Ugh. Work. I do love my job, generally. I love that I get to problem solve and figure things out, and I love the people I work with, for the most part. But I hate that some people pile work on me, and make unreasonable demands on me. Particularly for the meager salary I am paid. Seriously, it’s criminal. Granted, I’m not a teacher, so I can’t complain about being paid less than one, but I do.

So enough venting about work. We had our two major inspections today (termite and structural) and our house passed both with flying colors. Yay! I can’t say how happy I am that we got this house. It’s weird, that feeling they talk about when you know you’ve found the house that’s yours. Corny, but what can I do?

This weekend should be somewhat fun. Tomorrow we’re going grocery shopping at Whole Foods. Fun but expensive. And I have to go pick up my race packet for Sunday’s Mardi Gras half marathon that I’m walking with Peggy and Emily. And we have to meet with Melba, our real estate agent. And we have to sign the mortgage papers. And um I hope that’s all. Sunday’s the race, and then that night is the Oscars. Woo hoo!


Last night George and I went to Polly and Colin’s house for a little gathering to say goodbye to Colin’s parents and godparents, who had come to visit for Mardi Gras. Polly made this dip that I could have eaten an entire vat of. It was spinach and artichoke dip, nothing that I’ve never had before, but it was so friggin’ good. I don’t know if it was because it was fatty and full of mayonnaise and parmesan cheese and anchovies or if it’s because I haven’t eaten anything really fatty for the past week, but I swear, I could. not. stop. Yum. I have no idea how I’d calculate the points on something like that, so I’m just saying I used the last 5 points I had for the day and the last 5 flex points for the week. (Which, to be strictly honest, is cheating a little since we ended our first week after 6 days, not 7 so we could start the week on the same day as our meeting.)

Tomorrow are the other two inspections. (I know, I know, I’m like a broken record, but it’s so exciting!) I’m sure everyone at work is going to strangle me soon. One guy here keeps saying “Thirty years!” as if that’s going to scare me. Pshaw! But I wouldn’t say it to George, that’s for sure. Poor thing is so freaked out by all of this, he’s probably going to explode before the closing.

4 lbs down!

Where do I start today? I guess I should start with the update on Weight Watchers. We had our second weigh in today, which actually means the first that determines if we have lost any weight. And I did! Four pounds! Woo hoo! Yay! I’m very happy about that.

Today was also our first home inspection, which the house passed. Yay! Two more inspections, and it should be smooth sailing until the house closes. This really isn’t that hard. George is much more stressed about it than I am. We’ll get the papers from the loan officer tomorrow and then we just have to sign them and UPS them back.

One thing I’m nervous about is telling my landlord that I’m moving out. And then I have to keep my house clean for the next month while they show it. Great.


It’s Mardi Gras day, and I’m at work. Boo. But for being one of the four people in our building (instead of the usual 50+), I get a day off next week, which I am using to visit my brother in California.

And tomorrow is weigh-in day. I hope I’ve lost at least a few pounds. I can definitely tell that I’m eating less, and maybe I think perhaps a pair of pants that I hardly ever wear is slightly less tight. But that could be wishful thinking. My boss wants to get fried chicken for lunch today since we’re all working and it’s Mardi Gras day. I haven’t decided yet. Maybe if I take the skin off.

Tomorrow is our first inspection. Wonder if it’s too early to start packing?

Feb 23, 2004

Wait, I said this was going to be a Weight Watchers blog, so let me talk about my food situation. I should start with

Day Five: I’ve been doing pretty well, I think. I’ve used about half of my Flex Points, but it’s Mardi Gras, for pete’s sake. (I’m using that as an excuse, I think. I only went to the French Quarter on Saturday, and we only watched two floats of a parade. And I’m not going to any tonight because I have to work tomorrow at 7:30 a.m.)

So I’ve eaten a lot of oatmeal. Not real oatmeal, but Quaker Oat Square cereal (yum as a snack and a cereal) and the new baked Quaker Oatmeal Squares, which are somewhat like crack to me, even though they make my jaw hurt. Also grapes and Subway. Now I see how Jared did it! I still need to come up with some more high-volume, low-point foods. I know that a cup of grapes will fill me up more than two Hershey’s kisses, but it’s hard, and that’s what is going to take some getting used to.

But the best part is, George and I are going to be so broke after buying this house, that I won’t be able to afford to eat anyway, so the pounds should just melt away…


We got a house, we got a house yay yay yay yay! Signed the papers this morning, put down the deposit, we got a house! And a very cute house it is…that we saw for the first time less than 24 hours ago. Less than 20 hours ago, even. So here’s how it happened…

Yesterday morning, we went to look at a double that we had looked at for the first time on Thursday night. We wanted to see it during the day, so our Realtor set up an appointment for us for Sunday morning. We got there and while we were waiting an hour for the other agent to show up, we examined the outside of the house and pretty much decided before we had even set foot inside the house that we would not be putting in an offer. There was rotten wood, evidence of fire damage, and it was just in bad shape overall. (And the inside, while in better shape, had problems of its own.)

