George comes home in four days! Four days! Four days! Yay! And I’m going to see Anne tomorrow! And maybe Kristie today and Ann Tatum today and so yay, I have lots to keep me busy until Sunday when George comes home! Yay!

Today I have to go to the dentist, though. I have a terrible toothache. This is always a bad thing, because when Pam has a toothache, it’s usually not just filling a cavity. It’s usually an expensive, painful, and time-consuming root canal. Sigh. At least I have dental insurance now, that’ll pay for some of it.


Woah, yesterday was tiring. Well, went to Baton Rouge on Friday morning, had lunch with Chris, Teresa, and Joe at the Chimes (cheese fries…mmmm…) and then later went to Barnes & Noble in BR to get some Christmas presents. Yesterday morning, Chris, Teresa, Joe and I went to Tammany Trace (the same place Chris and I did a 20 mile training run last March). They roller-bladed, I rented a bike. Went 17.6 miles. Woah. Didn’t fall off the bike! (I have a bit of a bike phobia since a bike accident about 6 years ago that didn’t even injure me.) But today my butt is so sore I can barely sit down. Whatever bones we have in our butt, they hurt. Probably bruised. Ha ha. Then later, I went back to New Orleans and had dinner with Laurie and James. Fun, fun, fun, as always. They are great people, love them.

Today I’m kind of bored. Am supposed to do a mock-up of a dentist’s website for some work I’m doing for my uncle. But my computer keeps crashing and it’s a gorgeous day outside so I walked over to George’s to use, um, his computer. I’m leaving soon to walk some more. Maybe I’ll go up on the levee. Blah, blah blah. Boring, boring, boring. I’m so so so ready for George to come home, I can barely stand it. Only one more week, though! Last week went by pretty quickly, I can only hope this week does as well. I’d imagine it will, with Thanksgiving and all. And Kristie is in town for two whole weeks, so this time I’ll be able to see her for more than 45 minutes. Hopefully. And Friedman’s coming in town too, so I really have lots to look forward to in the next week.


Boy, I’ve gotten pretty bad about posting, eh? Well, let’s see. George left Friday. I was sad. Saw Harry Potter after I took him to the airport. Was scary, had to cover my eyes at parts. Then went to pub, got pretty drunk. Some guy from Baaaaaahhhhhston and I had a “deep” conversation about our love lives (in the way that only really drunk people can do) and he said, “thaaat Geaaaaaaaahhhhhge is a laaaahhhhcky guy” (that’s supposed to be a thick Boston accent) and said he’d snap me up if he weren’t around. Heh heh. Well, flattering, even if alcohol-fueled.

So then I worked six days in a row, nothing really exciting happened. Oh okay, except last night I met Peter Jennings! Woo hoo! He came to the store to do a signing, and before he did the whole public thing, he sat in the break room and signed his books for the employees first.) That man has the most incredible voice. I mean, of course it’s distinctive, if you’ve been watching him on the news since you were little, as most of us have, hearing it in person is so strange, so amazing, so cool. Hard to explain, but I just wanted to stand around the break room and hear him chit-chat to the store managers, anything just to hear him talk. But didn’t want to be branded a weirdo.

And Kristina passed the bar! Yay!


Oops. Haven’t posted in a while, eh? Well, I didn’t get the promotion at work, they gave it to a girl from the West Bank store, which mean I may apply for the position that she’s vacating, since that store is closer to my house anyway. Hmmm. Maybe should do that today.

Have a slight cold, which sucks because George is leaving on Friday for London and I don’t want to get him sick. I made him a nice long squishy scarf for his trip so he won’t get cold, though. 🙂


Had an interview on Monday for a promotion at work. I really hope I get it, then I don’t have to worry about finding another job for the near future. At least, then I could work through Christmas. I think I have a decent chance of getting it, we’ll see.

Got the weekend of the 21st off work. Really want to go to DC to visit the girls. Ack! Keeping my fingers crossed that my mom will buy me a plane ticket. Hmmmm.


Lovely weekend. Had Friday off. Had to take car in (okay, bad) but then cooked dinner, Laurie and James came over. Then we went to the pub for a few drinks. Fun, fun, fun! Saturday was mostly relaxation, didn’t really do anything except go to Wal-mart, which ruined George for the rest of the day. Oh yeah, saw Jackass with Colin and Polly, some friends from the neighborhood. Can’t believe I sat through it. At least we got daiquiris to drink during the movie. Ha ha. Didn’t go out Saturday night, stayed home and knitted. My new hobby. I’m making a fuzzy red scarf since I don’t have one. (Okay, I have a scarf, just not a fuzzy red one!) Sunday George took me to a fancy restaurant for brunch. Holy cow, it was yummy. They had bangers! Ack! And lamb. And raw oysters and breads and cheeses and chocolate and fish and holy crap, the yummiest brunch I’ve ever had. We walked a bit of it off afterwards, around the Quarter, but really, you can’t walk off that kind of meal in just an afternoon. Then finished off the evening at, of course, the pub. Great weekend. 🙂


Just got back from the Crown and Anchor Halloween party. I didn’t win the costume contest, the top three prizes went to some really lame costumes, two of which were worn by skinny girls in tight and/or skimpy clothes. Not clever, either. But the (only) girl judge told me she really wanted me to win, so I didn’t feel so bad about my relatively clever costume being beat out by some crap. Oh well. It was fun anyway.