Okay, raise your hand if you watch Project Runway. Now lower your hand if you hate Santino. Who still has your hand raised? Evil people, that’s who. Hmmph. I am v mad at the producers of PR for manipulating us like this. You know he’s going to win. I mean, why else would they have softened him up so much last night? Oh, poor Santino with his sad childhood. Personally, I think he is so mean because he’s so ugly. Okay, perhaps that was a low blow, but come on. Lots of ugly people turn out perfectly nice. Hmmph. Anyway, I just hate the idea of him winning. Jerks shouldn’t win!

On a lighter note, I’ve found the new perfect thing to listen to on my iPod while on the treadmill. It’s that NPR game show “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.” Yes, I’m a dork. But it’s more fun to listen to than Britney Spears. (But not N’Sync.) Anyway, give it a try! But only if you can giggle and work out at the same time.

Fresh start!

Fresh start! Yes, today I am making a fresh start with Weight Watchers and I’m going to lose all the post-hurricane/wedding weight and really commit myself to eating healthy, etc, etc, blah blah blah.

Mardi Gras was fun, but I’m glad it’s over. I didn’t even drink yesterday, I was so burnt out by that point. But we went to a bunch of parades from Saturday – Monday, so I definitely got my fill of everything.

I read on CNN.com this morning that Mardi Gras was smaller this year, but it absolutely did not feel that way. In fact, I’m not really sure I believe it. The crowds were insane everywhere, and all weekend long.

So what’s exciting next? Well, let’s see…besides my exciting new website (ahem), I have the Crescent City Classic 10K on April 15, we’re hosting Easter dinner the next day, a trip to Pittsburgh at the end of May, a visit to Ellie in June, Anne’s bachelorette party on the Jersey shore (woo! Jersey shore! Never been to New Jersey, but I saw it once from New York. Oh wait, I take that back, we flew into Newark. Okay anyway.), Anne’s wedding in Mexico in November (hopefully with George, if I can make enough money from aforementioned new website, since it’s our first anniversary weekend) and um well I think that’s it. Oooh, exciting year up ahead!