Tonight is meeting for TNT. Am excited. Can’t wait! Am excited about running another marathon! Am not excited about running in the heat. But it’ll make me stronger (if it doesn’t kill me.) And I’m excited about fundraising even though, really, I hate asking people for money. So probably in a month or so, I’ll hate fundraising, but right now I’m ready to raise the dough! Woo! I’m pumped! har har.

Evan and Jennifer and Jenny and Rob are getting to Baton Rouge tomorrow. It sucks that I’ll be only 90 minutes from my brother and Jennifer, who I haven’t seen in a year and a half, but I won’t be able to see them. Not until Friday, anyway. We’re going to dinner, then to pub and just hang out a bit. Can’t wait. Have to clean my house. Thoroughly.

Last night George and I went to a sushi place in the quarter for dinner. Was yummy food, but service was bad. It’s too bad, too, because I think it’s the only sushi place within walking distance. No, that’s not true. Rock ‘n’ Sake is close too. A bit more expensive, though. But good. Tonight he’s cooking me dinner. Steaks. Yum. It’s the only thing I’ll let him cook me, besides frozen pizza. The boy needs cooking lessons. Only he doesn’t think so. Hmmm.


Had nice weekend. Was pretty relaxing, partially at least. Saturday we went to Baton Rouge, had lunch with my mom and her new “friend” Buddy and his grandson. Nice man. Good hamburgers. George and I went to a flea market after that, he’s in search of an old Apple computer. No luck, unsurprisingly. It was mostly crap. No, actually, it was all crap. So then we went to get a daiquiri (George was nervous about going to a party with no one he knew) and then to Kettie’s shower. Was mostly her parents’ friends, so George knew just as many people as I did. Hung out with Miller Pam, a co-worker of Kettie’s who lives in New Orleans. Incredibly delicious food. Even though wasn’t really hungry after burger at mom’s house, had to eat some of it. Holy cow. Watched Kettie and Mark open presents (dang, I really want to get married now!) and then left. Was good to see Kettie, can’t wait until her wedding to see all of our friends. Yay!

Went to pub upon returning to New Orleans. Was a relatively quiet night, but drank enough vodka tonics to ensure a little loopiness. Sunday I went to Barnes & Noble, bought the Trading Spaces book and DVD with my gift card. Fun! I never would have bought them with my own money. Perfect gift card purchases. Watched the DVD last night. Wish desperately I had cable. One day, soon, I will. I am determined. Went to pub for a little while in the afternoon, borrowed dresser from Dawn, rearranged apartment a little. Cooked some dinner, read some more of my book, went to bed. See? Relaxing.

Didn’t work out all weekend. Terry went out very late both nights, and wasn’t up to working out in the mornings. I still can’t find my membership card to the other gym, and am resisting paying the $5 to get a new one. I really do need to just suck it up and buy a new one. Every day I go to the gym with Terry instead of the other one costs me $1 anyway. But am working out tonight. Forty minutes on the treadmill, I think.


Yay! Had lovely night last night. Went to dinner at Crescent City Brewhouse, had yummy hummous and this delicious salad with crabmeat and bibb lettuce and mmmm yummy then bread pudding that was soooo good. Then we went to O’Flaherty’s for a drink. I was pretty tired, long week and all that. After that, went to the pub. Lots of weird drunks there. Had a drink, purchased for us by Polly and Colin. Went back to George’s, gave him his present (a watch) which he seemed to really like. He gave me a $50 gift certificate to B&N. Woo hoo! Yay! Can’t wait to spend it!

First date-iversary

Awww, happy georgiversary to me! (Okay, and pamiversary to George.)

Yesterday, I came home from work and there were a dozen beeeautiful hot pink roses on my kitchen table. Very very pretty. And by golly, that George managed to surprise me with flowers! Didn’t think it would be possible, as I dropped many many hints (ok, orders) that I wanted some. But he did surprise me, by giving them to me yesterday! So sweet. Love that boy. Can’t wait to give him his present tonight. I’m very excited about that. Yay!

Last night met Anne at the Mayfair. Haven’t been there in aaaaages, almost a year, probably. Was good to see her, wish we could have hung out more, but I’ll see her next month at the reunion. I forgot her birthday present, I’ve had it since her birthday in March, wanted to give it to her in person, but naturally I forgot. Silly. Joe Beck (went to LSMSA with us) came, he’s always entertaining, especially with the stories of his girlfriend. And then an old colleague of Anne’s met us. So the three of them, all lawyers, had a bit of lawyer chat. This always happens to me. I really really need to meet up with a bunch of graphic designers and ONE lawyer friend, just so they can see what it’s like. (Boring.)

Going to Kettie’s wedding shower in Baton Rouge tomorrow. Crawfish! Yum!


Yay! Am going to see Annie tonight! (Friedman. It’s hard to keep track of all the Ann(e)s in my life.) We were going to have dinner, but her mom made plans for her so now we’re just going to go out. Will be busy after work. Drive home in traffic. Go to gym with Terry. Drop laundry at George’s. Eat something. Meet her at 7:45 or something.

