Daaang! Woah! Holy cow!

Down 3.8 lbs this week! I wonder why? Oh yeah. Maybe it was that three-quarters of a day of Core I did on Wednesday. (Not really.) Or that I stayed within points this week. Or that I exercised 4 times this week. Or that I have been eating things other than the same old stuff. (Peanut butter is my new thing, and I haven’t had a Honey Nut Cheerio in days.

Anyway, the hard part is making sure I don’t put any of it back on this week. So I must be extra-vigilant.

Oh! I just realized the best part! I’m finally more than half-way to my goal! Only 25.8 lbs to go!

Things. Too many things.

I don’t really have much to post right now, I’m just posting to post.

Last night I got a call back from Jane, the old friend calling me about the Morrissey concert. (I knew that’s why she was calling! Call me Pam, PI.) So I told her I couldn’t go because of work and money, and then after I got off the phone with her, I got all excited and thought to myself, “screw the iPod, go see Morrissey” and so I tried to call her back and there was no answer and now I’m ambivalent about it again but in four days maybe she’ll call me back and I’ll say “naaah, I can’t go” again and then the whole cycle will go on and on and on.

Maybe I should just spend the money on stuff for the house. The clutter is really getting to me, and we’re going to have visitors in a few weeks. I wish I could build shelves, I wish I knew how, I would be a shelf-building tornado right now. Unfortunately, I have a feeling they’d look exactly like shelves built by someone without a clue (or power tools) so I should give up on that idea for now. If I could just get stuff into closets, then I’ll feel better.

The other day, I got a cute shelf from Target for under $8 that I was going to put the shadowbox thing I made with my London marathon stuff. I was going to put the shelf up, put the shadowbox on it along with my two marathon pint glasses and from the hooks below the shelf, I was going to hang all of my medals. But as George and I were attempting to put it up, we discovered the sheetrock in the bedroom is quite thin, and not up to supporting a shelf. So instead of a shelf, there is a nickel-sized hole. At least I had a picture to cover it. Sigh. So now shelf is sitting in corner, as I am sure it will remain for quite a while.

The whole point of this shelf was to clear things (i.e., shadowbox) off wire rack in bedroom so I could take said wire rack downstairs and utilize more effectively in closet area by back door. But nooooooo.

Sigh. After work tonight, and before dance class, I’m going to do something drastic. We have too much crap!!!

Speaking of dance class, and the shimmy, it’s a shoulder shimmy. A booby-shaking shimmy. Must wear good sports bra to dance class tonight. Fortunately, we’re going to be doing more tap tonight,
so the shimmy might not be an issue. Might have more time to practice shaking my shoulders.


Yaay! Am no longer annoyed. Kristina bought me a plane ticket to DC for the weekend of Nov 5, so I can see Alison! (The baby.) Yay! (Chris, mark your calendar!) Yay! IKEA! Yay! Chris! Yay! etc, etc! So I’ve pretty much given up on going to see Morrissey. Ah well. I’ll get over it. I’d rather see Alison.

Now I’m going to go read the new Bride’s magazine I bought. I know, I know, I’m jinxing myself. But it makes me feel better when I’m PMS-y. (Should make me feel worse, hmmm.)

Oh yeah, and I’m thinking of buying an iPod with my Delta Queen money. But I can’t use my iMac with it (old iMac) and George’s computers are all Linux so that makes it difficult, but not impossible. He can rig something up for me, I’m sure. I really really want one. And now I don’t have to pay for the plane ticket, so I can! Maybe.

(Kristina bought me the ticket as a combined Christmas/30th birthday present. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me, even though said events are 3 and 3.5 months away!)

Things that suck

Am somewhat annoyed right now for a few reasons.

1. Didn’t sleep well last night. Have sinus infection.
2. Went to new doctor this morning for said sinus infection, also to see if she can prescribe less expensive generic drug for my allergies. Because my insurance’s prescription plan sucks, there really isn’t anything inexpensive to keep me from sneezing and having a congested nose. Even Claritin-D over the counter is expensive. And she didn’t even try to help with the sinus infection. Admittedly, I am annoyed with myself for not pushing it.
3. My boss treats me like a secretary. He tells me to order lunch for meeting I wasn’t told about. I am out of the loop. I am not a secretary. (Not that there’s anything wrong with being a secretary, but that is not what I was hired to do. To get lunch for meetings that I am not invited to attend. Otherwise, who is going to answer the phones?


