There is a person in my life right now who is driving me absolutely insane. This is someone I like, generally, but I’m beginning to see their dark side. The “me, me, me” side, where everything is about themselves, where every story is interrupted, where you can’t even finish a sentence without this person’s input. It’s highly annoying. I know one of my flaws is a tendency to interrupt a person while they’re talking, and I am aware of it, and I make an effort not to, but this person… It’s the one-up-manship, the extreme self-centeredness. I can’t even have a private conversation with anyone else while this person is around, because I will be interrupted with a story. Gaaaaa!!!

(Like how I was so mysterious? You don’t even know the gender of this person! As if it’s hard to figure out.)

On a less mysterious note, yesterday I went for a mini-run after work. A grand total of 20 minutes, but because I get off of work so late and the park is about 20 minutes away, it’s starting to get dark after one loop of the park. Once daylight savings time ends (or is it begins? I never understood that), I’ll be able to go around more than once.

However, tomorrow morning, I’m going for a run/walk for 30 minutes with Janice, a woman I work with. She’s run twenty marathons, but hasn’t run for several years. Now she wants to get back into it (not marathons, though we did talk about doing a half marathon) so we’re starting tomorrow. At 5:15. In the morning. She’s a morning person, I’m not. And she has to be at work at 7:30, but I don’t have to be in until 9. Guess I’ll go in early tomorrow.

Did I mention we set the time of the closing for the house? Yay, yay, yay! Less than two weeks now! T minus 13 days! Yay!

Oh, let’s see…food…yesterday I left work and had 15 points left for the day. That’s a lot! I had a nice three point breakfast of toast (with the one point for two slices bread) with jam and coffee with sweetened creamer; then a snack of 1/2 cup of honey nut cheerios (1 pt), then a salad lunch that I estimated at 7 points because I put a bit of almonds, a bit of cheese, a bit of egg, and a bit of salad dressing on it. Better to overestimate than underestimate. And then I earned 3 points for exercising, but I won’t count those.

So after the park, I stopped by the grocery store and got some sushi (ooh. supermarket sushi. well, it was only a california roll) and baked doritos (can’t resist though it may not be the best choice) and turkey deli meat and wasa crisps (0 points for one!) so now I have lots of yummy low-point things to eat. Yum!


Can’t believe it. I lost 1.8 lbs this week, even though I ate my way through California and annihilated a box of Thin Mints last night. Oooh, I love those damn cookies!

LA trip recap

Okay, I feel better today and am ready to write about my trip…

I left on Wednesday night after work on a non-stop flight to LA. Oooh, exciting! Had to sit by the window, though. Not exciting. My brother picked me up at the airport. Went to his new house, where my sister-in-law (Jennifer) was waiting for us. Stayed up for a bit chatting, but I was exhausted by this time and went to sleep shortly thereafter.

On Thursday morning, while Jennifer went to work, Evan and I dropped his car off at the dealership (don’t buy VWs!) and then went to get tickets for the Tonight Show. No line there, guess Christina Ricci and Mya didn’t inspire waiting hours for a ticket. Lucky for us, except neither of us knew who Mya was. (Still don’t, really.)

Went back to his house for a little while. I rested while he fertilized the lawn. Then we went to eat lunch (burrito) before heading to the Getty, a really cool museum on the side of a hill. Gorgeous views, as you might imagine. Great gift shop. (Sad, aren’t I? But I was looking for postcards to use in my master plan for the upstairs bathroom.)

On to the NBC studios for the Jay Leno taping. Met up with Jennifer’s dad there, waited in line for about an hour, then went in for the show. It was really fun. I like Jay Leno more now, though I still don’t think he’s that funny. But I laughed a lot, so it’s okay that some of his jokes weren’t that great.

What I learned at the Tonight Show:
1. Christina Ricci is either a drunk or just dumb.
2. There are songs on videogame soundtracks. And the artists get to sing them on the Tonight Show.

After the show, we went home and relaxed. Evan cooked the salmon – very yummy, must remember recipe (soy sauce and some other stuff, in foil, bake. Or something like that.)

