17 days. That is not that many days. But at the same time, it’s a lot of days. Hmm. I am so very profound.

I think I’ll post one little picture from my bachelorette party, for the world to see. See how innocent it all was?

Thanks to my sister for the fun “Bun-Pincher”.

Wow, I don’t have anything else to say.

This afternoon I’ve to get an eye exam so I can order more contacts.

See how exciting my life is???

My to do list is approximately 43,749 items long. Divide that by 17 days. Hmmm.

Ellie will be here in 13 days! Here’s a preview…

If your heart isn’t a puddle of goo at the bottom of your abdominal cavity (I guess that’s where it’d go) then you have no heart. I feel sorry for you.

Bachelorette party

Okay, I am now recovered enough to talk about my weekend. (Or, more accurately, recovered enough to type on a keyboard.)

Yeah, it was THAT much fun! Ahhhh, I do have the best friends in the whole world. We had such an awesome time. It wasn’t perfect because not everyone could make it but it was still awesome. The weather was perfect, Wilma was nowhere near us, the hotel we stayed at was so nice, I could go on for hoooouuuurrrs. Also, I provided much amusement for my friends and the patrons of the Florabama. Ah.

Kristina and Kristie came in on Friday and that was fun to spend time with them (sober). We even made vanilla ice cream in my new mixer and ice cream maker attachment. (This was after the baking and icing of the rude-shaped pastries, which were very tasty, thankyouverymuch.)

Anyway, now we have less than three weeks. Still waiting on some RSVPs. Ahem. Must start calling/emailing people we haven’t heard from yet…


Right now I am waiting not very patiently for Kristina and Kristie to get here. Their flights were supposed to land within minutes of each other, but Kristie’s was late. How dare Continental be late? I am v impatient! So hopefully they’ve landed by now. And picked up their luggage. And the rental car.

I could be making myself useful by cleaning up the house some more, but if it’s too clean it won’t feel like my house. Hee hee. Hey, I vacuumed. I wiped down counters, did laundry, cleaned the bathroom, changed sheets, etc etc etc etc. I even handwashed all of the million pieces of stemware we’ve had sitting on the counter for the last millenia.

When they get here, we will use my brand new Kitchenaid mixer to make cupcakes in rude shapes. Hey, it’s my bachelorette party weekend! Rude-shaped pastries is what it’s all about!

Three weeks from tomorrow. Crazy, eh?

Bridal shower

So yesterday was my big fancy exciting bridal shower. Oooh, showers are fun! There was a ton of yummy food (can you say cucumbers with some sort of yummy caviar concoction? And finger sandwiches? And cake? And finger sandwiches? I love finger sandwiches.) And there were friends and family. People I hardly ever see. And do I have to mention the presents? (How to write this entry without sounding totally greedy? Impossible.)

Anyway, we got a ton of wonderful gifts. Of course, now I will really be expected to cook. Ulp. Ha ha!

This weekend, Wilma notwithstanding, is my bachelorette party. The best part of all these pre-wedding parties are seeing my friends and spending time with them and just having everyone together in one place. I am so excited about this weekend, especially since there will be so many people coming in from out of town. So exciting!


Never have I been so happy to have gained 3.2 lbs!

But the last time I weighed in was seven weeks ago, and my eating habits went somewhat downhill since the hurricane. So to show a gain of 3.2 pounds is a triumph! Especially since I didn’t go to the gym for an entire month. (Now I belong to one here in Baton Rouge.)


And guess what is in exactly one month?!?!?


Had an interesting weekend. On Friday night, mom and I went for a tasting at the reception site. Always fun to eat party food. It’s getting so close! Hard to believe. Food’s gonna be yummy. Finger sandwiches…mmmm!

Then Regan came over, on her way to her house in New Orleans. She was going to retrieve whatever she could. Turns out not much, after flooding and the roof caving in. Sigh. Not fun. But lucky for her, the bridesmaid’s dress she’s supposed to wear for a wedding the week after ours was safe. Heh heh. Anyway, it was really good to see Regan again. It’s been way too long. When you’re used to seeing someone almost every day, it sucks when that ends abruptly. Obviously.

