The fundraiser was last night. It was incredible. First, I want to say to anyone who reads this that was there, THANK YOU. My expectations were totally exceeded, any fears I had came to nothing. Almost every item in the silent auction was sold, raising nearly $700. And between my tips and the door prize tickets, my total take was almost $1000. I was just hoping for $500! So I am very excited. And although my computer is dead so I can’t check my total just yet, I think it’s close to $2200, if not more. Yay!

So many people were there. I was thinking about it this morning: there were people representing almost every phase of my life. Elementary school, high school, college, the neighborhood, Barnes & Noble, GPA, friends from Baton Rouge, so many people. It was so much fun! I was behind the bar most of the time so I couldn’t talk to everyone as much as I would have liked to. I was running on pure adrenaline. Amazing.

So the next fundraiser, which will be more low-key and hopefully easier to plan, will be on August 10. It’ll be a pub quiz night. I’m not sure if we’re going to sell tickets to get in, or how the money will be made, but it’ll be fun.


Tonight is the second episode of Sex & the City. woo!


Dang, no check today. Or on Saturday. Nothing since last Wednesday. Well, except from my Aunt Caroline, she gave it to me in person. Yay! I am almost halfway there, money-wise. But it’s the rest of the fundraising that’s going to be the most difficult.

Went to Baton Rouge on Saturday to see Mike’s band play. It was fun. George really liked the music. I talked to Teresa about the fundraiser most of the time. (Sorry Mike, I was paying attention to the music too!) I also got the new Harry Potter book – I started reading it yesterday. Can’t believe I haven’t finished it yet. But I had a job interview at Gambit today. It’s my dream job, even if the pay isn’t the greatest. Today was just a preliminary interview, I walked them through my portfolio, so I hope I’ll hear from them again.

Last night I went to Polly’s to watch the season premiere of Sex & the City. So good. Drank too much wine. Which is why I could only run 2.5 of the 4 miles I was supposed to run today. Oops.

Had breakfast with my old college friend Brett today. It was so cool to see him, he lives in Guam now. He’s an Army vetarenarian. Okay, after several attempts, I realize I cannot spell that word. But if I say Army vet, it sounds like he’s eighty. Hmmm.

Tomorrow I’m going to clean my house and bake bread. Tee hee!


It’s been a pretty busy week for me, in spite of the fact that I’m not working. Going to the gym, checking my PO box in Metairie (for fundraising checks), refinishing my new headboard I purchased for $12 at the thrift store, etc, etc. Oh wait, I’m so proud of my headboard, I have to talk about that! Raul helped me pick out the paints and stuff, and so it’s now charcoal grey with these cubbyholes that are red on the inside. it’s neat, and I can put books, my lamp, knick knacks, that sort of thing on it. Handy. Keeps my nightstand (which I painted to match) clutter-free! I am a new woman because of my new headboard! Har har.

Monday was so much fun, went to Annie’s for lunch with her and Eva, her Irish friend. Had a great time, sitting around chatting, drinking champagne, eating Annie’s homemade (for real, from scratch, not even using a bread machine!) bread and just having a good time with girls. Then on Wednesday night, I went over to Polly’s, we watched two episodes of Sex & the City (in preparation for this Sunday’s season premiere) and then she helped me plan stuff for the fundraiser. We split a large bottle of wine. After I left her house, I wasn’t really ready to go home, so I went to the pub. And had two drinks. Whew! Probably shouldn’t have. But I felt fine yesterday. So, whatever.

Running has been going well, I’m keeping to my schedule fine. Today’s a day off, tomorrow I have 3-4 miles, I think. I’ll go to Audubon Park, early this time. Tonight we’re going to see the Matrix at the IMAX theater. And then tomorrow we’re off to Baton Rouge to see Mike’s band play. I’m excited. I haven’t seen him and Debbie for well over a year. Yikes!

Yesterday I got more cool things for the silent auction – $250 in phone cards from my old job and a cooking class for 2 at a cooking school downtown. I want that one, badly!

Oh, I have a job interview at my dream job on Monday! Gambit Weekly, a really cool um, weekly, free newspaper. Doesn’t pay well, but who cares??

