Well, my sister was right. (You won’t catch me saying THAT very often.) Wedding Crashers was hilarious. George even loved it. He loved it so much he didn’t even mind that there were three little old ladies sitting behind us exclaiming at everything slightly shocking. That was entertaining in itself. I don’t think they were very shocked, either. I think they liked Vince Vaughn.

Went to pick out tuxes last night. Suddenly I can’t wait to see George in a tux. I don’t want to see him until the wedding in it. Is that traditional? I don’t know. But I want it to be a surprise, like him seeing me in my dress. However, don’t think this means I let him have a free hand in choosing tuxes. No way. He’d pick the Matrix-style tux if I left him alone. I know better than that.

This weekend should be fun. Have some fun plans.

Don’t want to say too much, but let’s just say next Thursday, you people are going to be clamoring for my autograph. Tee hee!


Little gain this week, nothing to panic about. I’ve decided if I can stay in a certain two-pound range until the wedding, I’ll be fine. Even better if I get below that, but I’m not going to stress about it. It’s just easier that way.

Last night I went to a tapas restaurant with a bunch of girl friends. I’m telling you, I’ve never eaten so little and paid so much. It was good, but the portions are tiny (of course – I do know what tapas are) and so expensive! Yikes. Well, that was an experience. Had to go eat dinner properly afterwards. I did go to a tapas restaurant in London, last time I was there, and I loved it. Will have to remember that when we go in November.

Hopefully, George and I are going to see the Wedding Crashers tonight. I’ve been dying to see it. Looks funny!

Not so sugar free

Hmmm. You may have noticed that I have made no mention of Operation Sugar Detox lately. Well, that’s because I suck at it. I fell off the wagon, big-time. This weekend I ate approximately one million Smarties, plus sour bears, margaritas, and (light!) Dulce de Leche ice cream from Haagen Daz (which, by the way, is American! Did you know that? That faux-Dutchish word is just made up!)

Anyway, I am making a valiant effort to cut back on the sugar, road trips notwithstanding. For instance, last night at Whole Foods, I DID NOT buy a box of frozen lime bars. (The next best thing to cherry bars, which I believe are no longer in existence, a fact that makes me v sad indeed, but if I’m going to try to stay away from sugar, perhaps it’s for the best.)

I am proud to say that I’ve switched to whole wheat light bread. I think that’s quite an accomplishment for me. And though I brought a peanut butter sandwich for lunch yesterday and today, I will try to stop that. (Better than buying food out, at least.)

Fun trip!

What a fun weekend! Polly, Regan and I went to Dallas to visit my friends Mar and Ket. Yes, those are their real names. To me.

We left on Friday afternoon and got to Mar’s house at around, oh, 1 am. Even though we genuinely, naively thought we’d be there by 11. Of course, traffic was horrific leaving New Orleans, so it wasn’t really our fault.

Anyway, so we get to Mar’s incredible house (it’s a gorgeous house on its own, but really, it’s her decorating sense that makes the house. Gorgeous. Her dining room table is to die for. Oh man. And her bedroom? It’s about the size of my house. Approximately.

So we go to sleep and on Saturday morning, we go to meet Kettie and her friend Brittany for brunch. Mmm. Brunch. I had pan-crepes. Those wacky Dallas restaurants, mixing pancakes with crepes! Delish. (Why they just couldn’t call them crepes is beyond me, but what do I know?)

After pan-crepes and bacon, we went to DSW. I got a pair of $80, 4″ heels for $20. Gotta love it. Not the most practical shoes, but who cares, for $20? And then onto Sam Moon, which is indescribable. A large jewelry/purse/belt/scarf store teeming with women because of the low prices. Is that a good description? No. Anyway, I got some earrings (including some faux diamond ones that match my necklace perfectly) and a shawl.

On to a fancy mall after that, where I fruitlessly searched for a “foundation garment” for the wedding. If you don’t know what it is, don’t ask. You don’t want to know. Also a stop in Sephora where we all got our eyes made up and where Kettie and Polly got suckered into buying $22 lotion. But it did make their hands feel very very soft. Okay, kidding about the suckered part, if you’re reading this, Polly and Kettie! I bought the best eyeshadow brush ever and an eyelash curler. Fascinating, eh?

So then we left the mall and visited Kettie’s house, dog, and husband. All very cute. Looked at her wedding pictures. Kettie was a beautiful bride, but the best part is her description of her hairdo. “Five minutes before walking down the aisle, I shoved it into a ponytail.” Sigh. To be so low-maintenance. Not me.

Went to dinner after that, and met up with everyone’s-friend Martha and a guy we went to high school with. Drank margaritas and ate too much food. Went back to Mar’s house and drank some wine, and then went to sleep. And then came home on Sunday.

So really we only had one day in Dallas, but it was lots of fun. I think next time I’ll fly.




Now I can watch each and every episode of Rock Star: INXS as
well as every wedding show on television! Heh heh.


Another miniscule gain. Very frustrating. So I’ve come to a decision. I’m just not going to stress about it anymore. I’m not going to concentrate on losing anymore (because, ha, see how far that’s gotten me), I’m just going to concentrate on maintaining. Whatever happens, happens. I have about six weeks until my first dress fitting, at which point I really do need to just maintain. But until then, I’m just going to pretend like it’s already happened.

My weight has been in the same small range for the past six months, and if joining a gym and working out incessantly (relatively speaking, of course) hasn’t budged that number, than nothing will for now. Who knows, maybe my body just likes this weight. Maybe my body just likes the flab around my hips. I must say, my body is not very bright. Ah well.

