February 28, 2005

Okay, time to post again. Apologies to my many fans.

Though it was a weekend jam-packed with fun, the weather was so gray and overcast that I just can’t look back on it with excessive fondness. Yes, this coming from a woman who wants to live in London. I’d deal with it better there. Yeah.

Anyway, on Friday evening I drove up to Baton Rouge, after catching a show at a local bar by our friend Bill. Everyone in the neighborhood was there, and George’s parents even came. I wish I could’ve stayed longer.

But I had to get to Baton Rouge because on Saturday morning my mom and I did the Race for the Cure there. I was planning on running, but then I decided that I’d rather stick with my mom and walk. It was a nice time to chat with her and catch up on things. And we actually did run a little. I think it was the first time in my whole life that I’ve seen my mom run. Next up – our mother-daughter marathon debut.

Then we went to lunch and shopped and looked at hideous mother-of-the-bride outfits. Always fun. I got two pairs of shoes, some eyeshadow and the free gift from Estee Lauder. Fun.

Back to New Orleans and to the pub to celebrate Lindsay’s 23rd birthday. Only, she never made it. So instead we hung out at the pub, drank far too many martinis and relaxed. A guy my sister used to date was there. Odd.

Sunday was the biweekly (or is it semi-weekly?) trip to Whole Foods. Oh yeah, before that, breakfast at the new cafe in the neighborhood. A new tradition we’re going to start – breakfast with friends on Sundays. Only problem is I can’t not order the cinnamon roll, which is probably a bad idea. But it’s so good.

On Sunday afternoon we went to a farewell party for a friend who is moving to DC (what is with people moving to DC???) where I ate far too much. Again. And then last night I watched the Oscars. Teresa beat the pants off Chris and I in the pool. (Ha ha, take that sentence out of context and it takes on a whole different meaning!)

Yay Jay!

I am so very happy that Jay won last night. Yay Jay! Boo Kara Saun and
her cheating ways! And Boo to the editors of Project Runway for
actually making me sort of like Wendy Pepper. I feel so used and cheap
and emotionally manipulated. Sigh.

It was fun watching it at Polly’s house, though. Regan and I went over
there dressed up. I had hit the big sale at Dillard’s to get some
fishnets and some weird ribbon things and went in princess-ballerina
mode. Was fun. Wore my sister’s tiara from her wedding. Much fun.

Going to Baton Rouge tomorrow night. My mom and I are doing the Race
for the Cure there. I’m running, she’s walking. It’ll be fun.
Definitely the first race I’ve ever done with my mom. In fact, I think
it’s her first race altogether, even though she’s doing it for the
charity aspect, not the race bit.

Surprise pictures


My sister, the cutest angel in the world, and baby Alison. Ha ha! Okay, Alison’s in the middle.



Yay! We got her! See the tears glistening? That is the sign of true surprise.



Look at everyone who came to surprise Kristina…Julie, Bill, Alison, Ren, Gary, Chris, Shelby, Ann, me, and Jenny. Fun!

Woo. Lost .2. Hmmph. Doesn’t the scale realize I joined a gym, and I’ve been going? Helllooooo. Okay, the weekend in DC couldn’t have helped. At least I lost something. I guess. I really think it’s all the snot in my head that’s weighing me down today. My allergies are particularly bad this morning. Oh yeah…blame it on the snot.

Tonight is the finale of Project Runway. Going to Polly’s to watch it. Fun!


Last night George and I went to see Hitch. It was v funny, I
definitely recommend it. If grumpy George laughs at it, you know
it’s funny. Why was George grumpy (besides the usual level of
grumpiness)? Because we sat in the wrong theater for 15 minutes
with three ladies. Oops! When I went to complain to the manager,
I realized that we were sitting in the theater for the 8:00
show, not the 7:15 show. But they did offer us a refund, which
we did not take them up on. It was, I suppose, technically our
fault for not looking at the signs, but also I blame the
ticket-taker for not pointing us in the right direction. She was
not so bright.

