Today was disappointing. There was lightning striking all over the place all through the night which made me happy, initially, because it meant I could sleep in and not go running with Polly. I am so lazy. But then it meant that the HP Classic golf tournament was cancelled for the day. Not that I’d usually care if a golf tournament was cancelled (unless it was the one Blue Cross has in memory of my dad, that would be sad) but I was supposed to have half of the work day off to volunteer at it. And I’d get free lunch. And now you really know why I’m disappointed. No free steak sandwich from Ruth’s Chris. I’ve never had steak from Ruth’s Chris, and if we want to continue to pay our mortgage, I doubt George and I will ever go, so this was my chance! And now it is down the toilet. Blah. I suppose I should look on the bright side that I am now not going to ingest a bazillion points for lunch and can instead spend them on beer tonight. But I had to buy lunch today, which I’m not really financially prepared to do. Blah.

Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut, though, and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I love getting haircuts, and I haven’t had one since the day after Christmas. I’m only getting a trim, but it’s from my favorite hairstylist in Baton Rouge and because of my freshly trimmed and blow-dried hair, I will look sleek and clean (instead of my usual sorta wavy in bad places) for the wedding we’re attending tomorrow night. In Opelousas, which is hours away from here, but it’s for a high school friend, who I am very excited to see. Along with other high school friends that will be there. Yay!

Ice cream!

New colors nice, yeah? I can’t believe I used to be a web designer and I have the dullest blog template. The same one bazillions of other people have. I really should be ashamed. I think I will work on it tonight.

Went and got a free scoop of ice cream (actually low-fat frozen yogurt) from Baskin-Robbins last night. Yum. Ran into a guy from work who was on his sixth (out of twelve, I found out later) Baskin-Robbin of the night. Really made me wish Kristina still lived here, because that is exactly the kind of thing we used to do. Don’t ask why we never did it when they had free scoop night before.

Another pound down

Lost another pound this week, for a grand total of 9.8 lbs. If only I had lost .2 more pounds, then it would have been a nice, round, even 10 pounds. But I’m continuing with online now, so next week… But then, actually, next week will be more than .2 lbs unless I’m very bad this week, since my scale at home (I still love youuuu!) says I weigh about 3-4 lbs less anyway. But the bad part about that is that it will put me in the 24 point realm, instead of the 26 points. I don’t know how I feel about getting less points.

Today we had pizza at work for lunch today. 16.5 points for lunch, yes, it is true, but worth every single one. Think I’ll see if George will go for a walk after work to earn some activity points so I can eat more than 4 points for dinner. Or whatever.

Celeb sighting!

Did I mention we saw John Goodman at Whole Foods on Sunday? I was very excited, I always seem to miss the celebrity sightings. Except for the time I saw Trent Reznor at the Office Depot. But I like John Goodman much better, so this sighting was a bit more exciting.

Two years

Yesterday was our anniversary, two whole years together. Saturday night we went to an Indian restaurant for dinner (yum but very pointy) and then to La Madeline for dessert (creme brulee, also yum but very pointy) and then to the pub where I talked to a woman who used to work with me (well, in another department.) Drank many pointy beers. And therefore am 8 points over flex points for the week already. Oh well, it was a special occasion!

Saturday morning was a race on the levee. My time was horrific (36:20) but it was so friggin’ hot that I don’t care. Did I already mention I was fourth in my age group (therefore no award, but close) and tenth female overall. Okay, out of like 30. But still! Top third! Yay!

Yesterday George and I went to see 13 Going on 30. Cute movie. Ate popcorn (no butter) and Milk Duds (the least pointy chocolate I could find.) Rained a lot last night. House didn’t leak or flood. V. good!


Just finished 5K race on the levee. Was very hot and humid, and had one of my worst times ever (36:20 or something disgusting) yet almost won an award. Ahh, small races. I am going to have to find some more. Polly won 3rd place in our age group, and I was three places after her. (I would have been fourth in our age group. Sigh.) I was tenth female, and the first not to get an award. Pooh. Well, whatever. Next year I’ll be in the 30-39 age group (OH MY GOD!) and had I been 30 this year, I would have gotten an award. Ah well.

About to head over the river to Pottery Barn to get a wedding present. George and I are going to the wedding of one of my high school friends and Pottery Barn is the cheapest place they registered. Sigh. Perhaps I will be able to afford a hand towel or something…

I love you, WW online!

Well, the love-fest continues. I love Weight Watchers online! I feel like I can’t cheat as easily with online, because I put in the foods I eat, and it calculates the points for me. So I can’t pretend that the half of a cheese croissant I ate this morning was 2 points, when I know it was really 3.5. (Well, I hope the WW thing was right – I’m going to trust it.) The true test will come the week after next when I weigh myself for the second time after using the online WW instead of meetings. (My scale at home shows that I weigh about 3-4 lbs less than the one at the meetings, but that could be because I weigh myself at home when I first wake up. I think that will help because my weigh-in will be more consistent, instead of being at noon as it is now, with too many variables making a difference.)

Joining online

Today I joined Weight Watchers online, as our meetings at work are going to end next week. Am very excited about fun online stuff like point tracking and figuring out how many points recipes have. Yay! I thought this would be better for me because a) it’s cheaper and b) now I can track at home, because I was using a spreadsheet at work to track points before; therefore I never tracked the points I ate at home.


Just had weigh-in, lost one more pound, for a total weight loss of 8.8 lbs. Woo!


Dang, I am in love a lot lately. Just noticed. Don’t anyone tell George he is competing with cereal, a scale, and popcorn for my affections.


I got a new scale yesterday and I am officially in love. Sigh, young love. My handsome new scale says I weigh about 5 pounds less than the WW scale does. Of course, there is a slight chance that my new sweet scale isn’t completely stretching the truth, but we shall see at weigh-in today. I hope it isn’t lying, but I have a feeling it is stretching the truth to make me feel good about myself. And I love my new scale for that!

True love

Not much to say, except that I am in love with Kettle Corn light microwave popcorn and also Honey Nut Cheerios. And I can’t find a friggin’ scale that doesn’t cost $40 but that is digital and measures in .2 lb increments. I am so picky. Actually, Target has one but the one near my house was sold out. Am going to have to make a trip to Metairie, suburb from hell (except I was born there) to get one. That’s okay. I can also get the stuff for George’s anniversary present. Genius, I think.