Today is last day of first full week at new job. Am liking it. Need a neck massage or something at the end of every day, though, I forgot how exhausting it can be to just sit at a computer all day. I need to talk to Laurie about joining a gym, we might go to one together. I’m pretty sure we talked about that on Friday night when we went out, but to be honest, I could be wrong about that. Hope not. Anyway, aside from anything else, sitting on my butt all day isn’t going to do my running any good, so I need to find some other way of being active.

But truly, the most exciting thing in the world (how could it have taken me so long to ge to this?) right now is that Chris’s wife, Rebecca, is pregnant! Woo hoo! Baby in October! Geez, it’s about time, too. I’ve been bugging those two about reproducing for some time now. Yay!


Today was first real day at work. Got stuff done, figured out problems, blah, blah, blah.

But the real excitment is that I’m going to be a faux aunt again! Okay, okay, so my brother and sister-in-law aren’t procreating, but at least my friends are. Chris and Rebecca are having a baaaaaabeeeeeeeee!!! Yay! In October! So, I guess no more marathons for Chris for a while…


Fun weekend. Friday was last day at B&N, went out afterwards with work people and Laurie and James and George. Went to some really crappy bar with crappy band playing crappy music (not really a band – two hicks in mullets and gold lame.) But then we left and went to Cooter Brown’s, and except for my car getting stuck on railroad tracks, was really fun.

Saturday, George and I went to Baton Rouge for my cousin Rob’s wedding. Was very beautiful.

Sunday watched “The Commitments” with neighborhood crowd. Imbibed a tad too much afterwards.

Today is my first real full-time day at new job. Ack!


Ack! Got beautiful flowers from Kristina and Anne today at work (new work)! I was so excited! And they’re so freaking pretty!!! Will write more later…


Need to post lots. No time now. Starting (officially) at new job today. Went in Thurs and Fri briefly to help out a bit. But am also finishing at B&N this week, so will be very exhausting week. Argh!

Mardi Gras half marathon was yesterday. Finished 10 minutes faster than last year! 2:44:26 or something. Yay! Am very sore today.

Afterwards went to my first meeting of our neighborhood movie club event thingy. Was fun. We watched Torch Song Trilogy. Will explain all this later, must get ready for work. Ack!


Had part two of root canal today. Ow. Painful. Whoop-die-doo.

My Uncle Nick (great-uncle, really) died on Saturday night. Sad. Am going to funeral tomorrow. I only met him a few times. He was kind of mythical family member, seen rarely, and worked at the racetrack, training horses. And he was Italian, so what were we to believe, except that he was a bigwig in the Mafia? I suppose we’ll find out tomorrow, see how many large men with dark sunglasses are there.

Ran ten miles on Saturday. Was very good. Averaged 12 minute miles. Last mile done in 11:10. Am quite confident can finish half marathon faster than last year (2:55).

Valentine’s day is Friday. The first V-day I’ve ever been able to celebrate (see bitter diatribe from last year’s Feb 14 blog) and I’m cooking dinner for George. Sweet. 🙂

Helped out at Mardi Gras Store today. Filling packages. Making a few extra bucks, always handy. Have phone interview scheduled tomorrow at 11:30, half an hour before the funeral. Must remember to be outside at the time. This is a second interview, had first interview last week. Yay!


Oh, haven’t posted in a while. Not much to say. Today is my first day off since my root canal last Tuesday. Unfortunately, I can’t just laze around all day and enjoy it. I have an interview this morning, then I have to run 7 miles, then I’m meeting Sarah for lunch. Hmm, I think I made all that sound bad. I’m very glad I’ve got a job interview this morning, I’m looking forward to the run, and I can’t wait for lunch. I haven’t seen Sarah in so long, and we have lots to catch up on. I’m really looking forward to that most of all. But then I have to clean my house because my mom’s coming to stay with me tomorrow night. I’m also excited about that, but not about the cleaning part. Who would be?

I also had another interview last week, for a job I really want. I hope I get it. But we’ll see. The interview today, who knows, maybe that will pan out.