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Ohhh yeeeah!!!

Date-iversary #4

Boy, if you read my blog entry from four years ago today, you’d just have thought that day was an ordinary day. No mention of the date I had that night, which believe me, was very out of the ordinary. Well, I didn’t write anything about it because I didn’t know if George was reading my blog. So I was very cool about it all.

Tonight we’re going to go to the Crescent City Brewhouse for dinner, just like we did four years ago. Mmmm.

Am getting excited about tiling the countertops this weekend. I hope it doesn’t end up looking like crap. Want to go buy the tiles during my lunch break today, but I have to wait until I can bring some of the guys I work with to do the heavy lifting, and today’s not a good day. Dang. Not that I need to get them today, I just want to.


Whew! I need a weekend from this weekend. V busy.

Friday night, we went to dinner at Amy and Van’s house. Amy and Van are 2/3 of the band that played at our wedding. Amy likes frogs. A lot. Dinner was yummy.

On Saturday, I voted and then went across the river to help out at my friend Angela’s cafe’s booth at French Quarter fest. It went well, but it was very exhausting. Only four hours of work, so I feel like a bit of a wuss. But seriously, I must’ve dished out a million Barbecue Shrimp Po-boys. Mmmm. Lots of butter.

After that, it was time to start getting ready for prom! Wooo! Prom was fun. That’s all I can say about that…really, pictures tell the story better:

Sunday involved a bit of recovery from prom, plus a gym visit, some bread baking (sourdough, mmmm) and then a barbecue at a friend’s house. Lots of meat. Reminded me of the time we went to the Brazilian barbecue restaurant when I went to NYC with Kristina and Anne and Marianne. (I won’t attempt to spell the name of the restaurant here.) Anyway. Not making much sense.

Four years ago today, I was nervous. I had a date the next night. I hadn’t been on a proper date in a very long time. Who was this “George” I’d met a few nights before?


Seriously, I’m a pizza genius. I think I’ll have to open Pam’s Pizzeria to share my talent with the world. It’s just not fair otherwise.

Then again, you know how they say not to eat pizza right before you go to bed, or else you’ll have nightmares? I’m thinking George must’ve eaten his dinner late because at about 4 am, he springs up in bed, yelling about the bugs. Hee hee.

Actually, let’s not blame the pizza. Let’s blame the gift I gave him for Easter. Some violent alien-filled videogame. Tee hee. (I can laugh about it now.)

Is it Wednesday already? That’s good. Halfway through the week! Tonight is Top Chef! This weekend is prom! And I’m volunteering at French Quarter fest. (Why do I do this? I hate the music at FQF but this is the second year I’ve volunteered. Ah, it must be my kind and generous heart.)

Okay, back to being bored.

CCC 10k

Crescent City Classic (10K) was on Saturday. I kicked it’s arse! Woooo!

So I’ve done this race twice before, but it’s always been so hot that I’ve had to walk more than run. Plus, I’ve never done it alone and been able to go at my own pace. So my time has always been around 1:25. Today, I was racing alone, so I was able to go at a pace that was comfortable for me. My goal was just to finish in under 1:25. My secret, don’t tell anyone goal was 1:15, which means 12 minute miles the whole time. I’ve barely been doing 12 minute miles on the treadmill, I thought there was no way I’d be able to do 12 minute miles outside, in the heat.

Guess what my time was? Guess! Guess!

(Just kidding)

1:14:27! Yay!!! I actually maintained 12 minutes miles the whole way! (I kept up a 4:1 run:walk the whole time, so this is an average.)

Here are my splits:
Mile 1: 12:31 – this mile is spent largely running around walkers. I was actually concerned that I did it so fast! I really didn’t expect it to be my slowest mile
Mile 2: 12:01
Mile 3: 12:11
Mile 4: 11:50 (!)
Mile 5: 12:00
Mile 6: 11:39 (!!)
Mile .2: 2:11
Total: 1:14:27! Yay!

Woah. This means I ran negative splits, too! That’s amazing! (When you run the second half faster than the first.) I don’t think I’ve ever done this!


