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Okay for really really real this time! I went to Covington this afternoon to hang out with Maura (heh heh, I have found yet another victim to slowly torture by making them watch me try on dress after dress after dress…) which was great NOT ONLY because she was kind and patient enough to watch me try on many white poofy dresses. Also we went to this really great tea room and had tea and scones and lemon curd and clotted cream yummmmy! And I got George some Crunchie bars. I hope he shares.

Anyway, off the subject…I found the dreamiest, most beautiful dress ever in the whole world! It will be mine! Oh yes, it will be mine! Even if I have to have a big garage sale and/or sell Stinky! I must have this dress! It’s v beautiful. Real silk. Anyway, the price isn’t too bad, just a touch out of my budget, so will have to think of ways to make a few bucks.

Ohhh, dreamy dress! I will be dreaming of it tonight!


Am v. pleased with weigh in today. Net holiday gain of 1 lb. Not bad at all. Someone told me the average person gains something like seven pounds over the holidays, so I’m very pleased. Of course, there’s still New Years and my birthday but those are only one day events that I can cover (at least mostly) with flex points. Fresh start time! And now that I have my iPod, I will start going to Audubon Park after work to run.

Last night George and I saw the Lemony Snicket movie. I liked it. I never read the books. I should have, though, since I worked in the children’s department of B&N while they were very popular. I think I started to read one once. Nevermind, I just would’ve been disappointed if I’d read the books first. You know how it goes.

One day this week I’m going to go to Covington to hang out with my friend Maura and have tea at some British tea place that just opened over there. That will be fun. I haven’t seen her in about six months, I think.

Ren – am still working on Blankie! Haven’t forgotten! Blame the iPod! Oh, don’t tell Alison!


Guess what I’m doing right now? Yes indeed, I am importing songs onto my brand-spanking-new iPod! I have an iPod, yay yay yay! I was v lucky yesterday. While in Baton Rouge (went to try on dresses, but that’s another story) I stopped at Target just to see if they had any (I was very doubtful, but I figured I should at least try) and voila! Someone had returned theirs earlier (unopened) so it is now mine, all mine! Of course, we don’t have any computers at home that are able to hook it up to, so I have been putting songs on it while at work. Just while I’m working, of course.

Dress shopping with Tee was fun yesterday. Except that I found two more dresses I’m torn about. Sigh. This is hard!


Oh, the blankie and the baby who punishes it:


Daddy and Alison nap with Blankie:



Christmas v. merry. Got lots of good presents. It snowed. Except for 3 hour drive to Baton Rouge and 2.5 hour drive back home, the day was wonderful. Got a nice leather chair to replace uncomfy wooden chair to sit in while working at computer. Also a new purse, necklaces and earrings and a saltcellar from (love his show.) Saw my family (Hi Family! I know you’re reading this!) and also George’s. Was a long day, but a nice one.

Today I went in search of a 20GB iPod, but alas, there is not one to be found in all of New Orleans. Admittedly, I only looked at Best Buy. Have placed an order for one from Amazon, but they’re saying it could be over a month! Ha. As if I am that patient. But we’ll see what happens. Also I read the DaVinci Code and helped George paint.

Tomorrow I will go to Baton Rouge again (now that roads are not icy and interstates have re-opened, trip should not take so long) to hang out with Teresa and yes, try on dresses. Yay! My new favorite hobby.


Merry Christmas Eve! Yay, Christmas Eve! That means Christmas is tomorrow! Yay! I love Christmas being tomorrow!

Last night was fun with Amy and Van. I am no longer tongue-tied idiot around them, so will feel more comfortable in the future asking one of them to sing song in manner of older blind black man. (And song as requested by future m-i-l, who is as lovely as you could possibly hope in a future m-i-l. I hope my sister’s m-i-l isn’t reading this because she is frankly kind of frightening. Nice, but scary.)

And today I am going to relax and get a manicure (as will be showing off ring to family tomorrow, must have lovely fingers) and finish up some shopping (stocking stuffers) and wrapping and things like that. Am going to give baby Isabella her present (faux cell-phone so she can emulate her parents.) It’s going to be a very nice day!

