I really wish I could write a nice long post about the incredible, amazing, wonderful day I had on Saturday, but unfortunately, I’m in North Carolina at a work conference and I have no time. Plus, I’m working on a laptop without a mouse, which drives me insane. But I promise I will post a lot, lot, lot when I get back.

All I can say is, THANK YOU everyone who was there. And everyone who wanted to be there. It was just the most amazing party. And YES, I WAS SURPRISED!! (Why does no one believe me? Tee hee!)

Here is a link to some pictures. Tee hee, fun fun fun!

(FYI, to those who don’t know…my friends and family threw us a surprise engagement party at the pub on Saturday. Actually, it was only a surprise to me, not George. But it was incredible.)


Am v. busy at work (hey, I’m v. important. Okay, not really.) but wanted to post something.

Kristina’s coming tomorrow!

Jenny and Rob are coming in too!

We’re going to visit my dress and have tea on Saturday!

We get to see Ren and Gary and Alison on Sunday!


I go to Raleigh/Durham on Monday! My cousin Molly is moving
there this weekend! (Please, Molly, I hope you can rescue me for
a little while!)

Now must go make sure we have tea reservations for Saturday…

Pam Mather

May 25, 2005

Yeesh, my weight has just been all over the place. Up 4.8 lbs last week, down 3.8 this week. Let’s just hope with Kristina’s (and Jenny’s and Ren’s) visits this weekend, and my trip to Raleigh next week (and a scale other than my home one for next week’s weigh-in) I don’t go up too much for my next weigh in. Ah well. We’ll see.

Here’s something to cheer everyone up!

Um, yeah.

Um, I would like to uh say that, well, my mom uh DOES NOT CHEAT AT SCRABBLE! Yeaaah, that’s the ticket!


My most sweetest baby pumpkin on earth!!!

Eleanor Grace Elizabeth! Born May 21 in the middle of the night. Healthy and perfect and screaming like a banshee, so I’ve heard. Right in daddy’s ear. Ha!

Here she is:

just a few seconds old!

telling her big brother Ernie a secret:

eeeep! That’s my baby niece!!!

And thanks Mike for a possible first Halloween costume?



My sister in law is in labor!!

I’m gonna be an aunt soon!!! Yay!!!!

(also, I fixed the faucet. Score!)

That’s what I get for cleaning the bathroom

So apparently when I was scrubbing the bathtub yesterday, I
broke the faucet. Sorta. The hot water won’t go off all the way.
I have visions of the house flooding. The bathtub filling with
water and crashing through the dining room ceiling. Lovely.
Anyone know a plumber?

I wish my cell phone would ring and I wish it would be my
brother or someone telling me my sister-in-law is in labor. I’m
sure she’d be happy if that happened too, especially since the
Star Wars premiere is over. I’ll bet they are a little sorry it
didn’t happen yesterday, though. How fitting would it be for my
brother’s first child to be born on the day a Star Wars movie
comes out?

Can’t wait til next weekend. Will be so exciting! Must make tea
reservations. Mustn’t forget. Also must buy white cotton gloves
as the dress shop people terrified me with stories of silk
dresses getting streaks on them from body oils from hands when
they’re tried on. Wouldn’t that be a lovely addition to my dress?


Someone’s been stealing my basil. Out of my front garden. I feel
like putting up a sign with a lot of curse words. Or a tiny
electric fence. It makes me sad every time I look at it. I was
so proud of my basil. I think I’m going to take some out of the
garden and put it in a pot on the porch. Where it will die. For
I cannot grow things on the porch. They die on the porch. Hmmm.

Last week I went to two fancy restaurants for dinner. One was on
the 41st floor of the Marriott. It had the most fantastic view
of the French Quarter and the Point. I have to take George there
for brunch one Sunday. It’s just too beautiful not to.

The other fancy restaurant was the Palace Cafe. Mmmm. I had
crabmeat cheesecake as an appetizer. Need I say more? (Also, I
needn’t say more about how bad my weigh in is going to be
tomorrow. I haven’t tracked points since last Wednesday. I
hardly saw the point after the dinners out. Also I was v. busy.)

Tonight I’m going to hopefully pick out my invitation design for
the wedding. It’s going to be very exciting. These are not your
run-of-the-mill invitations. We’re talking dreamy here, people!

Thursday George and I are going to a benefit for a redevelopment
group that a friend of ours works for. We got free tickets. That
makes me feel special. There’s going to be yummy food. I must go
to the gym beforehand.