On Saturday, I drove to New Orleans. There was Oktoberfest in our neighborhood. It was so awesome – everyone was just hanging out in this park, drinking beer, eating yummy food, listening to a band play the Chicken Dance (oh yeah we are DEFINITELY having the Chicken Dance at the wedding. I’m really good at it.) The weather was gorgeous, it just couldn’t have been better. I saw people I hadn’t seen since the storm, and Polly and Colin were home from New York. Good stuff.

That night, the four of us (George, me, Polly and Colin) went to the French Quarter. Talk about surreal. No people around. Nowhere to park, though – the streets were full of cars. The parking lots taken over by tents and trailers, housing National Guard? Red Cross? FEMA? Someone. A few bars open here and there. A horrific stench. (Ahh, now that’s no different!) We went to see our wedding band play at the Irish pub they always play at. Once we were in the Kerry, it was like nothing had changed, really. But outside, it was just too weird.

And then, we drove around a bit. Saw parts of the city that were just black…no power yet. Weird to see. Very strange. Normally a very populous area of the city, just empty and dark.

After that, the four of us went back to our house and watched some Family Guy DVD. Very funny. I am so out of the loop on TV. Thank goodness our Tivo is still working. I should set it to record Family Guy.

On Sunday, George and I went to have lunch, then we drove around Uptown. We drove by my cousin’s house to take a picture of it for her, only to find her husband outside cleaning up some debris. They’re moving back next weekend, yay!

Anyway, that was about it. I saw a lot of the city this weekend, and it’s pretty bizarre. Especially driving by a shop we went in a few days before the storm. When we had no idea what was about to happen. No idea our lives – everyone’s lives – were about to change forever. So weird.

So now I must get ready for work. My mom is in the kitchen making a pot of soup. You have to admire someone who can wake up and immediately start chopping raw meat. I could barely make my turkey sandwich for lunch.

I hate random holidays, btw. No mail! Boo!


Zzzzzz. I am so freaking tired right now. Wearing a wedding dress for three and a half hours is HARD! And tiring. Especially if one didn’t sleep the night before. However, said wedding dress is beeeautiful and makes one feel like a dreamy princess. I think I must try to get more sleep the night before the wedding. Yes, good idea. Also must work on strengthening back muscles because of aforementioned heavy dress.

Note to non-RSVP’ing wedding guests: no cake for you! ha ha ha. Only kidding. Sorta.


I should update, eh? Let’s see, what’s going on…

I bought seven pounds of Smarties yesterday. Don’t ask why. I do have a reason, and it’s not to eat them all by myself. But believe me, I could. Easily.

Going to pick up my dress from the seamstress today. I am very scared. Please, please, please let it be okay! Why do I have a bad feeling about it?

My bridal portraits are scheduled for Thursday. The only day in the forecast with thunderstorms all over it. I hope it doesn’t rain. If it does, I’ll just take them all inside, but I don’t want to have to do that. I really can’t wait to get my hair all done. That’ll be fun.

Friday we get to go for a tasting at the reception place. Mmmm, yummy! I hope. Ha ha. No, I know it’s good, I’ve been to weddings there. Hot crab dip…oh holy cow!

And then, Regan’s coming in town. She’ll be on her way from Austin to New Orleans, but I’ve convinced her to stay in Baton Rouge on Friday night so the drive won’t be so long. Plus, there’s a curfew in New Orleans, so she’d have to be there by six in the evening anyway. So it’s a good excuse to hang out with her. Yay!

Saturday I’m going back to New Orleans. Stinky is going back home to live. I think it’ll make more than one animal happy. Stinky – room to run around the house. Mom – doesn’t have the warmest feelings towards her grand-kitty. George – he’ll have company at home now. Me – I’ll get to sleep again! No more trying to sleep through eight hours of purring. Yes, I am a bad pet-owner.

Only five weeks and four days until the wedding. Can you even believe it?


I’m home! It’s weird, but nice to be back, even if it’s only for the weekend.

Today we’re going to buy a fridge, even though we won’t get it for a few weeks. (Which is a benefit of not living here full time. No butter on my toast? Can’t do it.)