Anyway, we made it to the theater just as the movie was starting
(I hate missing the previews!) and it was v good. Go see
it. I still can’t bring myself to see The Aviator or $1,000,000
Baby (I like to write it that way) because they look so dull, so
we saw Hitch instead.

New gym is awesome. I love it so much. It’s clean, it’s
friendly, and it’s run by a hospital, so it’s safe. I can’t wait
until Tuesday when I get my assessment. Well, I can wait
if they plan to check my body fat with calipers (shudder) but if
they just make me do the electronic kind, that’s okay. Mostly I
can’t wait for them to figure out a weight-training routine for
me. So I can be buff.


Well, this weekend was great. I flew to DC on Friday after work
and my sister and brother-in-law picked me up at the airport. On
Saturday morning, Jenny and I met a bunch of friends – Ren,
Gary, and Alison, Chris, Shelby, Anne and Bill, at a restaurant
called the Carlyle Grand. All unbeknownst to Kristina. She
showed up expecting to see my sister and cousin! Heh heh heh.
She was very shocked to see all of us. Very exciting. Wish I had
photos but I forgot our digital camera and I haven’t gotten
pictures from the people who took them.

That afternoon, Kristina and I watched Bring It On (natch) and
Eurotrip on a very large television. On Saturday night, Kristina
and her boyfriend Mike and Bill and Anne and I went bowling. Tee
hee. We drank cheap chablis (that came from a tap) and bowled.
It was Cosmic Bowling. There were disco lights and bad music.

Sunday was a fancy mall (bought lipstick and eye makeup from
Sephora, very exciting.)

And today I’m wearing a pair of size-12 pants from Banana
Republic. They’re hand-me-downs from Kristina. I think they must
have been mislabeled. It’s the only explanation.

Post from Tuesday

That never got posted. Emailing your posts in is not very

Okay, I’ll CONSIDER seeing Million Dollar Baby. Yeesh. And it’s
not the wedding, it’s the lame-o films being nominated. Why
wasn’t Eternal Sunshine nominated? Now that was a great film!
Grumble, grumble. Maybe I’ll go this weekend. *wink*

Went to Rocky’s for pizza for dinner last night. The French
restaurant we were going to go to has closed since my birthday!
Too bad, I was really looking forward to mussells. Ah well. I
always love pizza, so it ended up okay.

George gave me the best Valentine’s day present, too…a card,
flowers, and a big bowl of Smarties! Now if that isn’t love, I
don’t know what is…plus my dentist will be very grateful.

I’m thinking of quitting dance class until August and joining a
gym. They’re running a special now, so I think I might go by
there after work tomorrow and check it out.

End of Tuesday post. Now on to Thursday.

I joined a gym yesterday. It’s really nice, very inexpensive,
and close to my house. A ton of treadmills. A really cool
computerized workout tracker thingy where there’s a PIN pad on
every machine (cardio and weight) and you punch in your number
and it tells you how much weight to use, how many repetitions to
do, how many sets, for how long, etc, etc. I won’t get trained
on that until my first assessment on the second of March or
something, so until then I’ll be doing treadmill all the way.
Last night I updated my running mix on my iPod so I’ll have lots
of good, motivating music to listen to.

My mom and I are doing the Race for the Cure in Baton Rouge on
the 26th so I want to see how well I can do for that. She’s
going to walk, I’m going to run. This might be my last
cool-weather run for a while. Then again, it might be hot. And I
know the course is hilly, for me. But I had a good time last
time I did this race (I don’t mean it was fun, I mean I was
fast-ish) so I have high hopes for it.

Feb 16, 2005

Am decidedly unthrilled about my less-than-a-pound loss this week, particularly since I’ve been pretty good as far as eating goes, and particularly, I think, as far as exercise goes. Well. Fat lot of good that did. Pun intended.

Well, I’ve made the decision to join a gym this afternoon after work. Curves just ain’t cuttin’ it anymore for me (though I did go yesterday – funny story about that) and dance class (which I also went to yesterday) is more fun than exercise. Well, it’s definitely exercise. But right now, with the recital coming up, I’m kind of superfluous to the whole class. So I’m going to stop dance class until August and join a gym. By the time the new “school year” for dance starts, my Curves membership will be over. And I can still go to Curves once a week or so, just so I don’t feel like I’m tossing $30 a month into the trash.