In other, terrible news, I also found out from my mom that my sister-in-law’s mother is very sick. And oddly enough, it’s a blood disease. I don’t know what kind it is yet, it would be so strange if it was leukemia. I really hope not, I hope it’s not as bad as my mom made it sound. I really love my sister-in-law, I’ve only met her parents a few times, but they’re really nice too. It would really really suck for anything to happen to her. I hope that I’m helping, you know? I hope that the money I’m raising will somehow help her mom. Well, in any case, even if it doesn’t, just doing this stuff for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has raised my awareness of it. So I may have a new honoree, but I hope not. I hope Jennifer’s mom gets better, fast. I hope she doesn’t have a blood disease.


Had a fun weekend. Friday I actually got stuff done. Went to the gym, worked out. Ran some errands. After everyone got home from work, George and I went to the pub to meet Polly and Colin. Then Colin suggested a fieldtrip to an Irish pub in Mid-City, Finn McCool’s. Lindsay and Megan came too. Just one drink. Yeah, right. Stayed there for two drinks (but Megan knew a guy who bought us a round there!) and then went to Nick’s, a dive bar. Was cool though. Had a great jukebox. Had several more drinks there, but had fun talking to the girls. Finally went back to the pub, several hours later. Dawn was not happy with us, as we’d said we’d only be gone an hour. Oops! Had one more drink there, and then went home. Amazingly, woke up without a hangover! Nevertheless, didn’t do much on Saturday. Laundry, a bit of straightening up around the house. Watched the Pianist. What a fantastic movie. Returned it, went to Walmart, blah blah blah.

Sunday morning I was going to get up at 6 to run at Audubon Park. I needed to do 3-4 miles this weekend. However, getting up at 6 was very unappealing so I slept until 9:30 or so, then went to the park for 10:30. I figured the heat would be my punishment for sleeping late. But it wasn’t that bad, considering. So I did my two laps, 3.6 miles and went home. George’s family came to the pub for Father’s Day. We ate pizza and ice cream cake and then Polly, Colin, Nick, Annie, Eva, Patrick, Julie, George and I headed to the IMAX on the other side of the river to see the Matrix movie. But it was sold out. And then it was pouring. So we walked to a bar, had a drink, walked to another bar, had a drink, walked back to the ferry, went to the pub, had another drink and then went home. It was really fun, though. We all got soaked on the walk to the first bar.

So today Annie and Eva and I are supposed to have a picnic. Fun!


Okay, okay. Sorry to be such a drama queen. But I really didn’t feel like saying much else yesterday. So what happened is, the company wasn’t doing great, and let’s face it, a graphic designer is somewhat of a luxury. Too bad, I really liked that job. And the people, mostly. Oh well. At least I have a resume, it’s pretty much up-to-date, just have to add the last job and send it off around the city. One of Terry’s friends gave me the name of a guy at a marketing firm downtown, I’m going to send it to him. She said he should be able to help. And I’m still registered with the temp agencies (not that they ever got me work last summer – maybe this summer is better.) So it’ll happen. In the meantime, I’ve signed up for unemployment benefits.

Yesterday I went to work for a little while but I couldn’t stay. I could have stayed through today, but I felt so stupid just being there. So I left after about two hours. Said goodbye to everyone. Went to Barnes & Noble to say hi (and no, I do not plan on going back to work there) and then rented some movies. Yesterday, I’m proud to say, I watched the entire fourth season of Sex & the City. That’s nine hours. Yeah!


Got $75 yesterday. Am about 1/3 of the way there with my fundraising! Woo! I am getting worried that no one is going to come to the fundraiser, though. I know the pub is sort of out-of-the-way, but not really! And it’s so nice and friendly and it’s all for a good cause! My fear is that I’m going to get all of this great stuff for the silent auction (well, actually, I already have) and no one’s going to be there to bid on it, and I’m going to end up making $15 at the whole event. Okay, Pam, think positive. I am going to create an evite to send to everyone. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Keep reminding everyone…

Yesterday, Terry and I went to the Navy gym. I had 45 minutes of cardio scheduled, so I got a magazine and rode the stationary bike for 25 minutes. My left knee felt sort of funky, like it needed to be popped, but after a while that went away. That’s only something that happens on the bike, fortunately. After the 25 minutes, I got on the treadmill to walk hills, but I felt nauseous. So I only ended up doing 35 minutes of cardio.

But then, after the gym, George and I went to dinner in the French Quarter and we ended up walking around for over half an hour. Granted, not at an especially fast pace, but better than nothing, I suppose. Even though I had a shrimp poboy for dinner. Hmmm.

