Also just found out a famous New York band might be filming a video (or maybe an MTV special) on one of our boats. Since I am a fan of this band (and no one else in the company has even heard of them), my boss said he’d do what he could to get me on the boat. Cool!



Gained back the .4 I lost last week. Highly annoying. Incredibly annoying. I was so good last week! Maybe too good? I keep reading on the WW boards and in various other places that you should have a couple of high point days each week. Maybe I should plan to use all of my flex points on two days (17 per day) instead of evenly distributing them throughout the week. Maybe that would help?

Any thoughts?


Wish I led a more interesting life, but alas. Here’s how I know I don’t: I’m very excited by what I bought at Sam’s last night. And I promise it’s not exciting. Laughing Cow cheese wedges. 1 point each. But only one is 1 point. In the way that only Weight Watchers math can be, two wedges are three points. Hmmph. But on an English muffin (2 points), should be a nice snack with mix of carbs and protein and fat. Hmmm. On second thought, do these faux cheese wedges have protein? Must do research. Anyway, they’re tasty, so who cares. One point!

Also got 2 pounds of strawberries. Yum. And they’re very very tasty. (Also got some frozen fish. Not quite as exciting.)

Before Sam’s, we went to eat at Pho Tau Bay, the best Vietnamese restaurant. It’s cheap and delicious. I wish I could tell you what I order, but I order by number. CM10 and B9 I highly recommend. And the beef stew. Yes, Vietnamese beef stew. Not like American beef stew. Gorgeous. But I had the CM10 last night, which is chargrilled pork on a bed of broken rice (I love this rice. They crush it before they cook it, so it’s all these little pieces of rice. I’m big on texture, see.) and that sauce that comes with Vietnamese food. The clear sauce with some shredded carrots floating in it. What is that heavenly broth? And a few sliced cucumbers. Simple but so friggin’ good. Oh yeah, and these steamed egg cakes. Yeah, try to figure out the points for that! And I ate all of it. Along with a spring roll. (Fresh, not fried.)

My other favorite Vietnamese dish is chargrilled shrimp thingies (some kind of ground up shrimp bits all smooshed together and grilled, don’t ask, but very yummy) and some cut up (fried) spring rolls on a bed of vermicelli noodles and lots of green stuff (mint, thai basil, i think, limes, sprouts, stuff like that) and that magical sauce. Very good. Dang, I should write menus, eh?

Tomorrow is weigh in. Hope I lose.


Went shopping this weekend! Had lots of fun. Laurie came with me. It was really cool because I was able to wear things at stores I haven’t even had the courage to set foot in in many years. For instance, the Gap. Express. Banana Republic. etc, etc. Ended up buying a bunch of shirts and two skirts (one from American Eagle Outfitters. Who knew?) and three pairs of shoes. Lovely.

Polly and Colin and George and I tried to go see Fahrenheit 9/11 on Friday night, but it was sold out. (Helloooo, I told George we’d have to buy tickets in advance, but he underestimates the intelligence of New Orleanians.) So we went to see a band play instead. Now, I hate New Orleans music so I don’t normally like going to see bands play, but I do love a good cover band. Tee hee! And this is a good cover band. Nothing cheesy, mostly Beatles and stuff. And we had the most delicious New Yaaawwwwk-style pizza beforehand. One slice, thank you. Stinkin’ points.

Saturday night, we were able to see the movie. Very powerful. Very emotionally wrenching in parts. Go see it. I won’t say anything else about it.

Yesterday was for relaxing and playing with the tiniest kittens ever. It took everything I had in me not to stick one in my pocket and run home with it. But of course they grow up, and Stinky is quite enough of a handful, thankyouverymuch.

Went to the gym this morning with Terry. Was nice to run on a treadmill again with fans blowing on me. Am a bit out of running shape, am looking forward to getting back into it, and with the weight I’ve lost, beating my 5K PR in the fall. And then training for my next marathon in May. But they raised the per-visit cost for civilians – $2 per visit instead of $1. Okay, still cheap, but harder to come up with.


Regarding yesterday’s nonexistent gym visit or phone call from Terry…nothing was wrong with her or the baby, she just fell back asleep on the couch after getting up with Isabella. Must be hard to adjust to new motherhood. But Isabella is the squishiest, softest, cutest, smiliest 3 month old I know so there are compensations. And she smells good. And she drooled on me. She must like me!

Last night hung out at Janice’s house. (I work with Janice. She’s nuts. She lives a few blocks from us.) George had fixed her computer. Whenever we go over there, she and her husband, Butch, ply us with alcohol, particularly these amaretto slushies that Butch makes. Holy cow, they’re yummy but high in points. I only had a little last night, I swear!

Can’t wait to go shopping tomorrow. Yay! Think we might go see Fahrenheit 911 tonight. Should be interesting, but is sure to enrage George (in the way Michael Moore intended.)


