Should be an interesting New Year’s Eve. I was asked to bartend at a party for a local celebrity, sort of. (I mean, I really was asked to bartend. It’s the “local celebrity” that I say “sort of” to.) Anyway, he’s very wealthy, and it’s going to be all old people, so I should rake in the tips. I hope. Only three hours, will be done by 11. Am sad I won’t be spending the whole night with George, but obviously I need the money. Bad. But will be out by midnight. The bad thing is, since I’m working from 10-7 at B&N, I’ll only have an hour to get home, change and get to this guy’s house for the party. Yikes. Maybe we’ll get out early at the Barn.

Had a nice Christmas gathering with the Baton Rouge kids. We met at Candace’s house, had dinner, I read a Christmas story (practicing my storytelling, don’t you know) and then we opened presents. I got good loot – a fondue pot from Teresa, one of those painted scene/beaded purses from Candace, and a gift certificate to Michaels (already spent) and a candle and wine charms from Chris and Rebecca. All in all, good fun.

Then yesterday I spent half of my Old Navy gift certificate. Let me just say that shopping is so so so much more fun when things fit!


Had a nice Christmas. Got lots of good stuff. Saw family, ate lots of yummy food, etc, etc.

Started on Tuesday, Christmas Eve, when my sister drove to New Orleans to pick me up and drive me back to Baton Rouge. We talked (and laughed hysterically) about the state of her colon the entire 90 minute drive to our mom’s house. I was exhausted that day because I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before (George and I went to the pub after I got off work) and I still had to finish knitting my mom’s scarf and my sister’s little purse (that was going to be a scarf, but I ran out of time so had to improvise.) Family came over for dinner (oyster & artichoke soup, holy cow, delicious, my favorite) and my uncle upset me (unintentionally) and I cried and went to sleep after finished the presents. But was okay, knew it was sleep-deprivation.

Woke up Christmas morning. Opened presents. Got lots of good stuff. It’s weird how when you’re older, practical gifts are so exciting. I was telling my 11 year old cousin what I got and he thought I was pretty strange for being so excited about a space heater, an electric toothbrush, sheets, and the other stuff I got. So then we had 15 people over for Christmas dinner, lots of fun, my family is nutty. George came to pick me up, he got to meet more of the family (he was a bit nervous about all of them in one place. They can be very loud.) At this point there were 20+ people in the house. So who can blame him?

We left Baton Rouge, stopped in Metairie on the way into the city to see Anne Friedman (yay, she gave me a really cool purse and naturally some cool earrings and a necklace for my birthday) and then George’s parents (who gave me Godiva chocolates and a year’s worth of mass said in my name.) Then we went home to open presents. George couldn’t stop talking about how excited he was about giving me my present and I was getting nervous. While I’m really good at expressing my emotion when I love a gift, I’m terrible at hiding it when I don’t like a gift. Fortunately, he gave me a CD player for my car (which I’ve been wanting desperately since I wrecked my last car three and a half years ago) so I had no problem expressing my extreme delight. 🙂 Also, yesterday was our 8 month-iversary. Yay!

Didn’t get to wear my black dress because my sister and I didn’t make it to Christmas mass. But I counted…I have four weddings already to go to, not to mention my 10 year reunion, so I’m sure I’ll get plenty of wear out of it. As long as I make sure it still fits for the next year. That’s a good motivator. Speaking of, I got a new pair of running shoes too, but they changed the design of the new model. That sucks. So I have to go back to Baton Rouge to get a new pair. Oh and my brother and sister-in-law gave us $100 gift certificates. Mine’s to Old Navy, and my mom’s is to Barnes & Noble!! I’m glad I can get new clothes now, but I’m really jealous of hers, I’m not gonna lie.

So today I have to go back to work. Ugh. Day after Christmas. Should be interesting.


Ack! Christmas is two days away! Haven’t finished my presents yet. Ack! And am working today. And going to Baton Rouge tomorrow. Ack! But whatever, it’ll be fine.

I got a reeeeally pretty dress on Friday at the mall. It’s so dreamy. I don’t know when I”m going to wear it (Christmas mass, if we go, I guess) and I’ll take a picture of it. So pretty.

Last night George and I saw The Two Towers finally. It was cool. I’m surprised I didn’t have nightmares last night, though. It was pretty gruesome.


Less than a week until Christmas! Yay!

I recently got contacted by some fellow alumni from my high school. 10 year reunion is supposed to be in May. I didn’t make the five year reunion because it was the same weekend that my father died. So, you know, travelling to north Louisiana was out of the question. I’m really looking forward to this one. See, now, *this* is why I ran a marathon. At least now I’ll have something with which to distract people from the fact that I’m working at Barnes & Noble at the ripe old age of 28. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but Louisiana School was the gifted school. The nerd school. The smart school. Whatever. Everyone else has real jobs. I had a real job. I need to get a real job before May. Ack!


Went to great Christmas party last night. Yay! Two guys, Ross and Raoul, who live near the pub, had the party. Gorgeous house. Yummy food. Friends from the neighborhood, it was so much fun. We had one of those cutthroat gift exchanges, great fun. I ended up with a tin of gingersnap-smelling bath mousse and body cream. I’m going to smell yummy! But the most fighting was over a) a Jesus action-figure b) a tacky felt jester hat with bells c) porn and d) a saints hat with ear flaps. Ya gotta love it. Poor George ended up with a bottle of Coty Musk from Rite-Aid. ha ha. I brought some fudge and a copy of “Everyone Poops.” ha ha, it went over pretty well. No eyes were scratched out to get it, but it was snatched a few times. Ended up at the pub afterwards, naturally. Can’t wait until next year’s party now!


