Ruff, ruff

Yesterday we went to Barkus, the dog parade. As everyone knows, I’m a HUGE dog fan and I just loooove canines and…okay, I’m lying. I am not a dog person (I don’t mind other people’s dogs, I just don’t want one for myself) and dogs don’t really take to me. They don’t dislike me, they just kind of ignore me.

Nevertheless, I went to the parade so I could hang out with my friends and watch the second meeting between Carlitos, Terry’s tiny boy Chihuahua, and Lily, Regan’s teeny-tiny-practically walnut-sized girl Chihuahua. I think Lily was playing hard to

get, but we’ll have to see how this little doggy love story goes. I think parenthood is in their future.

The exciting part was not the meeting of two tiny dogs, but the bit where I ran into an old high school friend, who I have not seen since junior year. I will not give away the exciting part (yet) because it’ll be too much fun to watch Ren and the others beg for his name. There’s a clue. Him.

Saturday night was Regan and Jeff’s engagement party. They’re getting married a month or so before George and I, and Regan is the only person I can talk to in person about wedding planning without getting rolled eyes and bored looks. We can talk about this stuff for hours! It’s great. Anyway, it was a fun party. Even George had fun, and that’s really saying something.


The nicest thing happened yesterday afternoon…

I was in the front of the house, trying to get rid of this straggly bush that’s directly across the sidewalk from another bush. Because of the poor planning that went into placing these bushes, they both grow across the sidewalk towards each other and block it for any passers-by. (I just like saying “passers-by.”) So I decided the best thing to do would be to get rid of the straggly one (not the pretty oleander on the other side) once and for all.

I spent a good bit of time using the three tools I had at my disposal – two clippers and my dad’s old saw. After a while of hacking away, one of my neighbors approached with a big set of clippers and a massive, scary axe/scythe contraption. In about five minutes, the had the thing cut back to the ground. What a nice neighborly neighbor! (I did, however, think I might lose my head if he lost his grip on the huge axe/scythe thingy he was swinging around. Thank god he didn’t.)

Yes indeed, that was the highlight of my day yesterday. All I can say now is TGIF. T-G-I-F.


Sorry, Renny, not much to say. Last night was supposed to be chock-full of fun, but nothing ended up happening. I was supposed to babysit, but they never called. (Too bad, too, I could’ve used the money. Plus their baby is really cute.) And I was supposed to help a friend with stuff for the cafe she’s opening, but there was a setback yesterday and she was busy having a nervous breakdown (not really) so she didn’t come over.

So I just sat and read and watched some television and read some wedding stuff on the internet. Nothing to write about. Really. Well, I did eat two donuts yesterday. Mmmm. Jelly doughnuts. Still didn’t go over points! And I tried to demolish this obnoxious bush in front of our house, but only partially succeeded. Will need a chainsaw for the rest. Too bad I sold it in the garage sale.

Another exciting thing is that one of my friends is interviewing for a job that’s on the same floor as me. So I could have yet another lunch buddy. That would be extremely exciting. Fingers crossed for that.

Exciting weekend. Engagement party for Regan and Jeff, maybe some parades, surely some late sleeping, maybe a run in the park. Okay, not that exciting, I’m just trying to make it sound like it.

Down more!

Yeeeah! Lost another .8. Magical. Amazing. 20.8 lbs to goal. That’s going to be a hard 20.8, but I think if I can try to lose three pounds a month, which has been just about my average since I started WW almost a year ago, then I can get to my goal weight a few months before the wedding and have my dress altered in time. Three pounds a month is hardly anything. And when I lose one more pound, I will be down to two fewer points per day, which might mean that could kick-start some losing again. As long as I keep running…


I don’t like the pressure of having to title my entries, but for some reason, it’s started putting “untitled” at the beginning of all of my entries and I don’t know how to get rid of it. Hmm. So I will just put nonsensical gutteral noises instead.

Perhaps if I actually had something to say, I would have an easier time thinking of a title. Unfortunately, I do not. Right now I’m thinking about the guest list for the wedding, and am trying to figure out if it’s realistic to invite 245 people and

only expect 150 to show up. Somehow, I don’t think so. Look, I love my family, but it’s so big. Very, very big. Why couldn’t I be the black sheep of the family? And we’re not even talking distant third cousins, twice removed. These are aunts, uncles, and first cousins! Yeesh.

But it’ll all work out. Somehow. Not going to worry about it now.

In other news, had a NLWTM this morning. Let’s hope it holds until tomorrow.


It’s unbelievable, yes it is. The girl, she has a voice like an angel! (Why do I hear that in my head with an Irish accent? Can anyone tell me?) Yesterday, I went to see my dimpled, gorgeous cousin Sara, my baby cousin, who was the cutest, most sarcastic child you’d ever meet, (she asked my dad once when his baby was due – though I don’t think she realized he wasn’t pregnant) star in her school’s production of Oklahoma. Oy, the girl can sing. I am hoping she’ll sing in the wedding. (Okay, okay, I know she’s probably reading this, but I meant every word up there!)

