Busy-ish week, which is why I haven’t really written. But busy means there’s stuff to write about, so there’s no excuse, eh?

Monday night George took me to a yummy Chinese restaurant on the North Shore, which is about 25 miles north of Metairie, across Lake Pontchartrain. It’s kind of exciting to go on a mini-road trip for dinner, though I have to admit the food wasn’t as great as I’ve heard. Maybe because it was a Monday night. Who knows. But I’m not picky.

Tuesday Polly and I went shopping. We ate at Chevy’s for Mexican food, also very yummy. Deelish! Then we went to Barnes and Noble and a couple of other stores. Woo! Also was able to use an old friend’s employee discount. (I shan’t name names…)

And then yesterday, a few of us in our department got to eat lunch on one of our boats, the American Queen. It’s a beautiful boat and the food was too, too delicious. And filling. We had four courses! Fried green tomatoes, then seafood gumbo, then Trout Amandine with green beans and garlic mashed potatoes; then bread pudding with whiskey sauce. Holy cow! I don’t know if I could eat two or three meals a day for at least three days on one of our cruises! (Okay, I lie. I could. But I would hate myself.)

Last night I did laundry. Whoopee. And then went to Polly’s to watch Sex and the City. Yay, yay, yay! But only three episodes left. Boo hoo.

Tonight George and I are going to our neighborhood association meeting so we can meet this guy who might be able to give us some inside info on a house. Keeping my fingers crossed…


This weekend was not one I’d want to repeat anytime soon. Overall, it wasn’t bad, but Saturday morning was Teresa’s dad’s funeral in Baton Rouge, and it was so emotionally draining and so sad. Friday night George and I went to the pub for a little while, because we knew we’d have to get up early to drive to Baton Rouge.

So Saturday morning, we went to the funeral. It was of course, terribly sad, but also very nice. The eulogies were beautiful, and George said after the funeral that they made him wish that he had met Teresa’s dad. I agreed – I never met him, but he seemed like an amazing man.

The burial was not far from my dad’s grave, so I was able to stop by and say hi. Well, that and get rid of some dead flowers from Christmas, it looked like.

Anyway, after the funeral, we went back to New Orleans. Stopped at Whole Foods (hellish on a Saturday afternoon) for groceries, then met our realtor at the house we wanted to see. Ack! It was not good. It’s a massive house, and dirt cheap. For a reason. When you get to the third room back, the whole house is just sunken in. Almost as if on purpose. No cracks in the wall, the floors are still in great shape, just very wavy. Like a roller coaster. Interesting, if only we had an extra $100K.

Saturday night was back at the pub. Etc, etc.

Sunday I went to see a movie, Calendar Girls. It was set in England, which made me wish we could be buying a tiny stone cottage in the English countryside instead of Algiers Point. But I suppose AP is as close as we’re going to get in New Orleans.

Didn’t watch the Superbowl. Watched Le Divorce instead. Not bad.

Supposed to be starting Weight Watchers at work soon. Yay!

Also want to say now that I really wish I was a better writer. Thinking back on what I wrote on Friday makes me cringe, it is so cliche-ridden. But I meant what I said. I only wish I could have said it more eloquently.