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About to go to dance class. Eeep! Nervous, but excited. Mostly nervous. The worst part will be getting out of my car and walking in the door. The rest is cake, so all I need to do is walk through the door. Actually, the worst part is the wall of mirrors, but who’s counting?

This weekend is my sister’s bachelorette party and there has already been bridesmaid in-fighting. Isn’t that the most fun? So I told the annoying one to shut up, and I magically found a very inexpensive hotel room at a very fancy hotel. Well, I think it’s very fancy. Hotwire tells me so. Anyway, it was a great deal, it’s very close to the Quarter, and you can’t beat that three days before Southern Decadence starts. So I’m excited about it, and I hope my sister is too. (Comments will tell, I’m sure.) It’s got a rooftop pool, too, so I might just pull out my bathing suit (from last year – no, make that 4 years ago) that might be slightly baggy now and get an unhealthy tan and swim in the pool. Oooh, and we should definitely sip margaritas or pina coladas or some sort of frozen beverage. Hmm..

August 29, 2004

I know, I know, I haven’t written in a while. It’s the whole thing where I don’t feel like getting on my computer after I’ve been on it all day at work. But it was a good week. I like my new job, a lot. It’s a very small department, just four of us, and I’m the only female. And the guys I work with are very gentlemanly, so they do all the chivalrous things like holding doors open, letting me sit in the front seat when we went to lunch, and that sort of thing. It’s actually pretty nice. Of course, I can’t gossip with them like I could with the girls at Delta Queen, and they won’t care to hear about the details of my love life (particularly since one of my coworkers is a friend of George’s) but so far I like them, and I like the job. It seems as if I have more freedom to do what needs to be done, there’s less corporate bull-malarky, and my position is respected now. So overall, good.

Today I went to get some jazz shoes for my dance class. The one I’m definitely sticking to, seeing as the ugly shoes cost me $50. Sheesh. Wish I would have just ordered them online last week like I meant to do. Would’ve saved $30. Sigh. But I did buy some other fun things today. There was a Rite-Aid that is closing down, and when that happens – great clearance stuff. They don’t bother sending their inventory to other stores, they just sell it cheap. So brand-new make-up, toiletries, hair dye, that sort of thing, on sale. Love that. Also I bought a few plants for the porch. Hope they don’t die. I think they might do okay since summer is winding down.

On Friday we went to Houston’s for lunch. I’ve been there for a week, and already my boss is retiring. Which means out of four people, two of us are new. But we all went to lunch, and I had this delicious chicken salad. A massive mound of grilled chicken that was shaved or something yummy and lettuce and these tortilla strips and then some peanutty dressing. I don’t know how bad it was for me, but it was very tasty. I’m sure I underestimated the points for it. I’ve only got 12 flex points left to last through Tuesday, so I have to take it easy tonight. Tomorrow is George’s mom’s birthday, and there will be cake, and very likely pizza involved. Which is kind of sad for his mom, as she has celiac disease, which means she can’t eat cake nor pizza, nor can she drink beer. We will be meeting at the pub. Hmm.

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Alright, alright, sister dear. Sooo sorry if my blog is booorrring now that I have a new job. Don’t you have a wedding to plan? Sheesh.

Am sore today from being a dancer yesterday. Went to Curves after work today and am now even more sore. Sigh.

Actually, it’s not just my blog that is boring, I’m boring too! Well, let me think…

Yeah, really there’s nothing. Tomorrow night George is taking me to dinner for no reason whatsoever…that’s always nice. Maybe I’ll have something exciting to say after that.

Oh wait, I thought of something. At Curves today I answered the question right and got a manicure set. That was sorta exciting. (When it’s busy they’ll ask trivia-type questions and if you answer correctly, you get a prize. I was rather hoping for a sweatband for my head – tee hee – because my bangs make my forehead sweat, but alas.)

I think I’m going to have a frozen cherry bar now. Must go back to Whole Foods and get some more. Sunday afternoon, I bought two boxes. That’s eight cherry bars. I think I have two left. I am addicted. I suppose it could be worse. At least it’s real fruit. Chunks of cherries. Yum.


Had my first dance class tonight. I felt pretty dumb because a) Janice and I were the only true beginners there (lots of the women have been taking for a long time, but I guess since there’s only one adult women’s dance class, they have to take it over and over and over again) and b) I was the only one with shiny Mary Jane-style tap shoes and c) I was the only one who messed up and d) I looked fat in the mirrors and etc etc, I could go on forever. Sounds like I hated it, eh? Well, I didn’t. All of the other people in the class seemed nice. I certainly wasn’t the heaviest one there. And even if Janice decides not to keep going with it, I’m really think I’m going to keep taking it. This week and next week are free trial classes anyway. Next week, Janice will be on vacation anyway so I’ll have to go alone. Must be brave. Must remember how much I want to learn how to dance. Heck, we’re even going to be doing a little ballet, and you know how much I have always wanted to be a ballerina…


Today was my first day at work. I liked it, everyone was nice, the department has good camaraderie, I have a huge window office…what more can a girl ask for?