New PR!

Race this morning – beat my personal best time for the 5K! Previously 33:09, now it’s 32:26, thankyouverymuch. Yay!

Last night we had a yummy steak dinner with Polly and Colin, and then saw The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I liked it a lot, only not as much as the Royal Tenenbaums.

Tomorrow I’m going to see my baby cousin Sara star in her high school production of Oklahoma. I can’t believe she’s 18 and all grown up! And she can sing. She must’ve gotten that from the other side of the family.


Well, wouldn’tcha know it. A new Lowest Weight EverTM this morning, but it doesn’t count because it’s not weigh-in day. I wonder why it is that I always weigh a bit less on the day after weigh-in day. Would it help if I changed my weigh-in day to Thursday, or would I then just weigh less on Friday? Hmmm. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, I shouldn’t be weighing myself every day anyway. Bad Pam!

Goal for Saturday: new 5K PR! Let’s go back in the archives to see what my previous best time was…hmmm…(wavy lines a la Scooby Doo and Waynes World…)…ah yes, 33:09 at the Molarthon in November 2003. Oh crap. I thought my PR was 33:36. I suspect the Molarthon course was short, though. Okay, well, still. Must beat 33:09. Surely, if the weather cooperates (60 degrees and overcast? Would that be too much to ask for in January? Probably.) then I’ll be able to beat it. Surely! 10:41 miles, times 3.1. That’s the speed to beat. Holy cow. Okay. Sure.

And finally, to top off this very exciting entry, I found out something pretty cool about my (wedding) dress last night. It is, in fact, a knockoff of a $4000 designer gown! Yeah! I paid a mere fraction of that for my dress, the only difference being the fabric. Mine is silk satin instead of silk mikado, this strange fabric I don’t even like. Score! I clearly have a good eye for high fashion. I say this with a straight face as I wear a wrinkled hand-me-down shirt from Kristina, a black t-shirt I wore yesterday, and some ill-fitting trousers from Old Navy. And some hand-me-down scuffed loafers. What a fashion plate!


Well, I lost the 2.4 lbs I gained last week. So now I’m exactly where I was two weeks ago, at my Lowest Weight EverTM. Exciting. Although it’s probably not a great thing, since I didn’t eat very well this week, so it’s like positive reinforcement for negative behavior. However…I did run twice this week, so maybe that’s what did it. So keep running. That’s what I’ll do.

In the last week, two of my friends have joined the big 3-0 club. Let’s give a warm round of applause to Ann and Paula! Woooo!


Hmm. I suppose I should write something since I haven’t been writing much lately. (Apologies to my many fans. Tee hee! Kidding.)

The mystery of the iPod socks has been solved. Thank you Chris! And nice try Mike on taking credit for them. I guess your gift got lost in the mail. Ha ha! Kidding again! I’m a laugh a minute, eh? A riot.

It’s been a lovely, relaxing three day weekend. Friday after work I went for a run (3.6 miles daaaang!) in Audubon Park with my iPod and new armband holder. I promise I would not have been able to run so far without the trusty iPod. I would have died of boredom before making it around the loop twice. Then I babysat my cousin Max for a few hours. This involved watching A Bugs Life, which is never a hardship. Of course, we did watch the end about fourteen times because any movement away from the DVD player would have meant instant tears and his dad was working in the back and didn’t want to disturb him, etc, etc. Anyway, I am determined to be Max’s favorite cousin, even if it means watching the end of a movie forty-three times. Totally worth it.

On Saturday morning I went to help my old boss Sarah over at for a bit of extra moolah. Not bad, and we had Indian buffet for lunch afterwards. Yummmy. And it was good to see Sarah, haven’t seen her in almost two years, I think. She’s never even met George! We started dating right before I left MGS.

Anyway. Saturday afternoon was spent working on the garage room with George. Yesterday we went to a movie (In Good Company, highly recommend, though the ten-year-olds in front of us didn’t seem to enjoy it so much.) and then to Whole Foods. And then today I went for another run, at a different park, and I went a little over 3 miles this time. Twice in four days, must be a new record.

Back to work tomorrow. Boo hoo. I think every Monday should be a holiday. Hoorah!


Okay…who sent my iPod some socks???

Whoever you are…thank you! They are very cute and much better than the sock I was keeping it in before. (My own personal sock.)

Yay! I love mysterious presents!!!


Oy. Weigh-in bad today. Not much to say about that except to attribute it to the time of the month. (Yeah, I know, it all sounds like excuses, but just wait until next week! Yeah. Next week.)

Last night I skipped dance class to watch the Biggest Loser finale. I’m not entirely sure it was worth it (there really wasn’t any excitement or twists or anything) but I have been sleeping horribly and I was just too tired to go. Of course, I probably would have slept better last night had I gone to dance class and exercised, but too late now.

I’d say today is on track to be a really crappy day, but my friend Regan starts her new job today just a block away from my work, so I hope we’ll get to have lunch together. That’d be fun.