Okay, so you want the Linens ‘N’ Things story? You got it…

A coworker gave me a very generous gift card to LNT. I wanted to use it to buy a featherbed, some linen napkins for Christmas dinner, and a turkey baster to aid in the cooking of my festive bird. I was perusing the site online on December 22nd when I noticed they have “in-store pickup” available. So I ordered my three items and opted to pick them up in the store near our house.

Everything’s in stock, yay! So I eagerly await my email saying the items are ready to be picked up. Meanwhile, my gift card is charged the total for my order.

No email comes, so I go to the LNT website to track my order. Everything’s been cancelled! Oh, thanks for telling me, LNT. To add insult to injury, my gift card has not been credited back the amount of my purchase. So I call up Customer Service (what a joke) and describe what has happened. The faux-helpful woman on the other end said my card would be credited within a day or two. So I figure, I’ll just go back on Saturday to get what I wanted.

But no. The card is not credited. On Monday, I call CS again and am told there is no mention of this on my order notes. I was lied to.

It’s now Thursday, and I still can’t spend my gift card. Because of a fault with the LNT crappy website, they have taken my money and won’t give it back. Possibly for 7-10 business days. They suck. SUCK SUCK SUCK.

Whew, I almost feel better now.

UP WITH BED BATH & BEYOND! DOWN WITH LINENS ‘N’ THINGS! At least an ampersand makes sense.

December 28, 2005

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I did, my turkey was good and didn’t kill anyone. I got good loot (the massively heavy three-volume Calvin and Hobbes anthology among the gifts) and we had fun at dinner. My dressing was even better. Mmmm. Cornbread dressing. Yum.

Linens N Things will steal your money. Don’t shop there.

I cut my thumb with a new knife yesterday. They’re sharp!

Regan’s coming to visit on Friday. Or Saturday. Whatever. Yay! Visitors are fun!

I bought a new skirt yesterday for New Year’s Eve, but I hate the top I was going to wear with it. What’s a girl to do? Shop some more?

I think I’m getting a little sick. My throat was hurting this morning, but not anymore. So maybe not.

I’ll be 31 in not very long. That is kind of depressing. Here’s where the non-event birthdays really start. Blah. But that can be made up for with lots of good presents. Hint hint!

Okay, I can’t think of anything else to say. I hope that was sufficiently entertaining.


Last night I had my first episode of domesticity since married life began. I made cookies! They were quite yummy, I must say. Not too sweet, which made me feel very sophisticated.

So, tra la la, I’m making two different types of cookies, or so I think. First I make these, and then I make these, proud of myself for making two different types of cookies, when George tastes them. And asks, “are they the same?”

Well, okay, I suppose the tip-off should have been when red and green maraschino cherries (again, very sophisticated) were in both. Fine! They’re still good! (If you actually look at the recipes, you might argue that the bars have crushed M&Ms on top. But all I had were pink M&Ms left over from the wedding, and they looked repulsive with the green and red. So I left them off.)

Well, whatever. I was festive, dammit. Today I will be in search of mint chocolate chips, which I’m sure I won’t find, but I hope I will because apparently Regan made the equivalent of Christmas Cookie Crack with them.

Must finish Christmas shopping today. Must go to Linens N Things to get a featherbed because we aren’t using the heater this winter. Must go to Target to buy new Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. Oh please, I have to wean myself! Plus, now I can use the excuse that I need to help Kristina with her wedding. Oh, thank you Kristina, for getting engaged!


Oops! Sorry, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Well, I’m back in New Orleans. Working from home. Trying to straighten out the house. Not having much luck.

Bought a Christmas tree. It’s about six inches high. But real. Maybe next year it’ll be a foot tall! Hmm, this was a very wise $10 I spent. It could conceivably last forever! Of course, with my track record for plants, that’s highly unlikely. But possible.

See, I’m boring! Nothing to say.

Oooh, we went to the Saints game last weekend. Oh, yeah, that was boring too. Well, not really, but sad and pathetic. But the announcer is hilarious. I highly recommend you check out a game (I guess next year) if only to hear him talk. Good stuff.

Okay, now really, I have run out of things to say. I am trying to get together my shopping list for Christmas dinner. Carrots…cornbread mix…thyme…sage… See? Boring!


My new favorite website ever!

Today I went to the Social Security office. As of today, at least according to the SS office, my initials are now PMK. This is going to take some getting used to.

Later, I’m going to try the DMV. Of course, that means new driver’s license picture. Must remember to brush hair. At least I’ve gotten lots of practice taking pictures recently.

Is “gotten” a word? I wrote it in a thank you card last night and I think I made it up. It looks weird. I’m going over to dictionary.com.

Pittsburgh rocks.

Back from Pittsburgh. What a wonderful city! I’m ready to move there. And once George heard that there were only 57 sunny days a year there, he started packing as well. I tell ya, those people are friendly! I mean, almost scary friendly. I thought New Orleans was a friendly town, well, it’s got nothing on Pittsburgh!

Now can I say the good news? About Kristina? Does everyone know? Okay I won’t say exactly, but let’s just say she caught the bouquet, remember? Woo hoo!!!

In other news, I am officially extending an invitation to my pity party. Today’s our one month anniversary, and I’ll be in Baton Rouge. Not New Orleans. Not with George. Sigh. But the good news is, I just talked to my boss, and he’ll let me go back to New Orleans for good this week. Yay! (But I will miss living with Granny and our endless, six-hour Scrabble tournaments. Okay, there was no Scrabble, but I’ll still miss living with her.)