Am v. disgusting. Gained 3 lbs this week. Blech.

Welcome baby Isabella!

Last night, Polly and I went to see Terry and Isabella at the hospital. Both are doing well. It’s so weird to see the baby, it seems like just the other day that Terry handed me the sonogram (ultrasound? whatever) picture and confessed to lying that the pregnancy test she had purchased with me the previous week was for her, not “a friend”.

This is the first time I’ve seen a friend through her pregnancy, and then seen the end result. (Isabella, in this case.) It’s really cool, and it makes me very sad that I won’t be able to experience the same with Ren, and my sister and sister-in-law if they ever have kids.

Anyway, welcome to the world, Isabella!

A girl!

Terry had a little girl today! (Nyah nyah nyah, I knew it was going to be a girl!!!)

(Had I already mentioned that I really really wanted her to have a girl because everyone else was saying that it was going to be a boy because her stomach was shaped a certain way or something, but that’s just a stupid superstition and let’s face it, you always have a 50% chance of being right, so you really can’t say that because she’s “carrying the baby high” it’s going to be a boy or whatever. It’s ridiculous. Therefore, I’m happy that I was right.)

House stuff

It’s all coming together, slowly but surely. Went to the house last night and got everything out. Today is the hellish part, cleaning. There’s just so much crap. Dust bunnies, hair pins, pennies, paper clips, safety pins. How did I live in that place? Oh yeah, all that stuff was hidden under furniture. I’ll just be glad to be done with that place, so I can concentrate on the house.

And then, last night, while at the apartment, I was fiddling with the neckline of my t-shirt and the chain that my diamond pendant hangs from snapped. Pooh. I’ll probably have to buy a new one, I doubt the warranty covers my stupidity.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day, and I wonder how this week’s frenzy of eating crap (not to be confused with the crap on the floor of my apartment) will be reflected in my weight tomorrow. Hmm.

Chris is coming to visit on Friday. Am very excited to see him. Hope he doesn’t mind staying amid boxes and boxes and boxes. I had hoped that his visit would inspire me to be completely unpacked and moved in. Ha! Not that I wouldn’t love to be, but it just ain’t gonna happen. Sorry, Christopher.

Get to see Ren and Gary this weekend, too. Am v. excited about that too. The last time I saw them was I think last May at Kettie’s wedding. I think. No, duh, in October at the marathon. Well, whenever it was, it was a long time ago. Wonder if her tummy is sticking out yet. We (Kristina and I) always said Ren would make the cutest pregnant woman.

Oooh! And speaking of pregnant women, Terry is in the hospital as we speak, having her baby! Yay! I called her cell phone yesterday and her husband Robert answered the phone. I asked to speak to her and he said I couldn’t, because they were at the hospital yay yay yay!

Packing and unpacking

Man, I am so tired. Ever since Friday, I have been working non-stop – moving, cleaning, unpacking, painting. My legs are as sore as they would be after a marathon. (Okay, I exaggerate. A half-marathon.) I’m going to be seriously buff after living in this house for a while. (I’ve never lived in a two-story house before.)

After this week, I will be seriously relieved. I still have to pack up the kitchen and bathroom in my apartment, and then clean it. And finish painting the kitchen (we got bad paint that will not dry) and then rearrange everything.

By Friday.

(Chris is visiting and we have the garage sale on Saturday morning.)

Blah, blah, blah! Love the house, though.

House closing hell

Now I must document the hell that was closing, in order to warn others to RENT! NO ONE NEEDS A HOUSE! JUST LIVE IN APARTMENTS!

Okay, only kidding. It was only two hours of hell, after all. Anyone can live through that, right? (It’s my real estate agent I feel really bad for, anyway.)

So here’s how it went:

Closing was scheduled for 10 am. Before we could go to the title company for the act of sale, we had to pick up our insurance papers from the insurance company. No big deal, we made it to the title company in plenty of time.