At least the weekend was nice. Rented Ella Enchanted on Friday night. I love teen movies. Saturday, went to Curves, then to work at Delta Queen. Saturday night, went out with lots of friends. Had the most delicious pizza, but then things got tense when the waitress put a service charge on the bill. I had to go outside while the guys acted all “manly” about it. So now we won’t be able to go back there for a while, at least. Even
though half the party tipped her 20%, the irritated ones stiffed her. So she will think we all gave her 10%. I swear, I am not friends with assholes. Nevertheless, the night was fun. And then yesterday I went to work at Delta Queen, then George and I went to Lowe’s and to Whole Foods. And had coffee at a nice little coffee shop and it was nice enough to sit outside. I can’t wait until it’s really fall, for real. Love fall!


Why do I suddenly have links to purses over in the ad box? Have I talked about purses? Wait, did I talk about my favorite purse ever, the Paul Frank Union Jack bag that I’ve had for many years but never really use? God, I love that purse. I need to pull it out. Heck, I paid $45 for it, which is more than I’ve ever spent on a handbag before. I’m not that kind of girl. I wish I was, though. That and $200 shoes. I wish I was Carrie Bradshaw, in a way. (Mostly in the shoes and hair way.)

Jane hasn’t called me back. I think I’ll try her again tonight. But see, now she’s a psychiatrist. I don’t want a psychiatrist to think I’m bugging her. That sounds weird. Oh well.

Signed up today for the Race for the Cure. It’s a week from Sunday. I would like to think I could beat my 5K time from last weekend’s race, but I dunno. It’s going to be in the morning, and therefore hot. And there’s a lot of sun on the course. All I can do is hope for a cold front and clouds.

WW stuff

Well, well, well. Wouldn’t ya know.

First I have to confess that I gave up on Core already. I don’t like it! It’s too restrictive for me. It’s not that I had this sudden desire to eat non-Core foods, but the fact that non-Core foods exist bugs me a lot! So forget the Core, I’m back to Flex. I’m such a wuss, couldn’t even last a day on Core.

So then I added up my points for the day. I tried to be as accurate as possible, but that was sorta hard since I didn’t measure today like I would on Flex. I tried to overestimate rather than underestimate. And I came in under points! I mean, I felt like I ate a lot of points today. I thought the big bowl of shredded wheat and the glasses of milk would put me over. These are things I’d normally never eat. I would never eat cereal normally that is 3 points per cup! And a cup and a half of it, no less! But I did this morning, and wouldn’t ya know, it was okay in the end? It didn’t make me starve myself later on! So maybe there is something to this Core business. But I think I’ll have to pretend like I’m on Core but really I’m on Flex. Or every day at 8 pm I’ll switch to Flex. Then in the morning, I’ll go back to Core. Okay, not really.

Now I’m really excited about having my Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast again tomorrow.

And I forgot to mention that I went to Audubon Park after work and ran for 30 minutes. I’m quite proud of that. Not that I ran for 30 minutes, but that I went somewhere other than Curves.

Core is hard, Morrissey is awesome

Man, Core is hard! (Oh wait, now can I make the “hardcore” pun? Best not.) I am really having trouble not eating something filling like a potato or cereal at any meal, if I want. At lunch I had this disgusting couscous with lentils that I found in the pantry (it was George’s, and it just so happens to be Core) and so I only ate maybe half of it. So therefore I shouldn’t have a potato for dinner, but I’m going to have a sweet potato. Hmmph. Yeah, and I’ll count the points. Why not? It’s just that plain vegetables just don’t really fill me up for very long.

So anyway, back to the mystery message…it was my friend Jane and Morrissey is playing in Houston! Gaaaa! Kristina said she’d buy my plane ticket as a combo Christmas/30th birthday present. Yaaay! Finally, after twelve years of waiting…I get to see Morrissey!! (Shouldn’t get too excited yet. Haven’t even talked to Jane.)


So last night, when I got home from dance class (more on that later), there was a message on the machine from a mystery old friend. Actually, I think I’ve figured out who it is, and I think it might mean just one thing…good concert in Houston! See, I think it was this girl Jane who used to go with me to Houston to see Britpop bands play. It was always lots of fun. We saw the Verve there and also Oasis. I’m sure those weren’t the only two, but maybe so…it was ages ago. And now she lives in Houston and so maybe she was calling about a Morrissey concert or something? Must go Google…

About dance…it was fun. We started learning a new dance thatinvolves shimmying. I’m sorry, but shimmying is not for me. I will have to practice that move a lot this week. In private. I still feel like a massively fat klutz in the class, but oh well.

Today is my first official day on Core. I gained .6 this week, which I’m okay with, glad it wasn’t more after the hurricane mess. I’m hoping if I stick to Core I will do well this week and finally get out of this rut I’ve been stuck in.