Friday was my day with Jennifer and it was Evan’s turn to go to work. We got dressed up and went to the Ritz for tea. Fancy-schmancy! It was very yummy. Tiny sandwiches, tiny scones, tiny cakes. (Weight Watchers? What’s that?) Drank lots of tea. Yum.

That night, Jennifer and Evan hosted a dinner party. We made homemade pasta. Easy but time-consuming. Don’t know if I’ll be doing that in the future. I think I’m too lazy. But I might reconsider, it was fun. Their friends Karen and Ed and their two kids came, as well as my mom’s friend Mauro’s daughter and husband. (Okay, my mom’s boyfriend? How dumb does that sound?) You should have heard what Feza (Mauro’s son-in-law) said when Karen asked how we were all connected. “Um…family connections.” Dude, we could be stepsiblings in law one day! Ha ha.

Betsy, my old roommate from college came by later in the evening. As usual, was great to see her. We hung out for a bit, then she had to go to another party. I was about to pass out from exhaustion, I don’t know how she did it.

Saturday was Disneyland! Yay, yay, yay! Went with Jennifer’s brother, sister-in-law and nephew, and her father. It was lots of fun. Lucas, her nephew, is 11 months old and painfully adorable. After Disneyland (and California Adventure) we went to eat at an Italian restaurant. (I’m sure the chicken in butter sauce was only, oh, 4 points. Yeah, right. And the garlic bread and the eggplant parmesan.)

And on Sunday I came home. I’ll post pictures later.


Had a lovely vacation in California. Don’t have time to write anything about it now, will do it later. Must remember to write lots about my brother who, apparently, is embarrassed to be referenced in my blog. Therefore, expect to hear lots about him. Ha!

March 3, 2004

Oooh, sorry I didn’t finish my “crappy day” entry yesterday. (Who wants to really revisit a crappy day, anyway?)

Yesterday sucked at work too, but at least I didn’t set off an alarm or drop my necklace. So things are getting better. Or they were until I went to the Weight Watchers place to get weighed (since I’m going on vacation and will miss the meeting at work tomorrow.) I gained 2.2 lbs! How in the *&#@? Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking…food at Polly and Colin’s and at Cindy’s and the chinese after the race. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But I walked thirteen frigging miles on Sunday!

Hmmph. Well, going to California tonight. At least everyone there is healthy and maybe I won’t have a problem. But I’m eating the little petit fours at tea on Friday!


My god, today was just a day I do not want to have to deal with again. Thank god it’s over, and, my god, what a cliche a horrible Monday is, but alas. Woke up, went to George’s house to pick up a paper to send to the lender, and his alarm code just *poof* disappeared from my head. And the alarm went off. Somehow, I managed to put in the correct code before the alarm company was alerted. Nevertheless, a shreiking alarm is not the most pleasant beginning to the day. (Not counting alarm clocks which suck every day.)

Got to work, and was unable to get to the piles and piles of crap I have to deal with, because of requests by my superiors to deal with other crap. Stressed me out. Was in a horrible mood all day at work. Lucky colleagues I have.

(Did I mention I’m horribly sore from the half marathon I walked yesterday with little training?)

Get home from work, eat dinner, la la la, all is well, go to George’s, but had to go back home to get my glasses. Getting grapes out of fridge and enormous cockroach scurries across kitchen counter. Leave grapes, bolt out of house. Beg George to go to my house and get it. (Or at least rescue the three pounds of grapes I had only purchased on Saturday.) After mission to kill roach is unsuccessful (but Operation: Grapes is roaring success), we go back to George’s house (do you think I’m going to stay at my house when a giant killer roach is on the loose? I should feel bad that I left my cat at its mercy, but she will probably find and befriend it, as usual.) and as I am preparing to wash my face, my diamond pendant goes down the drain. I am hysterical, but George wrestles the pipes free and rescues my pendant. Am going to take it to be thoroughly cleaned by the jeweler tomorrow. The crud that was down his sink. Bleccchh. (But good practice for homeownership.)

Yes, these are all relatively minor, petty, materialistic things to be so concerned about.

Will finish this later…