Easter dinner was a lot of fun. So much good food. Can’t wait for lunch today…leftovers! Yum!

April 12, 2006

So last night I made more bread with my fancy new cookbook. Here’s what I have to say about fancy new cookbooks. (How do you spell sticking your tongue out and spraying the fancy new cookbook with my spittle?)

It wasn’t bad bread, but it took me three days to make (well, technically two but I waited a day in the middle) and I’m pretty sure I followed the directions closely, but there was flour in the middle, where I folded the bread. It said to fold it. Hmmph. No more folding. Knead. Not fold. It was ciabatta and v tasty, don’t get me wrong. But it wasn’t three-days-in-the-making good.

On another note, I am quite proud of some invitations I designed for Kristina’s engagement party. I can’t post them here, because she hasn’t seen them yet. But they’re freaking awesome. Don’t you want to hire me to design stuff for you? Come ON people, I put down a deposit for Anne’s wedding, now I’m gonna have to pay the rest!

On another note, my sister is evil. She called me last night to say Ellie didn’t say hi. She and Rob and my mom are in LA visiting my sweetest pumpkinhead baby niece and I want to be there! Argh! But it’s okay…must calm down…I will go in late June and by that time, Ellie will have forgotten ALL about evil Aunt Jenny and all thoughts will be pushed aside in favor of lovely Aunt Pam. Yay Aunt Pam! She is the best!

Weekend recap

Soooo, who had a nice weekend? I did! I did! Let’s see, what did I do?

A little design work for a bed & breakfast around the corner. Went to visit the second cutest baby in the world. (Ellie’s number one. Always number one. But Elliot is a v close second. But I can’t put him above my niece! But really. It’s close.) Went to a wedding. Went to Baton Rouge. Got a prom dress.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a fun weekend? It really was.

I also got a food scale for my baking endeavors. Right now I have a mixture of flour, yeast, and water bubbling away and fermenting in my fridge. Actually, maybe it’s just resting. Not sure what it’s doing. But tonight I’m going to make some bread with it, by golly, and it’d better be delish. All this waiting!

The weather couldn’t have been more gorgeous. Ahhh.

This week will involve cleaning the house in preparation for Easter dinner. And buying a ham. And deciding which kind of bread I want to make. Mmm. Tough choice. Oh yeah, and Saturday is the Crescent City Classic. I think I’m all prepared for it, but I tend to forget that I’ve been training in the air conditioned comfort of my gym, and the race will be outside. Where it’s not air conditioned. Where it’ll be in the 80s, probably. Hmm.


Is there anything better than a peanut butter sandwich made with homemade bread? I dunno, ask me again after lunch, but I suspect not.


It was a very busy and exhausting weekend. But lucrative, too. Can’t complain. Friday night I stayed in to get everything ready for the garage sale. Then we got up bright ‘n’ early to get everything set up. Of course it was about 90 degrees and 3394930% humidity. Anyway, the sale was a big success for me – we netted $111. Okay, so I was unable to resist two items, but they were very good buys…a light shade for a dining room light I’ve been wanting (they retail for $50, I got it for $10) and a beautiful ’50s or ’60s retro-modern sort of IKEA-ish cabinet. Ooh, here’s a picture of said cabinet:

Nice, yes?

So after that, I was pretty wiped out. Just spent the rest of the evening relaxing. I was a bit sunburnt too.

Sunday morning we got up bright ‘n’ early again to work on the yard. I’d post pictures, because yes, I did take before and after pictures of our yard (unmown since July) but really, it’s just grass. It was long, now it’s short. Like my hair. Har. But terribly exciting to me, nonetheless.

After we were done with that, I went to visit Ren and Gary and Alison and Ren’s cousin and her husband and baby and friends and cousins and all that fun stuff. Good times. Alison and her cousin Allee are too cute. My favorite part of the evening? When Alison had angel food cake, whipped cream and strawberries in one fist, and mini beef ravioli in the other hand. And she was taking turns shoving one or the other in her mouth. Reminded me of that episode of Friends, remember the one, you know, the one where Rachel made the trifle/shepherd’s pie? Good times. Ahh, the Friends.