Besides the fact that I hadn’t heard from the title company with the final settlement amount (the total $$ we were to bring to the closing), everything seemed to be going well. My mom had assured me that the cashier’s check for $10,000 would more than cover everything. (Based on what the loan officer had told me.)

So we’re merrily signing, initialing, signing, and initialing our little hearts out when the attorney brings us the settlement statement thingy. With a figure of $12,979.

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hmmm. Well, I could write a hot check for $2,979. And basically I did. Called my mom, who screamed loud enough to make my ears bleed, but not at me, thankfully. She was extreeeeemely pissed off at our realtor, because of a referral fee that should have been deducted from our closing costs, blah blah blah. So in actuality we are borrowing about $2500 from my mom that needs to be paid back too. Blech. Thank god for my mom, though.

So in the end, we got the house. And after the closing, we went by my office so I could get weighed in while the WW leader was there (by the way, I lost 2.4 lbs last week for a grand total of 7.4 lbs) then to IHOP for lunch. (To gain back those 2.4 lbs, and to celebrate with Viva la French Toast.) Then to Target to buy a bathroom cabinet. Then to the house. But then back to Target because we picked up the wrong box.

Then back to the house. George’s parents came by to see the house, bearing gifts. Yay! A weeder for the yard, a houseplant, and a check. Woo! That’ll pay for the paint and a ladder and a few other necessities. After they checked out the house, we all trooped over to the pub for beer and pizza. My first real pizza since I started Weight Watchers. Worth every point.

After George’s parents left, the two of us went back to the house and split the bottle of champagne my work friends gave me while sitting on our porch swing.

And then, though it probably wasn’t the best idea, we put together one of the cabinets from Target. Mostly.

Tomorrow, I paint. And move.

Closing tomorrow!

Eeeeep! Tomorrow! Closing is tomorrow! I would be able to rest very easily if only the title company would call me and tell me how much money we need to bring tomorrow. If only I knew that, I wouldn’t be quite so nervous.

George’s mom called me last night. She’s so sweet, and she called just to tell me how excited she was for us. It makes me very happy that his parents are so happy. That’s a big relief. But now George feels guilty that he didn’t tell them sooner, that he didn’t trust that they’d react well. But I think if my mom was as Catholic as they were, she probably wouldn’t have been thrilled about us buying a house together before we’re engaged or anything. So I don’t blame him for feeling nervous about telling them. I’m just glad it all turned out well.

And can I say that a certain insurance company with the initials S.F. is really pissing me off? I cancelled my car insurance with them last week (because I’m going with another company) and did they take $116.80 out of my checking account today to pay next month’s car insurance? Yes indeedy. As if I have $116.80 lying around. Wouldn’t it be lovely to go to the closing tomorrow with an overdrawn checking account? What financial responsibility I must exude! Tee hee. I couldn’t think of a better word than exude.

PS to comments: I can’t paint the kitchen until we close! And I have help – I will finish on Friday. Oh yes.

More house stuff.

Three days! Three days! We looked at the house again yesterday. This time it was empty, so it was easier to envision our things in it. Also easier to see where things need to be done. Nothing big, though. Nothing I’m worried about. Cosmetic stuff.

After the house viewing (with Laurie and James and Mary and Stacy and Dexter) we all headed to the pub for the crawfish boil. Mmmm. Crawfish. And corn. And mushrooms. And garlic. And sausage. And potatoes. Yum, yum, yum! Almost certainly ate more than I should have. Definitely had more beer than I should have. But vowed to be good today. But then I heard from Annie, a long-lost friend (we were in her and Nick’s wedding last September, but haven’t seen them since October or November) and we had lunch. So I’ve probably already gone over points for today, but I had an insanely delicious banana pancake the size of a hubcap. Didn’t eat the whole thing, at least. But I would have eaten ten of them, just to see Annie. So it was worth it.

I called Ren this morning, she was upset because she and Gary didn’t get the house they put in an offer on. Nor did they get the second house they put an offer on. I am sad for her, I know how much it sucks. And I know how much it sucks when people say things that they think will make it better, like “it wasn’t meant to be.” But now that we found a more perfect house than the one we lost, I almost want to say it because in our case it was true. But I will resist.

