So yeah, that plateau that I had supposedly found the edge off, and jumped off? Yeah. Climbed right back on that one. (Hey, if you’re going to use the word “plateau”, you have to continue with the mountainous-terrain metaphor.)

Anyway, I’m not very pleased, and my goal of, well, reaching my goal by August is feeling more and more out of reach. So I have to recommit. I have been going to the gym, but maybe not every single day like I was in the beginning. Well, this week there’s a contest where if you go every weekday, you get a $5 off coupon off a service. Piddling, maybe, but my goal is to get that coupon and use it towards a massage.

I must reach my goal by August! Yes, it will be difficult, but with summer coming up, maybe I will be more inspired. I just need to find someplace to go swimming so I’ll have to get a bathing suit so I’ll be really inspired. Nothing is more inspiring than buying a bathing suit.


Last night, for our third anniversary, we went to Jacque-Imo’s for dinner. My very favorite restaurant. Oh, so so so good.

Let’s recap: First up, the corn muffins. Holy cow. Then the appetizer was fried grits (in a cake form) with some kind of yummy mushroom sauce and some kind of meat. It was dark. Who knows, it was v tasty. Then the yummy spinach salad with a fried oyster on top (and I got George’s since he hates oysters.) For an entree, George had their famous fried chicken and I had an eggplant pirogue (only in south Louisiana…do they have eggplant canoes in other parts of the country?) with seafood and some yummy (and v fattening) cream sauce. And finally, creme brulee for dessert.

It’s a good thing points don’t count on special occasions. (Yeah, I say that now, and then when I gain for the THIRD WEEK IN A ROW tomorrow, we can revisit that notion.)

three years ago…

what was I doing? Probably not getting any work done. Was too nervous. Thinking about what I was going to wear. Wondering what we were going to do. Wondering if I’d like this boy. Wondering if he’d like me.

I guess he did.

And because of that date I went on three years ago, this weekend I had plenty of wedding stuff to do. Went to see my dress and to pick out a dress for my junior bridesmaid. (My highly intelligent and spunky ten year old cousin Madeline.) Took engagement pictures on Sunday. Browsed wedding bands with Regan that afternoon. (Found one I want v badly. Hope George agrees. If not, it’s okay. Of course it’s just symbolic. Can I help it if I want my symbol to be an antique openwork flower-and-vine diamond studded band? Really it’s not as expensive as it sounds.)

Am excited about my date tonight. Dinner but I don’t know where.


Why am I writing when I have nothing to say? Honestly, there’s nothing very interesting going on right now. Tonight I’m babysitting my cousin Max. Tomorrow I’m going to Covington and hopefully am going to have tea with my two friends. (Haven’t heard about reservations yet.) Okay, okay, I um suppose we might um go and um see my um dress again. Okay, okay, that might be the real reason we’re going. Alright. But one of the girls I’m going with is getting married next year and she hasn’t tried on dresses yet! But again, another excuse. Also I could order my shoes. Okay, I’m obsessed with my dress. It’s insane. Also the most expensive item of clothing I’m ever likely to own, so I think the more I put it on, the better. Lower cost-per-wear? Maybe?

After that I’m going to meet my cousin Karye and her little girl Madelyn (whose name I am probably spelling wrong but I can’t seem to remember how to spell it) at a different bridal store so Madelyn can try on junior bridesmaid dresses. I’m excited about that because I haven’t seen her since Jenny’s wedding and she is really the funniest little girl ever. Very smart.

Sunday, I’m embarrassed to say, George and I are taking engagement pictures. I can’t even think about it without blushing, so more than likely I’ll have red cheeks in all of the pictures. Ah well. Save on makeup.

April 20, 2005

Um, maybe you’ve noticed that I haven’t updated my stats in a couple of weeks. Yeah. I’m not mentally ready to do that. It ain’t pretty. So let’s just hold off, shall we? Thank you.

I’ve decided to go Zen on the guest list – go with the flow, don’t fight it, all that.

