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Seriously, what is up with the insomnia? It’s no fun. I was exhausted last night, and yet, still tossed and turned. Argh. I think it’s my sinuses. They’re clogging. (Not like what the Riverdance people do. More like what sinks do when you have really long hair.) Anyway, this means I must start paying out the nose (ha ha, pun intended) for Walitin-D or Equate-D or Target-D or whatever. And now that they have that stupid law that keeps me from making crystal meth in my bathroom, it’s a pain just to buy it. Argh.

But this post is thusfar making me sound like I’m in a bad mood. Really, I’m not. We have king cake at work. I’m getting paid to design things (not at work.) Our wedding’s going to be featured on The Knot! I’m going to DC in a couple of days! We’re going to the Melting Pot on Friday night!

Yes, life is pretty good.

I went to the gym yesterday. Cut my knee on the stationary bike. (No, I didn’t fall off. It had a sharp bit that I scraped my knee on as I was getting on it.) It was dripping blood. What a dork. But I soldiered on, and even got on the treadmill after that. Must keep on track at the gym – I want to run (yes RUN the whole way) the Crescent City Classic in roughly ten weeks.

I keep forgetting. Also on Thursday is the two year anniversary of the date Kristina and I quit smoking. We rule. I’m sure we’ll drink a bottle of wine to celebrate.

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Man, Mondays suck. My sleep schedule is so messed up from the weekend, that I never sleep on Sunday nights. Yeah, yeah, I could get up at 6:30 am on weekends so that doesn’t happen, but I don’t think so. That’s crazy talk. Perhaps noon was a little late to sleep on Saturday, though. Haven’t done that in a while!

Saturday’s sleep-fest was due to a night out on Friday that included going to see Rites of Passage (band from wedding) in the French Quarter. And then hanging out at the pub for a little while. It was fun.

On Saturday, we went to Dillard’s to order a mattress set after a certain unnamed furniture store (okay, Kirschman’s) neglected to hold up their end of the we-buy, you-give-us-furniture bargain. Consider yourself lucky this is a family-friendly blog. So I won’t describe them exactly the way I feel about them. Argh. It actually worked out for the best….we saved about $225 by getting the same priced mattress set at Dillard’s. Because they don’t make you pay for the bed frame. I love you Dillard’s!

Yesterday I went and saw Brokeback Mountain. Finally. Why would you name a movie so that a porn name can be so easily made from it? (Ooops, must remember “family friendly.”) But seriously. Ang Lee is genius director. First Sense & Sensibility (top 5 favorite movie of mine) and now this? Genius. What range!

Also cooked a lot this weekend. Made the most incredibly delicious roasted potatoes ever on earth, along with some yummy roasted vegetables. Gimme a vegetable and I’ll roast it every time. Mmmm. Yesterday, however, I devoted the entire day (well, okay, the Crock-pot devoted the entire day) to making a Cuban-style pork and sweet potato stew. In theory it was delicious – well, in reality it was, to George, but I never remember until I’m done with these things that I a) don’t like stew and b) don’t like pork chops. I think maybe beef stew would be better. Hmmm. Anyway.


Ohhh, the pain. Last night I dropped the very very very heavy headboard on my toes. It hurt. It still hurts. Curses. I don’t think anythings broken, though. Not that it’d matter. But ow. Ow ow ow.

Today we’re supposed to be getting our new mattress set. A month after we ordered it. Argh. They said a week. Hmmph.

Tonight I’m supposed to have dinner with my dear friend Laurie. She is v v v v pregnant. I hope she doesn’t go into labor during dinner. I have a feeling she wouldn’t mind if she did. She sounds so uncomfortable – it’s a miracle people have more than one kid.

Last night we watched Project Runway. Once again, &*@#*$ Santino gets away with it. I loathe him. But I was happy with the outcome nonetheless. (Well, the winning design was frankly bizarre, but at least it wasn’t Santino’s.)

I took some Tylenol PM last night to help me sleep with my agonizing toe-pain. I don’t think it’s worn off yet. I forget I should really only take one at a time. Oops. Zzzzz.

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So I found this really cool website – – where you can make your blog into a book. And it’s cheap too. Turns out I’m pretty prolific. To have my blog from July 10, 2001 through yesterday printed in a book would run over 500 pages. Cool! I wrote a book! Who wants to buy one? Hee hee. Kidding. (Unless you really want to.)

Last night we had the most delectably delicious meal. (If you’re going to play diet police, STOP READING.)

We went to the Melting Pot, and I’ve been dying to go there ever since the one in Baton Rouge opened five or six years ago. And man, do I wish I hadn’t waited so long! Cheese….bread….scallops and shrimp and salmon….and of course (oh heaven!) chocolate fondue!!! Woah.

The best part is, I’m going next week when I visit Kristina! Woo!


Blech. The weather this weekend was so yicky that I’m having a hard time thinking of anything good about it. I mean, it was relaxing, so I can’t really complain too much.

I did get some stuff accomplished…hung a shelf in the bathroom. Repotted a plant. Planted some herbs in a pot. Um. Cooked a bit.

