Ooooh, exciting day!

Man, yesterday was very very exciting.

First, I wake up and get on the scale and see that I’m down to the NLW.

Then, later, I email the bridal salon I ordered my dress from to ask them some questions about the bridesmaid’s dresses. They email me back and say “oh, by the way, your dress came in this week!” Bring on the freak-out by Pam, running around the office, jumping up and down, generally annoying my male co-workers. But my boss let me leave early to drive up to Covington. (You didn’t think I’d wait until the weekend, did you?)

Driving to Covington, talk to one of my friends whose daughter’s first birthday was yesterday. Find out she’s pregnant again. More exciting news! (Well, all I have to do is shower the children with gifts and babble in baby talk to them.)

(And later was little Isabella’s birthday party, complete with pizza and ice cream cake. You know pizza and ice cream cake is exciting to me.)

Dreamy dreamy dress! It’s so perfect. It’s a bit lighter in color than the sample (which was filthy and had been tried on by hundreds of girls I’m guessing) and actually zips up, which is terribly exciting. I had it on for about half an hour, just gazing at myself. Tee hee.




I did it!

Made it to the magical land of 22 points a day!

Down 1.4 lbs this week. It goes without saying that this is a New Lowest Weight, too. Yay for joining the gym!

Now I just have to figure out what to do with those darn jelly beans…

Oh, and Chris – sorry about forgetting to mention the CCC 10K. It was fun. We walked most of it. Finished in 1:25. Saw Paula Radcliffe on stage accepting her award. Woo!

And look at the pictures I posted last night. I just went through all the pics on my computer that we’ve taken since George got his digital camera, so there’s no rhyme or reason to what I picked, though they should be in chronological order.

Money money money!

Okay, people, getting down to the wire here. I’ve only raised $20 of
the $100 necessary. But since time is getting close, I’m just going to
have you send your donation to the American Heart Association directly
to my mom. Unless you want to Paypal it to me and I’ll include it in
the check I’m writing.

So email me at and I’ll tell you where to send your
check made out to the American Heart Association. Do it for anyone you
know who has had heart problems or a heart attack. And if you don’t
know anyone, do it for my dad.

(Come on, there has got to be some people out there who will be moved
by that kind of emotional manipulation. Now get out your checkbook!)


Am now taking a break from the cooking of the Easter feast. Actually, I picked really easy dishes to make, so it’s no big deal. The ham’s in the oven heating up and this morning I made the corn casserole. (Not point-friendly, btw. Ingredients include sour cream and a stick of butter. Mmmm. Okay, I used light sour cream, as if that makes a difference.) Now I’m just waiting a bit until the ham’s ready to be glazed.

Families should be here within the hour. I got the moms presents, aren’t I a good daughter/soon-to-be-daughter-in-law? Oh wait, that should read “we” got them presents. Uh, yeah, right.

And I’m pleased to announce that finally, after two years of Easter basket-making for George, I got an Easter basket from him! Filled with my favorite candy (so good yet so bad): Smarties, Reese’s peanut butter eggs and Smuckers jelly beans. Hey, I put the jelly beans in a candy dish. And hid the rest.

First House-iversary!

Today is our first house-iversary! One year ago, we closed on our house.

Little house, we love you. I’m sorry we haven’t fixed you up as much as we promised we would, but we will. You’ll get those shelves in the library so you don’t have to live with yucky mis-matching particleboard bookcases anymore. One day, I promise. Soon, I hope.

And we’re going to paint your stairs and put up a bannister so my cousin Max and our friends’ children can visit you and climb your stairs safely. Heck, one of these days, we may even get around to mopping your floors!

But for now, thanks for keeping us warm or cool, depending on the season, and for not flooding during torrential rainstorms or for falling over during high winds.

Yay little house!

-1.6 lbs

Alright, 1.6 lost! Not bad, not bad. Within spitting distance of lowest weight. Two steps forward, one step back. This week is my two steps forward, let’s hope next week is a few more steps forward, instead of continuing the pattern of gaining after a good week. I’m pretty confident. Continue going to the gym, plus Regan and I are doing the Crescent City Classic this weekend and I’m going to cook healthy stuff for Easter dinner. And my boss is having a crawfish boil on (Good) Friday, which is very low in points. Woo!


If today were weigh in day, I’d be at a New Lowest Weight Ever. That is very exciting.

I think maybe it’d also be the day I drop down to 22 points a day, instead of 24. That, however, is very frightening.

I suppose it’d be more frightening if I were as fastidious at counting points as I was six months ago. Alas. I think I’m going to have to get better at it. After all, Hershey’s kisses aren’t really zero points. And yes, points do count on weekends. (So I think we can attribute the current weight loss to the gym – can you even imagine how well I’d do if I – gasp! – counted points and exercised? Amazing. Well, don’t want to drop the weight too fast. Ha!