Exciting…Ren found out she got into the Marine Corps Marathon. (They have a lottery system for picking entries.) I just hope now that I don’t have a problem getting in via TNT, or I will be very sad. Well, the meeting is on Wednesday, guess I’ll find out then.

Am very sore from gym yesterday. So am only going to run for 35 minutes or so tonight. No muscle work today.


Am sleepy again today, but only because I didn’t sleep too well. This weekend was Easter weekend. A pretty relaxing weekend, overall. Friday after work I met Terry and we went to the gym. I did 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer and then worked my upper body on the weight machines. Could barely lift my arms after that. Felt great. Went to the pub later, everyone was commenting on my strange mood. Endorphins, I suppose. Was showing off my bulging arm muscles to all and sundry. Tee hee!

Saturday George and I went uptown for lunch. It was Crescent City Classic day, but I didn’t run it. Last year it was so hot, plus it was $25 to enter, I don’t have that kind of money to be throwing around. Particularly in light of my trip to DC and the multiple weddings, graduations, reunions, trips and other stuff that will suck me dry in May. But that’s okay. At least it’s going to be a fun month. I’m really looking forward to this week. Thursday, Anne is coming in and we’re going to go out. Friday is the anniversary, exciting, exciting. Saturday is Kettie’s crawfish boil/shower. Yay!

Oh, so back to this weekend. Saturday night we went to Taqueria Corona for dinner. Was very yummy, but was very very full afterwards. Hung out at pub for a few hours with Dawn, Annie, Megan, Terry, Robert, David, etc, etc. George went home because he wasn’t feeling well. Saw Cindy (marathon partner?) and made plans to run on Sunday at 1. Crazy time to go running, and I was glad when she stood me up. I ran a mile around the neighborhood, then had to stop before I suffered a heat stroke. Oh, this is going to be really fun, training for a marathon in the summertime! Yeesh.

Went to George’s parents’ house for Easter dinner. Was very nice. Met his grandpa, who is adorable. I wish I had a grandpa. Hmmph.


Am sleepy. Dunno why. Slept well last night. Yesterday was my two-year running anniversary. And what did I do at the gym? 10 miles on the bike. Just didn’t feel like running. Would have, had I gone to the Navy gym because it’s got better air-conditioning. Whatever, though. At least I did something. Monday I ran and walked on the treadmill, nothing too exciting. But I can definitely tell a difference in my arms. Buff! With a layer of flab on top. Ah well.

Am excited about idea of doing MCM. Still. Wish meeting wasn’t two weeks away. I am far too impatient for this sort of thing (waiting.) Hmmph. Want to start getting money from people now. But I guess that wouldn’t be wise.

Am excited about this weekend…have nothing to do, except go to George’s mom’s house on Sunday. George said she might cook lamb. I am keeping my fingers firmly crossed. I love love love lamb. Mmmmm. And I hope I get some chocolate. Perhaps I should buy some to give myself, just in case I don’t get any. Yep, that’s a great idea. Only problem is it would never last until Sunday, unless I bought it on Sunday, which defeats the purpose, but then again, I would get it half-price…hmmm….

New PR

Yay new PR! Saturday was the Fat Boy 5K. My goal was to do it in under 35 minutes, which I thought was sort of ambitious since my old PR was 36:11. I’d have been happy with anything under that, but boy did I go under!

The race was in Baton Rouge, and I ran it with Chris, Teresa, her sister Larissa, and Joe. Oh, and Hunter the dog. We made up a team (had to weigh 650 lbs, we did that easily) and they combined our times at the end. I’ll just say now that we came nowhere near winning for the team time, but it was fun anyway.

Friday night I had gone to a baby shower for a friend who works at Barnes & Noble, so I didn’t even make it into Baton Rouge until about midnight. I was a little worried that a lack of sleep would affect my race, but as usual, I slept like a rock at my mom’s house and was pretty well-rested for the race. Chris and I rode together to the race, and it was a gorgeous morning. A bit too sunny for my liking for a race, but fortunately the course was very shady, you never actually had to run in the sun. The temperature was in the 60s, and there was no humidity, so it really was nice running weather.

What I’m never prepared for in Baton Rouge is hills. New Orleans is literally flat as a pancake, there are absolutely no hills, no undulations whatsoever in the roads, so even though Baton Rouge would be considered flat by most standards, compared to New Orleans, it’s positively mountainous. So I struggled a bit with the hills, but it was not a really big deal.

So the race started with Chris and Joe lined up near the front, and Teresa, Larissa and I in the middle. Teresa and Larissa went ahead of me for the first half of the race, but after that I passed them up (slow and steady, etc, etc) and met up with a struggling Joe. We ran together a bit, but soon enough, I left him in the dust. Woo hoo! Okay, it’s mean and petty, but all these people are thin and healthy, and even though they’re not runners, I didn’t really think I’d beat them. I’m a terrible friend. Sorry, guys!

I was keeping a very steady pace for the first two miles, 11:01 for the first, 11:00 for the second, and during the third mile, I knew I’d be able to go under 35 minutes. Before I knew it, I could see the end, but there was a steady grade that wasn’t pretty. The clock at the finish was approaching 34 minutes, and I knew I wouldn’t make it by the clock, but I’d crossed the start line about 30 seconds after the gun, so I was safe.