Oh yeah, the funny story about Curves – every month they have a t-shirt drawing for the people who had birthdays that month. So at the end of January, they picked my name out of the basket, but yesterday was the first time I’d been since mid-January or so, so they were about to send me a “where are you?” postcard. When I walked in, it was like the long-lost sister being greeted. Nice.

Fun weekend! Fun weekend! Yesterday I went to visit my dress again with Polly and Regan and Teresa. It was lots of fun. For me, at least. Teresa tried on the bridesmaid dress too and she likes it, so that’s good. I really didn’t want to take the dress off, even though it wasn’t very comfortable, seeing as the sample was 6 sizes too small for me. Still…

The best part is the salesgirl told me this time that it’d take 2-3 months to come in (I was originally told six) which means it could be here in a month or two! I won’t hold my breath, though. It still might take six months. Ahh, now I wish I hadn’t asked. Now I’m going to be desperate for a call from the bridal salon every day, starting a month from now. I might go insane.

Today George and I saw Sideways. It was good. I enjoyed it. I’m not really getting into the whole Oscar race this year. I think I probably enjoyed Finding Neverland best out of all of the Best Picture noms that I even saw. (Okay, didn’t see Million Dollar Baby – snooooze – or The Aviator – Leonardo Dicaprio is repulsive – so I guess I’m not a great judge. And really it was only because Finding Neverland yanked the tears right out of my ducts. (I stole that line from my brother, I think.)

After that, we went to Chocolate Sunday, this thingy at a hotel downtown. Chocolate everywhere. I let George down, though, by only being able to eat a relatively small amount of chocolate. Sad. I am a mere shell of a chocoholic. So sad. Then it was on to our semi-weekly (is that every other week? I can never remember.) visit to Whole Foods so George could stock up on fake meat and pot pies and I could get my beloved cherry bars.

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. Yay! We’re going out to dinner…a first! Woo!

Ew. Bad gain. 2.2 lbs. But I can comfort myself by knowing that had I weighed in yesterday when I was supposed to, it would have been much worse. I’m going to be very good this week and next week’ll be a big loss. Just wait.

Not much else going on here. Polly and I went on a pretty long bike ride yesterday. My bike is too short for me and today my butt is sore. But it was fun.


Oh dear. I wonder if it’s truly possible to gain five pounds in one week. Less than one week. Oof. I’d have thought not, but then I started thinking back…to the past week, starting on Wednesday…oh…the daiquiris, the beer, the king cake, the beer, the oyster poboy, the cheese fries, the beer, the king cake, the croissants, the breakfast casserole, the mac & cheese, the beer, the taco dip, the beer, the king cake, the beer, the sugar cookies I baked from scratch today…yeah, I’d say it’s possible.

Okay, maybe not. We did walk a lot on Saturday. A lot. But five pounds is also a lot. Oh well, I’ll give it a couple of weeks to shake out, and we’ll see where I stand then. I did have a fun Mardi Gras weekend with Anne in town and lots of other fun people.

Not sure if I’m going to do anything tomorrow yet. Guess I’ll see how the day turns out. I’m just eager for Saturday to get here. My friend Regan and I are going up to Covington to have tea at the little English tea house and to go visit my wedding dress and try on veils with it.


I am so very pissed off at the *$#&@! parking ticket people.
This morning, I go to my car to go to work and what is on my
windshield of my car (which is parked in the driveway in front
of our house) but a parking ticket. For blocking the sidewalk.
For parking in the same place I have parked every single day for
the 10 months. The same place the previous owner of our home

Very nice. Yes, technically it’s illegal to block the sidewalk,
but I’ve been doing this for a YEAR and everyone else does it
and blah blah blah. Yeah, it’s only twenty bucks. But I’m going
to fight it. Fortunately, they put the wrong street name on the
ticket. Heh heh. I could get off on a technicality anyway.
Stupid parking ticket people.