Speaking of dinner, a really strange thing happened at the restaurant, Cafe Maspero. One of the waitresses was wearing a t-shirt and on the back it said in large letters “DR JACK ANDONIE” which is very odd, because that is the doctor that delivered me. I know he’s somewhat well-known in New Orleans (not sure why, but I think he’s also on the board for something to do with LSU) but after I commented to George about how strange it was that the waitress had a t-shirt with his name emblazoned across the back, something even odder happened. The waitress in question led an older couple to their table, right near ours. I could hear the older man asking her why she had that t-shirt; obviously, he knew Dr. Andonie too. The doctor is a celebrity! The whole episode was weird…we’re in a touristy restaurant in the French Quarter, the waitress is wearing this doctor’s name on a shirt, and it almost seems like everyone is talking about him! Hmmm. Maybe I need to do some more research on this doctor…George even said Dr Andonie was his mom’s doctor at some point. I tell ya…weird!


Someone thinks they’re very funny, and I can’t figure out who or why. I got up this morning, went to log on to the internet to check my email and my phone was out! So I called it with my cellphone and the voice said it was disconnected! Not temporarily disconnected, but really disconnected. I checked my checking account and I’d paid my last bill…when I called from work, they said someone called in on Saturday night and put in a disconnect notice. And they had to give my name and address to do it. Someone very stupid and immature is out there…hmmm. Oh well, it’s taken care of, no big deal.

Yesterday I got $226.20. Yay! I’m almost 1/3 of the way there! Yay! Ran 2.5 miles yesterday. Today I have 45 minutes of cardio scheduled. What to do…what to do…elliptical trainer…stationary bike…walk on treadmill…so many choices!


I feel like I was really lazy this weekend, but I did do my prescribed workout, so I guess I shouldn’t worry about it. The only run I did was early Saturday morning, and I’m not working out again until this afternoon, so it makes sense that I’d feel like I’ve hardly worked out at all.

I got up bright ‘n’ early Saturday morning and drove to Audubon Park. It was already hot and humid. This is what I hate about running in the morning – the humidity. You can barely breathe, the air’s so thick. I like it better in the evening, when it may be hotter, but the air is less muggy.

So I got to the park, noticed some people standing around, among them two women I knew as the running coach (Patience) and the TNT person Jennifer. A few other people ended up in the group, another woman running the MCM, and some other women (all females, hmmm) walking the Bermuda Marathon. Apparently there are only six or eight people from New Orleans doing the MCM.

The schedule called for 2-4 miles, I figured since I’ve been running for a while, I’d do 4. But no one else was doing four, so I only did two. I did, at least, run the entire path of the park, but whatever. It was definitely easier to run on the paved path of the park rather than the dirt and gravel of the levee. I think I’ll be going to Audubon Park more often this summer, after work. After the run, we ate bagels and chatted. Everyone seemed nice.

Spent the rest of Saturday relaxing and napping. Saturday night, we went to Polly & Colin’s and ate dinner and watched a boxing match. It was actually a lot more entertaining than I’d anticipated. Had a really good time. Nick & Annie were there too, which is always a treat since I hardly ever see them.

On Sunday George and I went to see Finding Nemo. I loved it. And then spent the rest of the day relaxing, napping, reading. I got the new Bill Bryson book in the mail on Friday, so I read most of it this weekend. Boy, I know more a lot more about the history of the earth than I did before this weekend!


Didn’t work out yesterday; went by Sarah’s office to pick up a big load of stuff left over from UKtoYou to use at the silent auction. Score! Lots of great stuff, should make tons of money. (Plus, as a bonus, it’s all British-themed, and the event is at the pub…perfect!)

Terry and I are going to work out tonight, then tomorrow’s the group run. Woo!


Thirty five minutes of cross-training yesterday, pretty much as prescribed. I walked on the treadmill, with inclines, and read the InStyle Makeover issue. Fun! That’s what I like about walking on the treadmill, as opposed to running. You can read!

Didn’t get any checks yesterday. Was very sad. Well, it was bound to happen….But I did find out that they listed my fundraising night in the calendar of the AP paper, so I’m hoping that people will put it on their fridge…then see it…and go! And spend lots of money! And bid on things! And tip a lot!


Went to gym yesterday, ran 2 miles. Was hard! Not sure why. Used my new mp3 player for the first time. Love it! Great song to run to – Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve. (Also – Bad Bad Leroy Brown is great.)

Got another $140 in donations yesterday. Am nearly 25% there!