Had a fun weekend. George and I took the streetcar on Saturday to the cemeteries and found our grandparents’ graves. Interesting. Yesterday I got a new cell phone. Yay!

Would write more, but am tired from day at work. Not really, just lazy.

August 20, 2004

Today’s my last day. Already got some fun presents. Lots of Delta Queen paraphernalia to put in my new office. Note cards, pens, coasters, etc. Fun! Also a box of Honey Nut Cheerios, some animal crackers, a makeup bag, a lighted mirror, some tweezers, some floss and other stuff that I usually borrow from one of my co-workers. (She’s the person whose desk is stocked with items for any conceivable emergency or non-emergency. Now I guess I’ll be that person.)

Later we’ll have pizza and cake. Yum! Am planning on using all of my flex points today. Yah! (Though I’ll probably go to Curves just to get a few more precious points.)

Yesterday was my measurement at Curves. Lost 4.25 inches (so they say – I’m pretty the 2.25 inches I lost in my bust were because of sports bra squishage, not boob loss), 3.25 lbs (not sure how this compares with my WW loss, will have to check my stats for the past month), and most excitingly, even if these machines are notoriously unreliable, 1.7% body fat. I know they’re unreliable because my body fat percentage is now 31.8%, which according to the old Surgeon General, I am now in the healthy range. Hahahahahahahhahahahahaha! Not hardly! Have ya seen my gut?


Tomorrow is my last day at the Delta Queen Steamboat Company. Very sad, but on the bright side, there is going to be a pizza party. Woo! And I think we’re going to have pizza for dinner tomorrow night at the pub, too. Yum! I am already planning to use every single flex point for the week tomorrow. Totally worth it.

Last night I went to the grocery store after work to get, well, groceries. Splurged on something I’ve been wanting to get for a long time, but have always hesitated because of the cost. Yes, that’s right, I now have a box of Multi-Grain Cheerios in my pantry. Why can’t they make a generic version of these? Sigh. They’re yummy. Slightly less pointy than Honey Nut Cheerios. But I can’t afford to get addicted to these so I will have to ration.


See the bar at the top that is partially obstructing my logo and stuff? Well, I know I should fix it so it isn’t blocked, or better yet, you say, remove it all together, but the “Next Blog” button is kinda fun. It just takes you to another random Blogger blog.

And so I just found this one. Where is this child’s mother? Gaaa!


Okay, so I had a bit of a gain this week. Not surprised, and not too disappointed as I was mentally prepared for it. Especially considering we ate at Port of Call last night. Ohh, the burgers. Ohhh, the baked potato. Ohh, then blue cheese dressing on the salad. (Did I also mention the sour cream, cheese, and butter on said potato?)

Anyhooooo, today is a fresh start. A new week. Going to go to Curves at least four times, plus tap-dancing starts next Tuesday, so I’ll get plenty of exercise. (Not to mention we’re going to paint the porch on Saturday and I have to mow the lawn this weekend too.) And next week, when I start my new job, I won’t be around so much temptation as I am here. (i.e., no more cookie day.)

And now I am going to tell (without leaving out details, but you still gotta go to the picture page to see photos) the story of…

My trip to Washington, DC

Thursday: George brought me to the airport, met my mom there. Direct flight to DC, supposed to arrive at 7:11 pm. However, we sat on the tarmac for an hour, and then when we finally got to National, our luggage took forever to arrive. So finally I got outside and waited for Kristina and Anne. Anne was driving, and they almost drove right past me when Kristina didn’t believe it was me standing there. Tee hee! She jumps out of the car and we just giggle at each other. Me at her tiny hips and waist, she at my supposedly tiny head.

So then we head to IHOP for dinner. We were going to go eat Ethiopian, but it was pretty late by the time I finally got there. I had pancakes and bacon. Yum. After that, Anne brought us back to Kristina’s house. When we got there, I gave Kristina the stuff I had brought for her (her tennis racket, some old X-rays, a bunch of popcorn) and then we made chocolate chip cookies (using her new Kitchenaid mixer) and fudge to bring to Ren the next day.

Friday: That morning, we baked more of the cookies. I was getting ready to take a shower when Kristina said my sister was on the phone. So I take the phone and my brother is there. Huh? My brother lives in Los Angeles. So I think Kristina must’ve thought my sister-in-law was my sister (and anyway, they have the same name.) Anyway, I am talking to my brother, not getting it. Then he gives the phone back to my sister and that’s when it really hits me, that he’s in town. Yay! Turns out he flew in at about 2 am that morning and no one knew. Not my sister, not my mom. Just Rob, my future brother-in-law. Very exciting.