So after George and I left that house, we drove around the neighborhood with the real estate section in hand. A few days ago, we had noticed a house that George really liked the look of, but it was a single, and a bit out of our price range. Still affordable, but we wouldn’t have a tenant paying half our note. One of the ads in the paper turned out to be for that house, so George set up an appointment for us to look at it for 3:00 in the afternoon.

We walked up the stairs to the front door (which is on the second floor of the house) and while we were waiting for the owner, I had a peek in the window. Gaaa! Too cute! Already, before even setting foot inside the house, I was afraid of losing it. Wood floors, yellow walls, plenty of windows, faux fireplace, leaded glass doors, gorgeous bathroom upstairs (just renovated), big kitchen with tons of storage, fridge and washer and dryer and dishwasher to stay, big dining area, bathroom downstairs, garage that can be converted to another bedroom (it was one in the past), etc, etc, etc, etc…. I hope to have pictures by Thursday. (Oh yeah. Porch swing on second story porch, side yard, off-street parking.)

So we loved it. And we went back to my house, called Melba, and set up another appointment for 4:30. Met her there, still loved it, and went back to her office to write up an offer. By 10:00 last night, we had a counteroffer of only $1000 off the list price, but George and I discussed it extensively and we decided we could afford it. So this morning, before I had to go to work, we signed the papers, handed over the deposit, and set up an inspection for Wednesday. House to close on March 24.


Day One

Day One and I’m starving. Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic. Because of my current weight (which, as I’ve established, I am too insecure to reveal now) I am allotted 26 points per day. (Okay, Weight Watchers junkies, you can figure out what range I’m in, at least.) So far, I’ve had 8 points. 18 to go. Not counting flex points, but Mardi Gras is this week and I am saving up all of them for beer, beer, and more beer.

Last night I was really good and went to the grocery store and bought grapes and pretzels and baby carrots and other healthy snack foods that I actually enjoy eating. And then, (and this is the brilliant and uncharacteristic part) I put everything into one-serving baggies, so when I want a snack, I can grab a bag of grapes (1 point) or carrots (0 points!) or a bag of Oatmeal Oat Squares (2 points). Woo hoo!

Terry and I didn’t go to the gym this morning, so I tried to do yoga but the tapes I have aren’t quite beginner, I don’t care what they say. So I did it for maybe 12 minutes. Ahh, 12 minutes of stretching.

Think I’ll eat lunch soon. Ham on toast and some pretzels. And maybe some grapes.

First WW meeting today

So today’s the big day. Weight Watchers. Oh, also, the big boss of the company is going to be here. So I wore a skirt and put makeup on instead of looking like a slob. Go me! Fancy Pam.

We put in our back-up offer on Monday for the house-that-won’t-be-ours. We are supposed to hear back today if they accept the back-up offer, but what’s the point, really, unless the primary contract falls through. (please fall through, please fall through, oh god, i’m going to hell for wishing misfortune upon others. at the very least, the house will fall down if we get it. maybe this is all for the best.)

After Mardi Gras, there are supposed to be more houses on the market. And probably more buyers, too. I hate the whole cut-throat business of buying a house. I am just not that competitive. I get all nervous and anxiety-ridden. But must keep on, or we’ll never get a house.

Speaking of Mardi Gras, someone brought in a king cake today. Our last king cake. How much fun is this weekend going to be if I’m going to be counting points the whole time? Well, at least running for 30 minutes in the morning gets me five more points. Yay, incentive to go to the gym! Ooh, and I’m going to see what the half-marathon’s going to do. Ah, looks like 18-20 points. Hmm. Now I’m going to see what I would have gotten for running the marathon in October… Hmm, off the scale. Probably about 45. Daaang.


So, the house.

On Saturday, we went to look at it again. We brought our friend Liam, who is a woodworker, renovated his own house completely, knows what to look for, etc. We looked at the house thoroughly, including the tenant’s side. Everything seemed good, so we told our agent that we’d talk about making an offer. A few hours later, I called her and said we wanted to make an offer. She was on her way to the other side of the river (it’s Mardi Gras season now, and parades are everywhere) so we decided to meet up at her office on Sunday morning.

George and I were so excited, we were sure we had it in the bag. Melba (our agent) had told us that another offer had been written, but the seller hadn’t accepted it, so it was probably too low. I was a bit worried about this, but I figured if we wrote the offer on Sunday morning, we’d be fine.

