Okay, I get it. You people can’t handle change. That must explain the sudden lack of comments. Sigh. Don’t you know I am validated by comments? I need them to shore up my self-esteem. Tee hee, just kidding.

In approximately 52 hours, my little Ellie will be in her Aunt Pam’s arms! I can’t wait! Cannot. wait. Eeep!

Think our refrigerator has bit the dust. Maybe. Not sure. Hope not. Keep our fridge in your thoughts, please. Don’t die on us! (Although a nice new major appliance is always a treat.)

Went to my cousin Monica’s house last night to give her son Max his birthday present. It’s a talking Nemo. If you know Max, you know that he loves Nemo. I think he has a new best friend. (Not me, Nemo. Though I did make his favorite blankie.) I like to go
over there with George so he can talk to Monica’s husband Tom and realize that my entire family is not Republican. (Though I love my entire extended family, regardless of political leanings. And so does George.)

Had pizza twice yesterday. Yum. And have some for dinner tonight. Could there be a more perfect food? I don’t think so.

Got invitation mockups from the designer yesterday. I think my excitement over invitations is second only to my dress. Too bad everyone just throws them away. Sigh. (Not these – they’re going to be so incredible, people are going to frame them!)


Oooh, like the new look? I was ready for a change.

Pulled some of the grass out of the front of the house today. My hamstrings are going to hate me tomorrow.

T minus three days and counting ’til I get to see my Ellie. I should really say three days and twelve hours or something like that because in all likelihood I won’t get to see her until Saturday morning, but she’s a baby! She doesn’t go to sleep at ten o’clock at night! (Does she? Maybe she does. Will have to ask about this. I should just face facts and realize that I won’t get to hold her until Saturday. Sniff, sniff.)


A few little things to post…

This is the new cafe that my friend Angela opened with Carlos, Lindsay’s mom’s boyfriend. (It’s a small neighborhood…) So exciting to see that in the Gambit this week!


And then another picture of Ellie. With Grandma. I mean Ma-Dee. (Granny. Let’s face it. It’s gonna be Granny. “Granny, teach me how to play Scrabble!”)



Got my haircut this weekend. Finally. No more split ends!
Lovely. Boring, but lovely. Regan came with me and chopped hers
off. Much more dramatic than my trim (with layers,
thankyouverymuch.) We had lunch with my mom, that was nice. And
got our nails done. Then went to the wedding of a girl we don’t
know. Yes, we were invited.

One of my very close friends got engaged this weekend. Should I
say who it is or wait until she has told everyone? But does
anyone read this who doesn’t already know? Oh wait, my sister.
Hint: it’s not Kristina, but close. There, no names there but
anyone who cares will get it.

Made more jam yesterday. No more blueberries left!

Apparently Ellie is a mini-Me. Evan said so. Yay! Or should I
say “I’m sorry Ellie! Let’s hope you don’t get my height!”


Oooh, tonight we’re going to register at Dillard’s. Fun, fun.
It’s like shopping without having to pay. Well, except for the
part where you don’t get to take anything home, either. Hmm. So
not really like shopping at all. Does talking about this make me
seem like the greediest person alive? Well, whatever. Everyone
registers. Am I supposed to pretend like this is torture?

This weekend, Regan and I are going to Baton Rouge. I’m getting
a haircut. Finally. It’s been six months. Actually, it will have
been six months and one day, as the last haircut I had was on
Christmas Eve. That’s sad. But it’s expensive to get long hair
cut. Well, dried. Wow. Isn’t this the best entry ever? Anyway,
I’m not going for a major cut, just a few inches.

I had some of my homemade blueberry jam for breakfast this
morning. And though it was delicious, I realize now that jam on
toast is not the most filling breakfast, as I am already hungry. Hmmph.

One month old!

Happy one month (and one day) birthday Ellie!

Lost 2.2 lbs this week. Finally, a downturn!

George is v grumpy. Sheesh.


Ooh, I haven’t been very good about posting much, have I? Sorry about that. I need to have a more exciting life.

So…weekend…it was actually somewhat of a three day weekend for me, as I wasn’t feeling well on Friday and stayed home. But Saturday I was feeling better and Polly and Regan and I went blueberry picking in Mississippi. I probably have a raging case of West Nile now, but it was worth it. We got tons of berries and Polly and I made jam yesterday. I have no clue how I made jam by myself last year, it is very tricky getting extremely hot jars of jam in and out of boiling water without taking off flesh. But we managed it. Haven’t tasted any yet, will probably open a jar tomorrow for my toast. Must remember to buy bread.

Anyway, after berry picking, we went to the outlet mall in Gulfport and bought a few things. I got Ellie a really cute present, but I must keep it a surprise, in case she’s reading.
(Hey, she’s the smartest baby in the world, so it’s possible.) Polly bought some new perfume from the dumbest human on the planet. That was amusing.

And then yesterday I went to my cousin Max’s birthday party and ate way too many cupcakes. Oh, the cupcakes. So good. But it was nice to see most of my family there (aunts and uncles, anyway.)

Tonight I’m going to have dinner with Peggy and Emily, my marathon training friends. I really need to think about training for another one. After the wedding, of course. Hmmm.

June 15, 2005

You know what I love? I love that someone searched for “paula radcliffe toilet picture” in google and got my blog. Hi, “paula radcliffe toilet picture” searcher! Sorry you didn’t find any pictures of Paula Radcliffe’s toilet! (PS I added the quotes. I don’t know if anyone would really try to find that exact phrase.)

Lots of wedding stuff accomplished. Bridesmaid’s dresses, check! (Ordered. Slated for arrival by September 19. Excellent. Ooh, when they come in, the wedding will be less than two months away! Exciting!) Best woman’s dress, check! (Just like the Bridesmaids dress, but in black. No, Lindsay is not wearing a tux. Why does everyone ask me that?) Dress for the afterparty, check! Fun fun! George’s ring, check! Vintage earrings to use as shoe clips, check, check! Earrings that I hope my mom will like but I have a bad feeling about but I shall try to sneak them by her anyway? CHECK!

June 13, 2005

Fun weekend. Worked on the garden (am trying to kill grass. We have very hardy grass that will. not. die.) and then went to pick up George’s wedding band (used to belong to my dad, happily, they were able to preserve the engraving on it, after it was resized. Let me say now that my dad, all 6′ of him, had smaller fingers than George. Weird.) and then we went to the flea market (got some vintage earrings to decorate my shoes). Stopped for a Sonic Blast (hmm, why am I not losing weight?) on the way, and after the flea market went to the mall to get my necklace inspected. (My other bling that must be inspected twice a year.) Then we went to a grocery store where I bought some rum that I am now inebriated from. Can you believe I can spell inebriated after drinking approximately half a bottle of it? Ha ha. Okay, maybe not a full half of it. But close. Now I must drunk dial Kristina’s boyfriend and tell him to marry her. I think it’s only fair.


Yay! I’m going to see Coldplay in Houston in September! Yay, yay, yay!

Fresh start!


Fresh start! I have until August 27 to get my weight as low as humanly possible, and then I have to maintain. I made my appointment for my first dress fitting! And as much as I don’t want my dress to be too tight, I really don’t want it to be too loose, either. Right now, it’s too loose, so I want them to be able to take it in as much as possible on the 27th of August. So…fresh start!

I think my three pound gain over the past two weeks has a lot more to do with the Chinese dinner I had last night than actual weight gain, so next week should be good. (Even though I made good Chinese food choices, it’s still salty…)

Woo! Fresh start! Woo! tee hee. (Sorry I have nothing else exciting to say.)