I went and saw Terry today. I hope she has her baby soon. I’m sure she does too, she looks extremely uncomfortable. Yesterday I scared the bejeezus out of George when I was holding a friend’s baby and wearing Laurie’s engagement ring. (She lets me because it’s so pretty and sparkly.) I said to him, “this is your future, George” and he almost swallowed his pint glass. Ha ha, boys are so easy to scare. And fun.

Went around comparing paint prices today. I really need to stop procrastinating about packing. Stacy and Dexter (friends of George’s) are going to move me out of my house on Friday afternoon, so I really need to get more serious. And Stacy’s going to help me paint Friday morning. Oooh, I love them!


6 days til closing…eep!

Today the pants I’m wearing feel slightly looser than they did a few weeks ago. Yay! Good news. Since most of my pants are already loose, I can really only judge the fit of my clothes with the pair I have on today. (Want something funny? Pretend like you’re British and read that paragraph again.)

Didn’t get pinched yesterday, except once by Janice. Whew.

Went running with Polly again this morning. Gonna be buff!

Can’t wait until Saturday – crawfish boil at pub. I’m not going to use any of my Flex Points or exercise points this week, so I can eat with abandon on Saturday. Fortunately, crawfish don’t have many points anyway. Yay!

I am becoming a bit addicted to salads. I think it’s because I can eat a lot without many points. The perfect food. I’m trying to limit the amounts of pointy food like cheese, nuts, and croutons (and dressing) on the salad, but even with just a little bit of each, I can make a tasty yet low-point salad. Mmm!


Lost 1.4 lbs this week for a total of 5 pounds. Am happy, but wish it’d come off a little faster. Am going to concentrate on exercising this week.


Happy St Patrick’s Day. I forgot to wear green. Whoops! Hope no one notices. Unlikely.

Went running this morning with Polly. Weigh-in is today, so it was a sort of last-ditch effort. Need to make more of those. Not last-ditch, though. What does that mean, anyway? Doesn’t make much sense.


Kristina points out that I haven’t written in my blog since Thursday. And it’s Tuesday. I promise there’s not much to say except eight days until closing! But I’ll try to come up with something.

The weekend was passed by some packing, some spray-painting of bookcases, and enough beer-drinking to ensure that I will probably have gained weight this week. We’ll see at the weigh-in tomorrow. Gulp!

Okay, more detail? Friday night was spent at the pub. My mom and Mauro came in on Saturday. Unfortunately, my real estate agent called while they were en route to tell me that we couldn’t see the inside of the house, because the daughter was puking everywhere. Hmmph. So we stood outside for a while and stared at the house instead. We also went inside the library, which, I’m ashamed to admit, I’d never been inside. I currently live one block away. I will be living a half of a block away. It’s teeny, but there was a decent selection of home-improvement and home repair books which I’m sure will come in very handy.

After the library visit and the viewing of the house, we took the ferry across the river and had po-boys for lunch. Not sure how well a roast beef poboy fits into my WW diet, but I did walk around the quarter for a while, so I’ll just say it’s okay. I didn’t eat the top of the bread, either. Whew!

Sunday was a lazy day. Packed a bit, cleaned up a bit, spray painted a shelf white (just to test) and went over to Polly and Colin’s for corned beef and cabbage and the Sopranos. Interesting, though I’d never seen an episode before.

See, not very interesting. Last night we went and had sushi, though. Yum yum yum yumyumyumyum. So delicious I can’t stand it. Walked George by a jewelry store with engagement rings that I like. Tee hee. He was more interested in the monitor that was showing pictures of rings than the actual rings, though. Ah well.

Saw the people moving out today – yeah! It makes me feel a bit better that they’re confident enough to move out, even though it really has nothing to do with us. It’s still exciting.

Note to those who don’t think I update enough: Leave me a comment every once in a while! Makes me feel loved.