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So yesterday was my first day trying the Core plan, and though
the day started promisingly, it ended not so well. But I blame
George for that, I shall take no responsibility for my actions!
Okay, not really. I could have said, “No honey, let’s not go get
fish and chips at that Irish pub in the Quarter. Even though you
have been looking forward to it.” Okay, I wouldn’t have said
that. What I should’ve said was “I will get the salad” or
something along those lines. EXCEPT that O’Flaherty’s doesn’t
serve salads. So okay, I didn’t eat all the chips.

However, I did go to Curves and well, walking to dinner is some
exercise too. You know, this has been such a screwed up week, I
don’t even feel guilty about eating fried fish. It was really
good. And then when we got home, I realized the only way that
plain shredded mini-wheats are good are by dipping them in
peanut butter. Yum. Also not Core. Though I could count the
points. I think that might be one of my pointy snacks.

Tonight is my dance class. Yay! Hopefully we will get to learn
half turns. Last time we only did quarter turns. Pirouettes. I
hope I don’t fall over. Hmm. Could be somewhat embarrassing.

Weather is turning ever so slightly cooler. Is very nice. Wish I
had a radio in my car. It is very annoying to be stuck in
traffic with nothing to listen to except the gurgling of your
engine. Hmmm.

Today I had shredded wheat and banana for breakfast again. That
held me for about three hours, and I just ate some canteloupe. I
feel weird about not writing everything down.

Anyone know any good Core snacks? I think I’m going to make
roasted chickpeas tonight. And I’m more looking for savory
snacks. It’s easy to find sweet ones, just eat fruit. Savory is
harder, because I refuse to eat fat-free cheese of any sort or
fat-free butter or sour cream or any other artificial crap like

Symphony Run 5K

Last night at the 5K Symphony Run race:

Cool picture, eh? I actually look like I’m running! I mean, I was running. Fast. For me. Finished the race in 34:59. Not a PR for me, but I’m pretty damn proud of that, seeing as the only running I’ve really done since May was last weekend at the bridge race.

And I ran (har har not literally) into Emily, one of the women I trained for the Marine Corps Marathon with. Although she didn’t get to do it. But that’s another story.

So I’m starting Core today. Went to the store after the race and bought a bunch of fruits and vegs and some soups. So I’ll try it for a week and a half (until next Wednesday’s weigh in, the one next week) and see how it goes.

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Aww, crap.

This morning, I got in my car to go to work (my weekend work training my replacement at Delta Queen) and I thought, “How strange for my water bottle and strawberry popsicle wrapper to be on my seat.”

Then I noticed that the glove compartment was open. Also strange.

And my CD player faceplate was sorta askew.

And the passenger side door was unlocked.

Yeah, crap. My car was broken into last night. Really, it’s no big deal. They only took my new Morrissey CD (I must admit, I am a bit ticked off about that) and my CD player is broken, and we think they took George’s CD wallet (but it was all copies of CDs) so really it’s just the hassle. And it’s kind of upsetting to know that your neighborhood isn’t as safe as you like to pretend it is. Even though you really know it’s still up-and-coming and hasn’t quite made it there yet. Particularly the block you just bought a house on. Poo.

So now the ultimate dilemma. Do I make insurance claim? Or just suck it up and pay and not risk making my premiums higher? Hmmm.

September 19, 2004

So, I’m thinking of trying the Core plan next week to see how that works for me. I’m not extremely optimistic, considering my sugar and bread addiction (not to mention Honey Nut Cheerios) but it’s worth a try, I suppose. I think it would help me to eat more vegetables, and that can’t hurt. (Well, not too much.) Kristina and I scoffed at it at first, but she really is better at making healthier choices than I am. I’m more likely to spend my points on honey nut cheerios than vegetables or soup or other good things. So we’ll just see how it goes. I like to change things up a bit. And if I don’t like it, I’ll go right back to Flex.

(Sorry about the all-WW content, to you skinny people who may be reading this.)

Onto other subjects…I finally found a pair of shoes for my sister’s wedding. Now must get to tailor to get dress altered. Am happy to say shoes only cost $17. Got them at Payless and they’re perfect, exactly what I wanted, and I will want to wear them after the wedding as well. Whew!

Speaking of weddings, George and I picked out the band to play at our wedding. Not…that…we’re…engaged. Don’t get excited. But it’s the only band I like to go see (local band, I mean) and they do good covers, and they’re nice, and so you know, if ahem, we ever, ahem, get married, we’ll have decent music.