Naturally, I was wrong. The other offer was accepted on Saturday afternoon. I’m not one for “if only”s, but if we had written the offer on Saturday after we looked at the house, we probably would have stood a better chance. As it is, the only thing we can do is write a backup offer and hope the other offer falls through. Mean, though, isn’t it, to hope for the other party’s misfortune? To be honest, I’m not that bothered by that aspect. I just want that house. I really feel like it should be ours.

Want to see some pictures?

Feb 12, 2004

Must vent about work…have this person here who is constantly trying to make others take the blame for their mistakes. And guess who is the one who is first in line? Yep, yours truly. Can only hope for a firing in the future, and not my own. Grrr.

I know I’m getting tiresome, but only two days until we get to see the house again! This time I’ll be well prepared. Have even made a list of things to look for specifically. Must remember to get batteries for digital camera (not my own, sadly but one George borrowed from work) so we can take photos. Eeee!

We’re starting Weight Watchers at work next Wednesday. Did I mention that already? Although I wish I could be as honest and upfront as Monique is, but that’s just me. I figure if you really want to know how much I weigh, you can figure it out, with some detective work. (Now I’m deluding myself into thinking people think about me more than they do.)

But my ultimate goal is to lose 60 lbs. My more short-term goal (i.e., by this summer) is to lose 25 lbs or so. But I won’t make any real goals until we have the meeting and see what they say.


Trying to post more often. Not that I have more to say. Well, actually I do right now.

Yesterday I bought a plane ticket to visit my brother and sister in law in California in a mere three weeks! Yay! I love that I don’t have to wait very long. I got a really cheap plane ticket that’s non-stop. Very exciting. And even more excitingly, my brother informed me that we’re going to Disneyland while I’m there and even more excitingly, he’s buying my Disneyland ticket as a birthday present. Yay! And my sis-in-law and I will have tea also. We’ve gone to high tea twice, once at a perfect little English teahouse near their old apartment in Pasadena, and once at the Ritz here in New Orleans. So I’m excited to go again.

I’ve been obsessing about the house we looked at last weekend. I desperately want it. I hope if we don’t get it, it’s because of something that totally puts me off, like major termite damage. Always a distinct possibility in New Orleans. Or sinking. Also possible. But I’m going to just keep my fingers crossed. And pray that no one else looks at it. Just my luck, someone would go see it today and put in an offer. But can’t think about that.

I even went to Home Depot last night and looked at paint samples. I mean, I have the entire house decorated already, and this is not healthy! My disappointment will be terrible if it doesn’t work out. Must not think about it… yeah, right.

But, if it does work out, (and hey, it could happen!), then we could put an offer in this weekend and things could move pretty fast from there. By next week, we should know one way or another. Aaagh!


Oooh, busy weekend. Went to Baton Rouge on Friday night to hang out with my mom. We went to eat, then watched Legally Blonde. A typical night when I go to visit my mom. On Saturday we went and looked at my sister’s wedding dress (pretty) and then looked for a digital camera for my mom (unsuccessfully). On Friday night, we ran into one of my mom’s friends who is a loan officer and while we were talking to her, I discovered that George and I probably could afford a double that previously seemed too expensive. So when I got back to my mom’s house, I called our Realtor about getting us in to see a couple of doubles that looked interesting.

I (naturally, given my impatient nature) fell in love with one of them. It needs some work, yes, but not too much, and it’s just perfect. (Okay, nothing’s perfect, but as close as we can get.) So we’re going to see it again this weekend (how do they expect me to wait a whole week to see it again? I swear, if someone buys it in the meantime, I’m going to be very upset!) and see the side where the tenant lives. And we’re going to bring someone along who might be able to detect any obvious flaws.

So keep your fingers crossed.

Yesterday was Terry’s baby shower. It was fun. I ate too much. But it’s okay because I walked 5 miles yesterday morning with Peggy and Emily, part of our training for the Mardi Gras half. Woo hoo! I am really sore today, too, which seems strange considering I can run that far and not be sore. I can feel all sorts of different muscles! Maybe I should walk more, hmmm.

Terry got lots of good gifts at the shower and I won a prize for guessing (closest) to the number of jelly beans in the bottle. Go me! And for the record, I’m going to say it’s a girl, even though everyone else insists it’s a boy. As if you can tell by the shape of her belly. Please, people, there’s a 50/50 chance of it being a boy or a girl! So yes, some women who have boys will have pointier stomachs, or whatever your excuse is for insisting that it’s a boy, but I’ll bet just as many pointy-stomached women have girls. Yeesh. Only two more months to find out the answer, though. Yay!