Last night went to look at a house with Regan and Jeff. It was so cute I wanted to move in right then. George is lucky this house wasn’t for sale when we were looking – it’s about 800 square feet smaller than our house. But it’s so cute, so cozy, a perfect little cottage. With an adorable little back garden. If it were in England, it’d be the cottage of my dreams. Except even at 100+ years old, it’d be about 100 years too new. And not stone. But you get the idea. I always wanted a tiny snug little ancient cottage with low ceilings. Not very practical for a 5’10” girl.

Off to work! There’s going to be an ice cream party today. Ah well, there goes the NLW! (Kidding. Will only have a dab. Yeah right.)


Stinkin’ Blogger, posting my post twice. A week apart. Lovely. Sorry about the deja vu, Mar! I’ll never let it happen again…

At home sick today. Wasn’t feeling too good when I got to work this morning so I left after a couple of hours. At least Fridays are slow.

Last night we went to the pub with Regan and Jeff (and I assure you this is not the reason I’m at home sick today, but no one will believe me, so I’ll just save my breath. Fingers. Whatever.) and ordered pizza (now that might be why) and played pub quiz. For the second time ever, we won! Well, our team came in third every round! Which is very remarkable. For the third round I even named our team “Always In Third.” Look, yet more proof that I am, indeed psychic.

This weekend should be somewhat relaxing. Our only plans are to go to a birthday party for some friends tomorrow. It’s a costume party. I’m going to be the Charlotte York to Polly’s Carrie Bradshaw. Yes, I realize I may not be as dainty as Charlotte York, but I’m just as brunette, and that’s as good as it’s gonna get.

Off to watch more daytime TV now!


Feh. Gained a pound. Oh well. Still, a net loss over the past two weigh ins. And I have a new (secret) number that I will not allow myself to go over any more. It’s .4 lbs over what I am now, so I’m going to have to be extra good this week. And next, and the next, and so on and so forth, etc, ad nauseum.

But I have been working out diligently. Every other day doing weight training and yesterday (fer’instance) I did 50 minutes, thats 3.5 miles (walking and running) on the treadmill. 450 calories burned. Not too shabby. I have a new way of keeping motivated on the treadmill. One song I walk, one song I run. After about halfway through, I change it to one song walk, two songs run. It makes the time go by.

I read in the paper this morning that Paula Radcliffe, the English runner who is really really fast (as in she holds the world records in lots of things) is supposed to do the Crescent City Classic this year. Like me. In 2002 we did our first marathon together in London. Well, okay, I finished almost four hours and 40,000 people after her. But I do feel a bit of a kinship with her. (Writing it down makes it seem retarded, but I can’t help it.) Anyway, now I’m sort of wishing I hadn’t signed up to run the Classic, but instead could be at the end watching her set a new world’s record. Ah well. Maybe I’ll win this time.


So George and I walk into the pub on Friday night, before heading across the river for dinner. I see a girl sitting at the bar. She looks at me. I look at her. We recognize each other. But neither of us believes what we are seeing.

Yes, indeed, time for another installment of “It’s a Small World.” Now, I could play the game and make my high school friends guess who I saw (for it was, indeed, a good friend from Louisiana School) but I’ll just say. It was Gretchen Galliano, my very good friend who I haven’t seen in five or six years. She is all smart and went away for med school (this I knew – which is why I never expected to see her again) but now she’s back, doing her residency here. It’s all very very exciting. She was with a friend and his mom and so we all hung out for a while and caught up (well, okay, Gretchen and I caught up.)

That was really great. Yay! Love that.

Saturday was trip to visit dress. It didn’t last very long, just long enough to figure out that my uber-dreamy veil matches very well. Yay! We didn’t make tea, either, but next time…

That night I went out for my friend Jen’s birthday. Mmm. Dinner and then onto Pat O’s for hurricanes. Mmm. Hurricanes. After that we went to this extremely cheesy bar and I sobered up.
Terry and I walked two of the girls who couldn’t hold their liquor back to the ferry. It was amusing.

Sunday was relaxing. Breakfast at the coffee shop (I love our new Sunday morning ritual) and then I just lazed around at home all day. Well, not exactly. We hung two shelves that have been
gathering dust in a corner (and realized that we’re not the handiest people around) and I helped two friends with graphic design stuff. But I hardly left the house, so it was relaxing nevertheless.

Now I’m hungry. Is it lunchtime yet? I think it is!


Am feeling a bit blah. Not sure why, as I got my dreamy veil in the mail yesterday and tomorrow I’m going to try it on with my dress. And have tea. And meet with a photographer. Can’t argue with that bunch o’ fun stuff. And tonight George and I are going out to dinner. And I’m going to eat raw oysters. Mmmm. Now I’m happy!

I went to the gym every day this week so today is my day off. Am v proud of myself, must be careful not to burn out. Am going tomorrow morning, though, before trip to Covington. Must prepare myself for scones and tea. And then Italian and many drinks tomorrow night for a friend’s birthday party. Yay!