Faaaantastic race yesterday! Don’t feel like typing out a report, so here’s what I posted to the Dead Runners list.

so today was the second time i’ve ran the celebration in the oaks 2 mile race. last year, i astounded myself by running it in 22:55. at the time, i was running 13 minute miles (on a good day) and hadn’t yet started training for the london marathon, so 3 miles was about my longest run ever.

but today, after hardly ever running for the past six months, i did much


it was a beautiful day, temps in the 50s, not a cloud in the sky. the race

started at 4. my (very much non-running) boyfriend and i got there about an hour beforehand, i registered, etc, etc.

i was wearing my long-sleeved drs t-shirt, hoping (but not very optimistically) that someone was going to ask me about it or say they were a fellow dead or something. didn’t happen.) the great thing about this race is that you run through these gorgeous avenues of oaks, lit up with christmas displays. the bad thing is, there are a lot of walkers. probably 75% are families with strollers, wagons, etc. there was one family pushing a fisher-price “car” with two kids in it, and as we were lining up, they kept going up further, in front of me. i was determined not to get behind these people.

so the race starts, and i wanted to finish the first mile in under 12 minutes, which was my time last year. i did it in 11:17. at some point, the family with the “car” pass me. i’m irritated, knowing i won’t hear the end of it from my boyfriend if they finish before me. but otherwise, so far, so good. now i had a cushion to finish the second mile, and to finish faster than last year. (i did a second mile of 10:55 last year, i didn’t think i’d ever go that fast again!) along the way, there are carolers and beautiful displays of lights. these help me go faster. or at least ignore the burning in my lungs and the weariness of my legs.

i’m looking at my watch, nearing the finish line, and i know i have it in the bag. i cross the finish line in 21:52, one minute, three seconds faster than last year. yay!

i’m very happy. i can’t believe i can run faster than i could a year ago, when i was faithfully running 4-5 times a week. on the other hand, since then i’ve been able to run 20 miles at a time, so two miles, even after six months, isn’t too bad. i’ve done it a hundred times. and i weigh at least 25 lbs less than i did a year ago. by next year, i hope i’ll have lost another 25 lbs. i want to run the richmond marathon in november. or i was considering running with TNT for the rock and roll marathon next summer. don’t know right now.


of course, that was only about an hour (well, ok, half an hour) of the whole weekend. there was more fun that was had. friday night we went to the pub, i knitted (and got lots of comments) and there were carolers that came by. everyone else thought they were annoying, i liked them. they sang the cajun twelve days of christmas, which, like the carolers, i like, but everyone else hated. and then they sang rudolph. ahhh, i’m surrounded by grinches. how could you not love carolers?

so then saturday morning we drove to magazine street. went to the new whole foods. it’s gorgeous. and of course way too expensive for anything other than the occasional treat. see, it’s places like that that make me want to be rich. alas. then we bought george’s parents’ christmas presents and ate sushi for lunch.

after the race was the huge bonfire on the levee. cool! wow! i’d never seen a bonfire before. it was huuuuuuge! and hot! after it burned down some, we went to the pub and had many drinks with friends from the neighborhood. had a great time

sunday was spent recovering from saturday night. i cleaned the house, made fudge, relaxed. then george and i went to the local church (very pretty church) and listened to medieval christmas music. it was cool. and, sacreligious as this may be to say, very good for a hangover.

lovely weekend. too bad i had to go back to work on monday. but good news, sportbrain is back up! after a year and a half of being closed down, maybe i’ll finally get my $100 worth!


Yay! George is home. Has been for a week. As usual, neglectful of my blog. Was a very nice reunion, no making out at the airport, not to worry. There was some couple going at it right in front of the entire arrivals area. Niiiiice.

Tooth isn’t hurting anymore. Think it was a sinus infection. Yay. Have to go to dentist again on Wednesday, just to be sure.

Got lots of nice presents from George from London. Underground socks, Coldplay CDs, book, pens, pub sign, underground sign, yay yay yay! We went and saw Harry Potter last night. Was good second time around. George liked it. Work is crazy right now. Well, actually, kind of dull. We aren’t allowed to do any projects, just help people, but they have so many people working that it’s never very busy. Hmm. And I have this weekend off, for the Celebration in the Oaks 2 mile run. So maybe the following weekend will be bad, but whatever.


George is coming home today! Yay!

Wednesday night was fun. Girls night at the Chimes with Kristie, Tatum, and Amanda, plus Tim, who counts as a girl, I guess. Oh yeah, but went to the dentist Wednesday and he told me I might need a root canal. The upside is root canals are now really cheap because I have dental insurance. However, a root canal is a root canal. Still time-consuming and expensive. But now I’m not sure what I have is a toothache at all. Yesterday it migrated to the right side of my head and so now I think it’s a sinus infection. Hmmm. Anyhooooo…

Friedman’s in town, we went out Thursday night when I got back into town. Toothache nearly ruined evening, but was fun anyway. We went to a bar we’d never been to, the Bridge Lounge. Nice place. Worked on Friday and Saturday, was pretty boring. Thought the store would be packed the days after Thanksgiving, but not so. Hmmm.

Anyway, just excited that George is coming home today. Woo hoo!!!

Oh yeah, and got a letter from my oldest friend Paula with pictures of her kids. Ack! Paula, if you’re reading this, Cole and Caitlin are the cutest children ever, and they really need to get to know their Aunt Pam. 🙂