My aunt emailed me last night and said she’s going to host a tea party for me. Very exciting. I love tea. Yay! Tea! And presents! Tea and presents! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Yesterday I got our cake toppers in the mail. Bought bouquet ribbon on Monday. Me thinks I am micro-managing the details that my (married) friend Emily insists I will not remember in five years. I am trying to step away. Bouquet ribbon? Seriously? Ah well, it’s harmless.

Here’s a picture of my new garden. Still alive!


Guestlists are hell. Last night George and I struggled with it, and the only solution is to start alienating people and to stop making new friends. (I know, that makes it sound like we are so magnetic that we can’t help but make friends wherever we go, but seriously, in the last few months, it’s been a problem. Ha ha.)

It’s really difficult – how do you only invite some people from work? How do you not invite people you see fairly often but maybe you aren’t that close to? (They usually expect to be invited.) I think the main thing is that my family is MASSIVE. Very large. Can’t help that. Can’t not invite family – and I want to invite them all. And then there’s our wonderful neighborhood – we have so many good friends there, and it’s where we met and where we fell in love and so many people were there for all of it. So how do we exclude some of them?

And it’s my own fault for remaining friends with people from high school and college and past jobs. And also for talking incessantly about the wedding.

Oy. Not pretty. Not asking for sympathy, not asking for anyone to say “don’t invite me.” Just venting.

Well, aside from the great Guest List Massacre, the weekend was lovely. The weather was perfect. I planted a garden on Saturday morning (will post pictures later) and then we went to a barbecue at a friend’s house. We ate good food, drank gallons of beer, and talked and talked and talked. It was just a fantastic day.

Of course, the aforementioned gallons of beer made yesterday somewhat painful, but not unbearable. Watched another new Dr. Who episode. Of course. Sunday tradition. Which brings us to the GLM of 2005, which I don’t want to discuss any longer.

Last night…

…I watched fireworks from the bathroom window while I brushed my teeth. I love my house.

I also washed my car yesterday. It’s white! Not gray! Who knew?

I also banished the color gray from somewhere else yesterday. My hair. Now it is medium brown. I highly recommend putting extra conditioner in your hair, braiding it (one braid) and then going to sleep. You will wake up with uber-soft hair. Make sure you wash it or it will be uber-greasy. Not attractive.

I’m working on getting more rooms blocked for wedding guests. Makes me feel very efficient. I am like a machine, wedding-wise.

Tuna sandwiches and lay’s potato chips are my new favorite lunch. Not as high in points as you might think. Delish.

I don’t recommend reading this book. At least not while you’re eating. Or hungry. Unless you’re on a diet.

I got some wedding stuff accomplished today. Partially. Set up another room block at the Hilton on the river. So people can stay there if they wish. It’s one of the less-exciting things I’ve done, true.

Today makes five months since we got engaged. Really, time does go by faster that I thought it would. I still think the next seven months (really, if we’re going to be technical, six months and twenty-nine days) will crawl. I’m trying to save things to do for later. Like get toasting flutes. Who cares about toasting flutes? Well, it’s important to have goals. And toasting flutes are just one example of that goal.

I do, however, recommend that you read this. Just ’cause.

Weekend o’ weddings

So I’ve been lacking in the posting department lately. So I’ll try to make this one a doozy. Let’s seee…..

First, let me say how much I enjoy hearing NPR radio personalities say “Wu-tang Clan”. Twice in the past month or so, I have heard interviews on NPR with some rapper from said group and I can’t tell you how much it tickles me to hear Terry Gross from Fresh Air or Steve Inskeep from Morning Edition quote rap lyrics and get all street with The Rza. (Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m as white as they are. I’d sound just as ridiculous. But I’m not on the radio.)

Weddings….Friday night was my hairdresser Catherine’s wedding in Baton Rouge. It was lovely. Her dress was gorgeous. Oy. Stunning. We’re about the same size (or close enough) and she offered to let me borrow it. What a temptation…but I do love my dress too. More. So I won’t be taking her up on that. But I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. The reception was fun, too, considering a) George hates going to weddings so was a bit grumpy (not too bad though) and b) we hardly knew anyone and c) we had to drive back to New Orleans, exhausted, afterwards. And before you think that you have to invite your hairdresser to your wedding (and vice-versa), Catherine has been cutting my hair for almost ten years and she’s more like a friend now.