They’re saying it might snow at some point. As much as I love the idea (and I really love the idea) I hope it doesn’t, as this would destroy plans for drive to Baton Rouge tomorrow to show off ring as mentioned above. I live to show off the ring! Is v gorgeous, can barely believe the level of dreamy sparkliness of it all. (And see, must keep full attention on the road tomorrow if it’s icy, and ice on finger might distract – could be very dangerous.)

Now I’m babbling nonsense and so will go before I start talking about breakfast cereal. (That one’s for you, Renny!)


Well, it seems I am some sort of genius in the field of baby-blankie making. For my friend Ren’s little girl, I made this brightly colored blankie with a yellow panel, a lime green panel, and a blue panel with hot pink trim. This puppy is eye-searingly bright. And apparently Alison loves it and won’t part with it. (So now Ren has requested a second blankie so she can wash first one. I don’t know how well this will work for her, but we’ll see.)

So I’m going to make her a smaller one (her portable blankie) to supplement the first one. And Ren said that she was told that some other mom at the daycare loved Alison’s blankie. That’s exciting. And I made a similar one for my cousin Max and he (pretends to, at least, in my presence, but then he’s only 18 months old, maybe he really means it?) loves it too. Sleeps with it, etc. When I babysat him the other night, he snuggled against my shoulder, rubbing the blankie against his face. Heart-melting, that was.

Today’s the work Christmas party. Really a mass by the archbishop (I’m turning into such a good Catholic!) and then lunch, but it’s better than nothing. After that we get to go home! (I hope. I promised Polly I’d take her to the airport.) I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself tomorrow, it’s so exciting to have a whole day off! Maybe I’ll read the new Martha Stewart Weddings issue I got last night at Target. Or the book I got at the library. Or perhaps I should finish wrapping presents. Oooh, I love Christmas!

Tonight we’re going to have sushi and then go see a band with the couple from the band that’s playing at our wedding. (Did that make sense?) George works with Amy, and she and her husband an another guy make up the band. And they are going to play at our wedding. It was on the way to their post-wedding party that George proposed. And in fact our wedding is on their first anniversary. (And they’re still going to play. I love them.) I have to admit I’m a little nervous about tonight. I get all star-struck and tongue-tied around them. I’m a doofus. But it’s good, after tonight I will know them better and I won’t feel bad asking them to learn “You are the sunshine of my life” for our wedding. Who’s going to be Stevie??

Dec 22, 2004

Okay, fine. My sister is not totally evil. Did you see those comments from yesterday? Didn’t I tell you Paula would remember all that? Yes, because we go waaaay back. To first grade. Amazing, eh? Who else knew me when my obsessive nature began? For it was Paula whose mom took us to our first concert, in the fourth grade. At the tender age of nine, we were kissing the television screen whenever a Julian Lennon video came on. Sigh…what a fox!

Went to Curves yesterday and had my monthly weigh-in and measurement. Lost an inch overall, which I was not expecting due to my holiday Weight Watchers philosophy. (Don’t count the candy, brownies, cookies, cake, etc – just the real food.) I tell ya, it’s been liberating not having to stress so much over the holidays. My goal was just to stay within 4 or 5 pounds of my lowest weight, and that’s been no problem. And I’m actually sort of looking forward to detoxing after New Year’s. (Or my birthday. I’m gonna be thirty, I should be able to eat chocolate for abandon.) But seriously. My teeth will thank me.

Can’t believe Christmas is in four days. Also can’t believe that my Christmas present from George is in the garage and I haven’t peeked! The tremendous amount of willpower that takes on my part amazes me. Surely, if I can complete two marathons, if I can quit smoking, if I can lose weight, I can avoid peeking at my Christmas present! But it’s so hard.


Have had a lovely weekend, except for the part where my sister decided to call me and tell me everything I’m doing wrong in planning my wedding. (It’s too soon to do things, and don’t you know hydrangeas aren’t in season in November?) And then she had the nerve to call me Bridezilla. Well, it shouldn’t be surprising that she is saying this, as the first thing she said to my friends and I after she graduated from high school is “You are so high school.” (I know Paula remember this, eh?) Anyway, I won’t let it bother me, but you’d think my Matron of Honor would be more supportive of me, rather than what she is doing? And yes, I know she’s reading this.