By my watch, I crossed in 33:38! Ack! 2:33 faster than my PR! Amazing! Wow! I couldn’t believe it. Yay! After that, we all met up (Teresa, Joe, and Larissa all came in around 36:00 – see, they also beat my PR, those slender people kill me!) and had Krispy Kremes, sausage po-boys, eggs and grits…well, it was the Fat Boy…

So that was my exciting race. There really aren’t any more 5Ks until the fall around here, so I will have to wait until then to reach my next goal…sub-30:00!

But I have decided to possibly sign up with Team in Training for the Marine Corps Marathon in October, so I’ll be training a lot this summer. Will be hellishly hot. But should be good conditioning. We’ll see. There’s a meeting on the 30th. The cool thing is, last night at the pub, I was talking to this woman Cindy, and she did the Maui Marathon with TNT, and she might do MCM with me, so I’d have a training buddy. Yay!

Last night was another wedding reception at the pub, this time a crawfish boil. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!!! Oh god, it was so good. And I only have to wait two weeks until the next one, at Kettie’s mom’s house; it’s her wedding shower. And then the following weekend my mom’s having one because my brother/sister-in-law/sister/her boyfriend are all coming to town. Woo hoo! Crawfish out the wazoo!

Job milestone!

Oh my gosh! Very exciting! I got my nameplate on my door! I’m official! Wow! Okay, I’m a dork. I get excited about these things. But I’ve never had a nameplate on a door!


Okay, so then on Saturday we woke up, Kristina made a yummy breakfast, and we went to Devra’s house to meet up with everyone (all 20+ people who went to the game) but of course there were late people so we waited around there for a while before heading to Baltimore. Kristie rode with us, it was fun, we giggled a lot. Then we got to Baltimore, met up with everyone at a pub across the street from the stadium and had a couple of drinks. Then we went to the game, my second major league baseball game, the Orioles vs the Red Sox (hence the 20 people visiting from Boston). As with my first MLB game (another Red Sox game, in Boston), I spent most of my time not watching the game but going to the concession stand, the bathroom, talking with friends, etc, etc. I do know the Orioles won in an exciting manner, (sort of…the bases were loaded then a batter was walked. So not all that dramatic) but that’s about it. Afterwards, everyone else went back to the city and Kristina and I went and ate down by the harbor. Had yummy crab cakes. Then we went back to DC, exhausted.

Later, Ren came to Kristina’s house, we hung out a bit, then made our way to someone’s house to meet up before they all went to a club. Kristina, Ren and I went to a pub to meet my sister and her boyfriend instead. Hung out there for a little while, but we were all so tired that we didn’t feel like staying out much longer and Rob (whom my sister hopes will one day be my brother-in-law) brought us home. The next day, Ren left and Kristina and I went to Potomac Mills to shop. Bought a few things, mostly earrings and a baby gift for a friend. Then had to high-tail it back to the Baltimore airport so I could (unfortunately) go home. We giggled a lot. It was a lot of fun, so good to see my girls again, good to see Kristina’s apartment finally and meet her cat, Jack. Only problem was that it was way too short. At least I’ll see everyone in May, either at Ann or Kettie’s wedding or at the reunion.

Didn’t get back home until after midnight, didn’t sleep well Sunday night, but thankfully slept a lot last night. The weather is horrible here, still want to go back to bed. There’s nothing better than that in a thunderstorm anyway.

I have so many things to do in the next two months that I hardly feel like I’ll have any time to just hang out. Next weekend is the Fat Boy 5K race and Mike’s band is playing at a bar in Baton Rouge, so I’ll be there on Saturday. Oh yeah, and Friday night is a baby shower. And the following weekend is Easter. (Anne F’s coming in…yay!!!) Then, it’s me and George’s one year anniversary (awwww) and Kettie’s wedding shower. Then, my brother and sister-in-law are coming to visit (yayayyayayyayay!) and Jenny and Rob too (supposedly I’ll get my birthday present then) and then the next weekend is around George’s birthday, I think. I may actually have a free weekend in there. Then, Memorial Day weekend is Ann Tatum’s wedding and the reunion. And then (whew) is Kettie’s wedding in Dallas. Ack!


Had lots of fun in DC. Didn’t get to leave work until a little after 4, was kind of stressed getting to the airport. But made it on time and flights went smoothly, nothing out of the ordinary, got to Baltimore at almost 1 a.m., Kristina picked me up, we drove to her apartment in DC (very cute) and drank half a bottle of red wine before going to sleep at 4.

Rest later…


yay! am going to DC tomorrow! And my boss is letting me leave at 3 so I don’t miss my plane. Yay yay yay!

Worked out today with Terry. I sweated a lot. Ran 2.6 miles on the treadmill. I think I’ll be able to break my PR (36:11) in my next 5K, on the 12th. Am excited to see.

Last night went to dinner at Ross & Raul’s. Was very yummy, yet spicy. Delish.