On Saturday afternoon, Regan and I went to check out bridesmaids dresses at this crazy-busy bridal store in Metairie. Afterwards, we went to the mall and I splurged on a cashmere-silk pink cardigan from Banana Republic. I have been wanting one to wear over my dress, in case it gets chilly (wedding dress, that is) and this one was too gorgeous to pass up. And I’m about to get paid for a website I just worked on, so I could afford it. I can’t wait to go visit my dress again and try the sweater on over the dress.

That evening, I went to another wedding, of Richie and Allee, a couple that lives in our neighborhood. It was a very nice wedding and the food was delish. Went with some other pub people and I wore my new sweater. Was careful to only drink clear liquids, but fortunately I didn’t spill.

Last night George and I went to see Fever Pitch. I loved it. (Even though the original British version, starring Colin Firth holds a special place in my heart.) Poor George, though. I am always dragging him to romantic comedies. To be fair, though, I did watch the third episode of the new Doctor Who with him before the movie. So it was a fair trade.

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Sheesh. You’d think it was the hardest thing in the world to type “/blog” with the amount of complaints I’ve been getting. tee hee. Okay, sorry I will try to remember to fix the link. Have to do it at home.

Big fancy bridal show tonight. I wanna win stuff! I like winning. I also want free samples. And a goody bag. All of the fun stuff that goes with big shows like this. I want a big sticker that says “BRIDE”. I want a pink carnation. Something. Anything.

I am sorry, too, if I have opened up a small can of worms by mentioning that there is a NEW SEASON OF DOCTOR WHO, to those of you reading who have nerdy, sci-fi-obsessed significant others. (I apologize specifically to my sister’s brother-in-law’s girlfriend. I truly am sorry. Make sure he doesn’t read this or any British media.
Otherwise you’re screwed.)

Actually, it isn’t as bad as the others. It’s more modern, the Doctor is kinda sexy, and the sets don’t wobble. And the costumes aren’t made of garbage cans and toilet plungers. Not yet anyway. So you may be able to sit through 45 minutes each week of the geekiest of the geeky television shows. It’s worth it to make your geek happy.

***now an update since I’m reposting this on Friday***

Went to the bridal show last night. Didn’t win anything. As it was held in Kenner, it was attended by only the klassiest of brides. Ah well, it was fun anyway, if for no other reason than to make fun of people. It’s fun to be catty!

Am very tired this morning, though. And have to drive to Baton Rouge tonight. And back. Even though I’m looking forward to the wedding, I’m not looking forward to the drive. Will have to try to convince George to drive part of the way so I can snooooooze. zzzzzz.

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Unbelievable…down another .8! Well, maybe not completely unbelieveable. After all, I have been trying to eat better and I’ve been going to the gym nearly every day. Unfortunately I won’t be able to go Thursday or Friday but I think I’ll survive…

Weekend recap

Holy cow, it was a gorgeous weekend. The weather could not have been more beautiful. (George would disagree, but let’s leave him out of discussions of beautiful weather, lest you question why I would marry such a nut.) The garage sale was Saturday, and I made $50. Can’t complain because I also got rid of some crap. My nose is a bit red now from the sun, but I’ll survive.

Afterwards Regan and I went to a bead show (yes, a convention all about beads) and I purchased the earrings for my lovely bridesmaids. A bit soon, yes, but I got a deal I couldn’t pass up. Let’s just hope they don’t make their ears turn green. Heh heh. Only kidding!

Yesterday I went to the gym in the morning and then we had visitors in the afternoon. Friends came over to listen to music and hang out. Sounds strange, but it’s our new secret society. Don’t ask. Anyway it was fun. Then a trip to Whole Foods and then George and I watched the second new Dr. Who episode.

This week is very wedding-centric. Thursday evening is a bridal show. I’m really excited because I haven’t been to one yet and I hope we get to taste cake. Ha ha. Friday night is the wedding of a friend in Baton Rouge and Saturday evening is the wedding of a friend in New Orleans. I’ll get to do lots of research. Mustn’t forget my notepad. Only kidding…