As I said, venting aside, this was a good weekend. Friday night we hung out at the pub with our new Whole Food friends and a bunch of other people too. Before we even knew it, it was almost 2 a.m. You know that’s a good night! Saturday I went to try on dresses with Laurie and Polly. That was lots of fun. Trying on dresses is fun. I think I found the one I like best, too. Now I just have to convince my mom. Even though the wedding is a whole eleven months away.

Finished my Christmas shopping today. Now to wrap the presents and place under otherwise gift-less tree. At least I don’t have to wrap the presents for my siblings, since my mom is bringing them to California. (How would I wrap the coal for my sister, anyway?)


As my good friend Janice says, I think I have wine poisoning today.

Last night I went to the Delta Queen Christmas party. As Shelley’s date. But Shelley, due to car troubles, never even made it! That is very sad, for it was a very fun party. The wine flowed freely. Most of my old work friends were there. Good times were had. Alas, if Shelley had only been there.

And naturally, I am paying the price this morning. But that’s okay, it was totally worth it. And I think I even convinced Janice’s husband Butch to drive George and I from the church to the reception, via the ferry, in his super-ultra-very-cool old convertible sports car. It’s red. Don’t ask for more details. But it’s really cool.

Now I have to go to work. And then it’s the weekend. Wooo!

Oh yeah, and did I say that Kristina got the job she applied for? She did! She will be a lawyer, working 40 hours a week for the federal government, which means she’ll get all those fun holidays off and won’t be a workaholic! I am so happy for her, she so very much deserves this good luck. Yay!

Also, I got my ring back yesterday (yay) but then on the way home I got totally (insert your choice of curse word here. Hey, my mom reads this) by the 5 Minute Oil Change place. Do not go to 5 Minute Oil Change! They are evil!


I had better get my ring back today or I am going to be v
v v upset. In 25 minutes I can start hounding the jewelry store.
(Hey, they’re lucky I’m waiting until they open.) Of course, I
should be careful, so that they don’t switch my diamonds with
CZs. (I think that’s the jeweler’s version of spitting on your
pizza. See Tuesday’s entry.)

Tonight is the Delta Queen Christmas party. Am excited to see
everyone. And eat yummy free food. And to show off my ring
(assuming the jewelry store doesn’t disappoint me.) I am going
with Shelley, my old birthday buddy who still works there.
Obviously. Yay! Can’t wait! (But talk of our birthday makes me
slightly nauseous. Nothing wrong with turning thirty, it just
sounds weird.)

I wish tomorrow was Christmas. Yay Christmas! I’m almost done
with my Christmas shopping! Last night I went to Barnes & Noble
and finished off the gift buying for some people like Mauro and
George’s dad and my mom. Must get wrapping! Tree looks sort of
sad without presents underneath. I’ve just been lazy.


Last night we ordered pizza for dinner. We had a coupon for buy one get one free. We ended up with three pizzas. Oh joy! I love pizza. Of course, one has anchovies on it and another has onions on it so the implications of having three large delicious pizzas in the house aren’t as bad as it may seem. But onions can be picked off (of course this is not what I told the pizza person when I called and demanded a new pizza without onions. Okay, I didn’t demand. And they probably spit on the pizza anyway, so we’re even.)

Today I am going to mail Kristina her Christmas presents. A whole 11 days before Christmas! I am really on the ball this year, even if I never did Christmas cards. And I haven’t gotten George’s dad a Christmas present yet. Nor Mauro. But other than that, am good.

Fingers crossed that mass quantities of pizza don’t have negative effect on weigh-in tomorrow. (But would like negative effect on weight, you know what I mean?)

Nothing else interesting to say. Except that we are (hopefully) having drinks with new WF friends on Saturday night, if my babysitting of adorable cousin Max doesn’t interfere. (I call them my WF friends when really they are my #1 fan friends. But I shouldn’t say that here since they might read this before Saturday.)