a sinking suspicion it is. Not that I even know if I’d be invited, but still…

So my mom’s pretty much convinced me to be a business card designer. She said something about how I never follow through with my plans (marathon withstanding) and this time I’d determined to prove her wrong. She even has a client for me already, and I’m going to call her as soon as I get off the computer, really.


Oooh, great race yesterday. Race for the Cure in Baton Rouge. George and I drove to BR Friday night (in his car, had to return my rental, because they’re actually going to put a new engine in my car! How stupid is that?) and ate at, appropriately enough, George’s when we got to BR. The next morning, my mom, Chris, George and I went downtown for the race. It was raining. We got there late, I didn’t get to pee before the race (sorry, but I have a small bladder!) so I was mad when it started. They had some news anchor saying a prayer at the beginning that had “Lord Jesus” or “Lord God” every other word. It was a bit much. So anyway, the race itself was pretty uneventful. There were some hills, so I walked the uphill parts, but not too much, and strangely enough, I actually finished in 36:23, which is only 12 seconds off my previous PR! I couldn’t believe it! So now I’m determined to run more, and Chris and I are going to do the Mardi Gras half marathon. Of course, this time, he doesn’t have to stay with me the whole time!


Looks like my car needs a new engine. Sheesh. May be driving a new (to me) car by next week. Perhaps a Hyundai. Hmm. Boooring.

Haven’t heard any good news about jobs lately. Hmmph. Am applying for a promotion at B&N, but don’t hold out much hope. Apparently, everyone in the department is applying for it, and I’m the newest one there. So it doesn’t look good. But if I did get it, I’d at least make sort of enough money to last for a little while. Perhaps even enough to give cheap Christmas presents to my nearest and dearest. I hope.


Oh, okay, I should be more positive. I mean, besides the job thing (oh, and the car thing) life is good. Well, my rental car got taken from me on Wednesday, so George has let me use his car, or he’s been driving me wherever, which is nice, but I feel bad. Today I get the rental car back for another week. The car place said they were going to start working on it on Monday (what, only 3 1/2 weeks after I brought it? Greeeeaaaat!) but my mom doesn’t think they’re going to fix it, that they’re going to total it, so I may have to look for another car soon, blah blah blah.

But on Wednesday night, George took me to a restaurant on some bayou, pretty cool. Didn’t see any alligators, though.


blech. I’m really getting sick of these people telling me they’re going to call me, then never calling me. How professional is that? If I wasn’t so desperate (after two overdraft fees of $28 in two days) I’d say I’d never work for those companies. But let’s face it, I’d do anything now, just to stay afloat. And what’s worse, they’re cutting my shifts at Barnes & Noble, so I only have four next week. It’s all so discouraging and depressing. Tonight’s Teresa’s birthday dinner, but I can’t even afford to eat, much less have drinks afterwards. But I’ll figure something out. It’s just so depressing. But at least I’ll get to see friends I haven’t seen in a while tonight. I’m excited about that.


Okay, okay, I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I was resisting posting about the Race for the Cure on the 5th because it was so terrible. A new personal worst. It was hotter than hell, so whatever. 40:34, thirty seconds slower than last year. Ugh. Oh well, I’m over it.

Waiting to hear about a job. Always waiting to hear about a job! Sheesh. I want a job.

My friend Lynnay from B&N came over yesterday. I finally meet a new friend and she’s leaving in a couple of weeks! Hmmph. She’s moving to Texas. So I guess it’s another incentive for that trip to Texas I’ve been wanting to take. She came over, we put up Halloween decorations, and she reorganized my food shelves. Ha ha. And then I cooked dinner. Mmm. Nothing else especially exciting happened this week, except Teresa came by Saturday morning and we had a nice girly lunch and window-shopped at Canal Place. Then later, there was the big Kristie adventure. I drove about 200 miles picking her up in remote areas between Baton Rouge and New Orleans and then dropping her off as well. Would have been much smarter of me just to drive to Baton Rouge and spend the night (hello, 140 miles round-trip) but it was worth it, fun times.


Booorrrring. Again. Went to George’s last night after work (we got off at 9 instead of midnight) and slept on the couch, in front of the television. George didn’t sleep at all, just watched TV and the internet for news of the storm. Woke me up sometime in the middle of the night to tell me there might be a tornado nearby, which is the thing that really scares me. But alas, just a false alarm. The good thing is the store is actually closed! They finally realized that people don’t need to be out buying books during a freaking hurricane! About time. So yay, I have a day off work.


Blah. This hurricane business is really getting old. This time, I hope we don’t have to evacuate, because the Race for the Cure is on Saturday and I don’t want to miss it. My first 5K since the marathon! Of course, I’ve barely run at all since then (nearly six months ago, now!) but I still want to see if I can get close to my time in my last 5K, in February, I think it was. Whatever. Plus, I want that medal that they give out to the first 1000 finishers. Not too worried though, because if I got one last year, surely I’ll get one this year. Woo hoo!

Had my second interview for the Boutte job Monday morning. I think it went pretty well, but they haven’t called me yet. Said they’d call me Monday afternoon. Sigh. That irritates me, but I suppose if I get the graphic design position (instead of production assistant) then it’ll be all worth it. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Kristie’s supposed to be flying in to Baton Rouge tonight. Woo! Will see her this weekend too. Yay!