On a week from Friday, Kristina’s coming to visit. Also my
sister and her husband. And Ren and her family. It’s going to be
a very fun weekend. On the following Monday morning, I leave for
Raleigh until the following Saturday morning. Where am I going
to weigh in? I have a feeling my scale is v. special (um, makes
me weigh a few pounds less than other scales) so I am reluctant
to use a different one. There is a YMCA right near the hotel. I
hope I am brave enough to use it. (The hotel gives out free
passes.) Otherwise I am going to gain a hundred pounds and my
guns are going to turn back into ordinary flabby arms. Poo.


My, what a lovely sign you have!

Yeah, so my friend Angela opened her cafe this week! I’ve already eaten there twice, it’s very exciting. (It’s take out only, so to be accurate, I should say I’ve eaten food from there twice.)

The end of this week at work was incredibly busy, working with some people from out of town on a conference that we’re hosting next year. It’s exciting, though, to have something different to do that involves a lot of responsibility. Who knows, maybe I will find my calling in meeting planning. Yeah, right.

Yesterday was George’s birthday. We went to the pub. Of course.

Yay for getting yelled at!

This is the best:

However, we notice that you’ve lost more than an average of 2 pounds per week over three or more weeks. This rate is too rapid — it may be unsafe or unhealthy.

While we’re proud of your achievements and pleased you’re making changes in your life, we need you to concentrate on one more thing: You should slow the pace of your weight loss to no more than 2 pounds per week. Click here to read more about the effects of rapid weight loss.

I love it when Weight Watchers yells at me for losing too much weight in one week!


I find it easier to write little blurbs than whole paragraphs,
especially on a Monday morning.

Me and mom.

Spent the weekend with my mom. Can I tell you how much I love my mom? A lot. We had fun this weekend. Went to the mall and she bought me my dream mascara! Definicils by Lancome. I’m pretty sure I wrote about it before. It is truly magical mascara.

Saturday night we watched “The Notebook”. Dear God, what an emotionally manipulative film. (i.e., I cried but was not happy about it.)

On Sunday we went to brunch. Mom, Mauro, and I. I “paid”. (i.e., my mom slipped me her credit card beforehand. How much do I hate myself for that? A lot. So don’t even try to make me feel worse.) After that, we went and saw Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. They didn’t like it that much. (I’m not saying I liked it enough to see twice, but there wasn’t much else playing.)

After the movie, I went home. On the way home I stopped at Macy’s. Found some earrings for the wedding. I am currently on an earring quest. I find it best to focus on small details like earrings this far out. Keeps me occupied.

Oh yeah, how could I forget the best find I had on the trip? GIANT SMARTIES! Holy cow, I thought I was going to be overcome with joy and faint when I saw them. I’m telling you, it really doesn’t get any better than that.

George and I have been taking care of Polly and Colin’s dog while they’re out of town. It’s good for George and me. Now George doesn’t want a dog. Thank goodness. Not that their dog isn’t the sweetest dog ever – he totally is. But we’re far too lazy for a dog.

Of course we watched the new Dr. Who last night. It wasn’t scary.

Boring boring boring

Nothing much to say. But the weather here is beautiful.

Saw Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on Wednesday. That was
highly entertaining.

Last night we had dinner with our neighbors on their new deck.
They have an adorable 18 month old son. He giggles and runs
around and says “dah” when he sees a dog.

At the gym, they upped my weights. I can barely stand it. My
arms guns are going to be so buff by the wedding, if only
I could get rid of the layer of flab on top of the muscle. Dang.

I got some earrings yesterday that I ordered off eBay. Mail is
always exciting.

I’m going to Baton Rouge tomorrow to spend Mother’s Day with my
mom. I haven’t been to Baton Rouge in aaaages. I wish I had
brought my dress to her house, so I could wear it all weekend.
Alas. It is clearly better that I did not.

I have been very good this week with WW. I’ve been writing down
every little thing, including the sour lifesavers and jolly
ranchers. (Who knew, Jolly Ranchers have 23 calories EACH? What
a caloric rip-off. I need to get some sugar-free ones.)

In three weeks, Kristina is coming to visit. We have already
started on our food grid, I fear that will not be a low-point
weekend. But that’s okay. The day she leaves to go home, I will
leave to go to Raleigh for five days. Thank goodness the hotel
gives you free passes to the YMCA so I can still work out.

There, I wrote stuff.