Watched the INXS show last night. I had no idea it comes on THREE times a week. Geez! Do they expect me to watch this all without Tivo? Impossible. I need Tivo. Desperately.


Fun times!

Yesterday I went and picked out our wedding invitations. They’re so pretty. Works of art, I tell ya. Can’t wait to get them! And then send them! Eeep!

Finished Harry Potter last night. I was sad to finish it. Just one more book! I can hardly believe it. Seems like just yesterday I was anxiously awaiting book four! (Cue wiggly lines a la seventies sitcoms or Wayne’s World…) Anyway, loved the book. Now I want to reread the whole series. At least they’re easy, fast reads.

I know I had more to say, I can’t remember now, though.

Can’t wait for trip to Dallas this weekend. Finally I get to see my friends’ cool houses! And the friends that live inside of them, of course. It’ll be fun. Road trip woooooo!


Am very sleepy this morning. Stayed up late last night reading Harry Potter. I can’t believe I was so stupid as to waste my weekend by *not* reading it. I can’t believe I went and saw a movie while HARRY POTTER REMAINED UNREAD! And now I am paying the price by being at work with the book unread. Sigh. This is not good. My productivity will be nil today, as I wait anxiously for lunchtime so I can devour a hundred pages or so (hey, I’m a fast reader AND a good pun-maker!)

But I don’t regret spending Saturday with my good friend and mama-to-be Laurie. I don’t see her often since she has been in nursing school, so it was good to spend the whole day with her. We visited my dress (so I could try on my shoes before they dye them) and had lunch and went to the mall and cooed over baby clothes.

Yesterday, George and I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I enjoyed it, but didn’t really see the point of it. The first one was trippy enough. But it was definitely entertaining.



We ended up at Jacque-Imo’s for dinner last night. My favorite restaurant! We were going to go to this place called Dick & Jenny’s that I’ve always wanted to go to, but when we got there, they were closed. For a month and a half for summer vacation. Sheesh! And we didn’t know exactly where Clancy’s was, so no SJP sighting.

I must say, it was rather disturbing that we walked into Jacque-Imo’s and there was no line. We were immediately seated. At 7 pm on a Thursday night. This is unheard of. Usually there are waits of 90+ minutes. Disturbing because there was a somewhat negative review of the restaurant in this week’s Gambit. Do people really believe it? Say it ain’t so!

Anyway, our meal was excellent, as usual. We started off with the fried grits, and then George had blackened lamb and I had mahi-mahi. All with yummy sauces involved.

And then there was dessert. Hey, I said yesterday I was going to have dessert, and boy did I. White chocolate bread pudding. Did I mention that George hates bread pudding? Yeah. So I ate all of it. (Don’t think I’m evil for ordering something I know he hates. He told me to. He didn’t want dessert.) Yes, ALL of it. (Okay, it wasn’t massive or anything, but big enough.) Mmmm. Yum. Delish.

Not many huge plans for the weekend. Except that tomorrow I’m going to hang out with my friend (and mama-to-be) Laurie, who I haven’t seen in ages. Yay!


I did it! I did it! Unless, of course, wine has sugar in it. But
George pointed out that the sugar is fermented so it’s okay.
Well, whatever. In any case, I had a heck of a lot less sugar
yesterday than most days. So that’s two days without sugar! And
I’m still alive! Miraculous.

I also got a raise. Nothing earth-shattering, but enough to blow
on two pairs of shoes. From Payless. Ha ha! But very cute shoes.
I think I should go buy another pair so I can have a spare. That
is how much I love these shoes.

Tonight George is taking me to a fancy restaurant. I hope it is
Clancy’s, because I read in the paper today that it is Sarah
Jessica Parker’s favorite restaurant here. (She is here while
filming something.) I think I will wear my new shoes tonight,
because I feel they are something Carrie Bradshaw would approve
of. (Even though they are not Manolos.)

Oooh, I got some info in the mail about tap dancing classes.
They start up again in August. I can’t wait!


Okay, gained .2 this week, but can’t really complain. I only went to the gym once this week (for various reasons that escape me now, except that it was closed on Sunday and I tried to go then.) Anyway, onward…

However, I am very pleased that I made it! A whole day without sugar! And maybe it’s because I was thinking about it a lot, but it was hard. Not so bad in the morning or early afternoon, but the later it got, the harder it got. I went to the grocery store and bought some fruit and sugar-free popsicles, but that doesn’t really help with the chocolate thing. I refuse to even consider anything as monstrous and evil as sugar-free chocolate. So I’m just going to have to learn to live without the sweet, creamy, rich taste of chocolate. At least for the next two weeks. Ohhhh…kill me now.

July 12, 2005

Ohhh, is Kettie ever in trouble! For today is:

Operation Sugar Detox, Day 1, Attempt #2.

I think Kettie will agree that she even said I could blame her for being an enabler. Here is what happened. I was verrrrry good yesterday. Ate no excess sugar. (I can’t say no sugar whatsoever because I’m sure there are bits of sugars in lots of things I
eat. But you know what I mean.)

And then Kettie and I went to dinner. (Kettie is my dear high school friend who was in town for work last night. She is also a sugar-enabler.) We went to Drago’s and I finally had their famous char-grilled oysters. (Can you say HOLY CRAP? They were so freaking good. Oh. My. God.) And then I had some fish as my entree. And THEN the waitress comes out with the dessert menu. I say no. Kettie says yes. The waitress and Kettie ridicule me for giving up sugar (in a nice way.) Kettie insists. I relent. I am v weak. The waitress brings out an ENORMOUS, seriously gigantic brownie sundae. Ah well. It was worth it. 🙂

So alas. Today is Day One. Again.