We tried to go see a movie on Saturday night, but we had to leave before it started because the alarm at our house was going off. Naturally, it wasn’t anything exciting, it was just a glitch. (I mean, that’s good, of course.) And it saved me from having to sit through King Kong, when all I really wanted to see was the gay cowboy movie. Hmmph.

Do you like my new blog design?

Um. Hmm.

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So, yesterday I get home from work to a gift from one of my good friends. It’s both the best and the worst gift ever. When I saw the box, I almost wept with a mixture of joy, sadness, fury, elation, disappointment, and um something else dramatic.

Oh my.

While I’ve never been, of course I’ve heard of it, read of it, dreamt of it. But never in my wildest imaginings, did I think I’d get a gift from there. Right smack in the middle of my sugarless phase of South Beach.

Anyhoo, I opened the box, and nestled in a colorful gift bag was this:

But then….

I had to hurry because George and I were going to dinner with some friends, to a little French restaurant that I love, but we rarely go to. My plan was to have mussels or a steak with some vegetables. Not exactly crepes or pommes frites, but better than nothing.

I hadn’t eaten much up to that point, and I’d been to the gym. We went to a friend’s house to meet up, and no one was ready. Forty-five minutes later, I’m starving, painfully so, grumpy, and ready to go. Finally, we’re off.

On the way to the restaurant, I’m feeling dizzy and nauseous. I hardly ever get carsick, but I guess when you have no food in you and your blood sugar has plummeted, it happens. Finally, we make it to the restaurant without me dying, but as we walk up to the door, I feel very tingly and light-headed. I’ve never fainted in my life, but I didn’t want this to be the first time. So I ask George to get me a glass of tomato juice while I sit outside.

He comes back with orange juice. Orange juice is strictly forbidden in Phase One of South Beach, being just full of sugar and not much else. But at that point, I really had no choice, so I drank it.

And thus came the great Falling Off of the Wagon.

Boy, did I fall. And it felt great! No regrets at all. I’m back on it this morning, it was just one night. But it was so worth it. Two and a half glasses of red wine. Bread. Cheese. Mussels and fries. And yes, a crepe for dessert. Filled with lemon curd. (Mmmm, Paula…am I making you jealous?)

Mmmmm….I wonder if I gained the 5.8 lbs back? Don’t care!

And yes, I had two of the tiny chocolate squares from my gift when we got home. And now it is hidden away (by George) for later. Much later.

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Ahhh, what a city I live in! Gotta love it.

Not much to say today. I went to the gym yesterday. Am sore.

Am going to visit Kristina in a couple of weeks. Must take Matron (ugh) of Honor duties v seriously and help her look at dresses. I think it’s too early to buy one yet, but there’s no law against looking! I am v envious, too. Dress shopping was my favorite part. I wonder if I can take off my wedding band and um pretend like I um need to um try on dresses too. Um. I am a bad liar, though, so maybe I should just let Kristina have her time. And Anne too, I hope she comes with us.

So many weddings! So much fun!

Big loss

Yeah! Lost 5.8 lbs this week! And boy, did I get an earful from Weight Watchers. I’m using my WW account to keep track of my weight and they freak out when you lose more than two pounds in a week. Next week, they’re going to call the diet patrol on me. Because I’m going to lose more next week! Yeah!

So on Saturday night, we went to the pub because the band that played at our wedding was playing there. And I didn’t have a drop of alcohol. I drank the delicious peach-citrus Fresca I’m so fond of and some white grape flavored water (kinda like wine, see?) and watched everyone around me get drunker and drunker. Quite amusing and not as boring as I would have thought.

Happy Birthday Paula! Welcome to the 31 club. Stupid club.

Going to the gym today. I was v bad and didn’t go last week. But this week, I’m going! I wonder what effect not eating many carbs will have on my stamina. Probably no more than not going to the gym for two months. Ha.


Did I mention that the other day my scale said I’d lost 5.2 lbs already? I love my scale.

Okay, picture!


I tried to post earlier, but alas, blogger wasn’t cooperating. Anyway. Let’s recap.

I’m starving and I’d do almost anything for some sugar. Smarties! Hot Tamales! Chocolate! Anything!

That pretty much sums up the past two and a half days.

Actually, today has been better. But last night I went to dinner with my friend Peggy. We had sushi. It is hard to fill up on sushi when you can’t eat the rice. Gets expensive.

Today is the big haircut. In less than two hours! Yay! Am excited.

No one cares about my exciting new quilt purchase. But really, it was on clearance and that, my friends, is always exciting.

Off to drink another peach fresca. Mmmm, fake sweet.

(Mind you, I will never resort to fake chocolate. Will not happen.)


Oh dear sweet heaven, help me. I might kill someone for a lousy piece of sugary goodness. Eeeeeeeeeee! Day One is hard!!! For lunch I had chicken cold cuts with low fat cheddar cheese. Must get to grocery store tonight.

I WANT SUGAR mmmmm sugary goodnessssssss!!!

Okay, here’s why I don’t want sugar…because I don’t want to look like this after my haircut on Thursday:


teeheeeeeheheheeeehee okay now I feel better.