Woah! My mom rules! She just called because she closed on a house that belonged to some friends of mine, and she’s going to give me $200 for clothes. And she says I have to used it on clothes. Yay! New shoes, too! Yay!


Didn’t get to go to the gym this morning. Terry never called. I really hope nothing’s wrong. Is weird that she wouldn’t have even called. Hmm.

Redid the front page of my site last night. Not that anyone ever looks at it, but just wanted to freshen it up.

Nothing much to report. I think I’m going to start taking tap dancing lessons in August, if I can budget for it. It’s not too expensive, but there are shoes and (huge gulp) leotards and tights. (And yes, that’s all you can wear – leotards and tights. Shudder.


Lost just .4 this week. But that’s okay, after last week’s enormous loss. I’m just glad I didn’t gain! So that makes an average of 2 lbs for the past two weeks – perfect! Now if I can just average a pound a week from here on out…I know that might be unrealistic, but I am, after all, going back to the gym starting tomorrow. Yay!

George got a digital camera, so be prepared for lots of weird pictures. Here are some from last night…

Big fake creepy smile!

My eye!

My very green dining room and pretty new curtains

I will be a ballerina!

Fake smile number two




Big fake creepy smile number three!

Yummy oven-fried sweet potato fries. Recipe here

George was getting artsy here. But note even greener kitchen. And pretty new wine glasses.

On the phone with Kristina. We were looking at pictures online together. See sweet potatoes?

Now, wasn’t that fun?


Mmmm. Went grocery shopping last night at Whole Foods. Mostly I bought stuff for George (he doesn’t get how I enjoy shopping for him with his money, but as a shopping-phobe male, I understand that he can’t understand.) like pot pies, instant soups and cans of chili (all organic, all vegetarian, all high in points so I don’t eat them.) For myself, I got apricots (though until I asked Kristina, I wasn’t sure what I’d purchased), peaches, apples, zucchini, eggplant, a yam (never cooked one before but as I am addicted to the roasted yams on the WF salad bar I figured I’d try it out), some Kashi TLC crackers, some Kashi Go Lean Crunch to put on my Stonyfield Farm fat-free French Vanilla yogurt that Kristina swears by, and I guess that’s about it. Now I really can’t wait to go to DC in August so I can get that kind of stuff at Trader Joe’s for half the price. Oh, I wish they had one down here!

After shopping, went to Terry’s house to see baby Isabella. She’s almost three months old and the chubbiest thing you’ve ever seen. Smiley and happy and adorable. She drooled all over me. Awwww!

And great news…we’re going back to the gym on Thursday! Yay!


I am now the new Martha Stewart. Yes indeedy. First it’s the blanket I’m knitting for Ren’s baby and now it’s my homemade blueberry jam.

Yesterday morning, Polly, Annie, Laurie and I headed to Long Beach, Mississippi to a blueberry farm (actually someone’s house with lots of blueberry bushes behind it) and picked about five pounds each of delicious, sweet, juicy, sun-warmed blueberries. God, so good. To pop one in your mouth right off the plant. I felt like I was in a Laura Ingalls Wilder book.

After we spent about an hour picking berries, we ate lunch at a very cute restaurant in the very cute “downtown” of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. My mom was only a few miles away on her man-friend’s sailboat, but we didn’t get to see her. Had an incredible sandwich – fried eggplant topped with pecans and melted monterrey jack cheese. Holy cow. Ate several homemade french fries. Thought I was going to die on the way home. I absolutely cannot eat fried food anymore. What is wrong with meeeee? But being in pain is a good deterrent to eating fries.

After I got home and recovered, made my jam. It worked! The jars are all sealed and safe and sound. Had jam on toast this morning for breakfast. Deelish! Wonder what kind of jam to make next…except there isn’t any other fruit to go pick in Louisiana, I don’t think. Also it’s cheaper to just buy fancy jars of fancy jam. Hmm.

June 18, 2004

Doctor’s appointment cancelled. Don’t you love it when you do that? When you take time off work, and then drive to the doctor’s office, only to be told “he had to do an emergency c-section, so he’s running an hour late?” Okay, fine, so he can’t forsee emergency c-sections, but can’t his office call so I don’t have to drive there? Please.

Oh good news…talked to my mom last night, she and I are going to go to DC instead of New Jersey. Not that I’m not a little sorry not to go to NJ (I’ve never been and I like visiting new places) but Kristina and Chris and Anne etc etc etc are in DC so I get to see them all and it’s way more exciting for me that way. Yay!


Yay, Friday! Yay, payday! Boo, doctor’s appointment!

Went to Outback last night with George. Didn’t do too badly on points, if the Health Discovery website I found is right. Please, God, let it be right! Filet mignon, salad, (and yeeeah, I ate the cheese and croutons!) steamed veggies, and beer. 21 point meal, but only ended up using 4.5 flex points as I went to dinner with 14 points left, and I’d exercised so I had some activity points. Yay!

Blueberry pickin’ on Sunday, then jam makin’. Hope it’s not hard to make jam. Hmmm.