Kristina and I leave for Richmond to see Ren. We stopped by the pawn shop her boyfriend Mike manages and he let me try on diamond rings. Yay! That is fun. I especially like trying on the really cheesy rings. (Hey, it may be a suburban pawn shop, but it’s still a pawn shop.) We got to Richmond about an hour late (sorry Renny!) and picked her up at her office. Holy cow! She’s all belly. One month and I’ll have another faux-niece. I can’t wait. I gave her the blanket I made for the baby. I hope that it becomes the blankie in the manner of Linus’s security blanket.

We went to an Indian buffet and stuffed ourselves (but not too badly, I wore a skirt that just fits so I wouldn’t be able to eat too much) on naan, jasmine rice, korma, and my favorite, vegetable pakoras. Yum, yum, yum. Took some pictures outside the restaurant (thank you Indian waiter and don’t tell George I let a stranger use the digital camera) and then brought Ren back to work.

Headed back towards Woodbridge to Potomac Mills and IKEA. Yay, IKEA! I got lots of stuff there – picture frames (for the bathroom), shelves (for wherever), a pot lid holder, etc, etc. Love IKEA. Then we headed over to Potomac Mills and went in lots of stores and tried on lots of clothes. Didn’t find anything I liked, but did get some cheap earrings at H&M. Kristina got lots of clothes.

Then we went to my sister’s house. Hung out with my sister, Jenny, my brother, Evan, my sister’s fiancé, Rob, his mom, Bernadette, my mom, Bernadette’s friend Sam, and Kristina. Ate yummy food (when did my sister learn to cook?) like grilled salmon, salad, snap peas, french bread. Yum. And Kristina and I raided the leftovers my sister had brought home from high tea at the Ritz. Yum. Tiny muffins and cheesecakes and other assorted pastries. Never put pastries in front of me. They will disappear. Watched some of the Olympic opening ceremonies, then went back to Kristina’s.

Saturday: Got up, got dressed, wore the dress Kristina wore to her graduation that fits me now yay! Walked to Georgetown for the bridal brunch that was the main reason we went to DC in the first place. 40 minute brisk walk – activity points! Got to the restaurant, saw my cousin Monica, her husband Tom, and their 14 month old son Max (they’re moving to New Orleans soon!) Also my aunt Mary, some of Jenny’s friends, ohhh, lots of people. Kristina and I were sitting waay down the table from each other, which I think she was upset about (and so was I), but what could I do? As it turned out, Monica sat her next to Jenny’s friend Shona, and they got along like proverbial houses on fire. I sat next to Tom and tried to catch Max’s eye and make him giggle. However, he was having none of it. No matter, I will have plenty of time to charm him when they move here and I babysit him. Yay!

When the brunch was over (I ate French toast and Kristina and I shared a lovely fruit tart) and I had met everyone and chatted, Kristina and I went to some shops. Went to another H&M, stood in a ridiculously long line for the dressing room (the attendant was leisurely hanging up rejected clothing while dressing rooms stood empty and the line grew longer) and tried on more clothes that fit poorly, if at all. We went in some more shops, the last of which was Dean & Deluca, which I’ve always wanted to visit. We bought some wine gums there (though the girl working the candy counter didn’t know that they were called that – “ummm they don’t have wine in them! They’re not gum!” and ate samples of yummy cheese and some other yummy candy. Then walked back to Kristina’s house. This time at a more leisurely pace. Took an hour. More activity points, but not nearly enough to offset what we had eaten (and would eat later.) Stopped at a cute corner store. Was all European and adorable. Wanted to put shop in pocket. But dress had no pockets.

When we got back to Kristina’s house, we put on Bring It On, our favorite movie of all time (I mean our favorite movie as a pair of friends, not necessarily each individually). We polished off a bottle of white wine and the wine gums while we played the Bring It On drinking game we invented when Kristina lived in New Orleans.

After a little while (and a bit of sobering up) we headed to my sister’s house and hung out some more. Chris came over (yay! Chris! I haven’t seen him since December!) and Monica and Max and Tom and we ate lots of food and got stuffed again and I drank lots of wine. Yum. Shona brought some assorted cheesecakes. Yum. Went back to Kristina’s, passed out on the couch.

Sunday: That morning, Kristina and I drove to Fairfax to meet everyone for lunch before heading to the airport. Annie came over and we got to hang out a bit, then I had to take a shower and get ready. On the way to Macaroni Grill, we went to Trader Joe’s. Yay! I have been dying to go there and I bought lots of fun things – simmering sauces, wasabi peas, some mini pitas, and a box of organic steel-cut oatmeal for George. Packed the unbreakable stuff into my big suitcase.

Ate yummy stuff at Macaroni Grill – a Portobello mushroom sandwich with the bread made of a pizza crust. Yum! Was very full afterwards, possibly due in part to bread we ate before as well.

Got to airport in plenty of time. Made it home with no debacles. Am picking up my luggage at baggage claim. My big suitcase comes along on the belt. Trailing behind it is some organic steel-cut oatmeal. Sigh. My suitcase was full of oatmeal. At least the cous-cous didn’t also break. That would’ve sucked.

The End!