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Two days to Ellie! Two days! Well, really three since I won’t actually see her until Friday morning, but still. I’ll be in the same house as her on Thursday. She’ll just be sleeping.

And we’ll go swimming in her baby pool and she’ll make this face:

I can’t wait!


Okay, okay, it’s been a while since I’ve updated. It’s a combination of blah and having too much to post. So I’ll make a bunch of short little paragraphs. Yes.

Went to Baton Rouge last weekend. Hung with Dee. That was fun. We ate, we shopped, we drank, we watched movies. What more can you ask for?

Going to California next week! Aaaagh! A week from today Ellie and I will be hanging out. Just Ellie and her favorite aunt. Woo hoo!

Going to San Diego for a few days too, for work. Going to take the train there from LA and then back to LA after the convention. I’ll get about 12 more hours of Ellie time, which is a great bonus.

Also I’m excited about taking a train. It’s a two-story train, too. Fun!

There’s a 5K as part of the convention activities. I want to do it, but I don’t think it’ll work out with my hotel being as far as it is from the convention site. I guess I could go to the sessions all stinky, but I don’t think that would be highly appreciated.

Tomorrow is my second long run of marathon training. Seven miles. Not bad.

Kristina is coming next week! Ren’s moving here next week! Well, Hammond, but it’s closer than Richmond, woo!

Making some focaccia right now. Using my handy-dandy new butcher block to knead the bread on. Got it at IKEA. Love IKEA.

Design site is going well.

Got a haircut last weekend. It’s short. But now it’s ready to grooooow again. Long. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, poor sick kids who need hair.

Okay, that’s about it. Actually, it kind of was an exciting week, with the San Diego trip planning and all.

There, that wasn’t so bad.


Go buy this game. It’s more fun than you’ll know what to do with. Last night we played with Jon and Teresa while we ate pizza and partook in some adult beverages. Such good, wholesome fun!

Going to Baton Rouge this weekend. After I do my six mile “long” run on Saturday morning. I say “long” like so because this is one of the shorter long runs. Can’t wait til it gets back up to 18 mile long runs. That’s loads more fun. Ha ha!

Am finishing up a really fun project for my design site. It’s a wedding save-the-date in the shape/style of airline tickets. I even perforated the boarding pass part so people can, oh, put it on their fridge or something. I’m pretty happy with how they came out. After Anne’s passport save-the-dates, I’m like a destination wedding save the date expert.

Less than two weeks to Ellie time! Eeeeeeep! Yay!


So this weekend was a combination of fun and sad. Fun spending all day (12 hours of it) on Saturday at the pub (not drinking the whole time, don’t worry) watching the World Cup game (okay, not watching, but spending time with people who were watching) and hanging out with Polly and Colin and Jon and Teresa and other fun people. Eating lots. Breakfast, brunch, barbecue. Oooh, alliteration.

Sad yesterday, though, when P&C left. I hate when people leave. Ugh. It sucks. I know, life goes on, but it sucks. Blech. Sucky. On the bright side, we now have a place to stay in my new favorite American city, Pittsburgh! Woo! But still.

But then last night we had yummy Vietnamese for dinner and then saw Cars, which helped ease the sadness. Cars was v funny. Okay, so it’s no Toy Story or Finding Nemo, but it was still great. It may not be as great as the other Pixar films, but it’s still better than 99.9% of the crap out there. Anyway, so go see it.

Seventeen-ish days till I go see Ellie!

And, today is our seven month-iversary. Woo!

Pittsburgh recap

Sooo, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Yes. But I’ve been v busy. I am v important busy person. You may now even refer to me as “Board Member Pam.” Yes indeedy, I am that important.

So, my week in Pittsburgh (with a foray to Northern Virginia) went a bit like this:

Sunday: woke up at ungodly hour to catch 6 am flight. Met Kristina at airport (she drove in.) Went to IKEA. Checked into hotel. Walked to Pirate’s game. Got sunburned. Ate lots of food. Went back to hotel, rested. Went to dinner at Piper’s Pub, a Scottish pub that Polly and Colin recommended. Drank some beer, ate some toad-in-the-hole. Delish. Got a cab back to the hotel, hung out in hotel bar with roadie from some heavy metal band. We are cool chicks.

Monday, Memorial Day: Woke up, decided to walk to Penzey’s, the spice store I’ve been dying to visit. Me, being a Southerner, didn’t realize how big Memorial Day is up north. So the fact that EVERYTHING was closed was a bit of a shock to me. So no Penzey’s for us. After we trekked back downtown, we took the teeny subway to Station Square, a “mall” (I use the term very loosely) that was also largely closed. We ate lunch and then took the v scary incline up to Mt. Washington and admired the view and the houses. Ate some ice cream, went back to hotel, Kristina left for DC. I took a nap and then met with fellow members of conference planning committee for dinner. (Buca di Beppo…mmmm!)

Tuesday: Conference began (actually, pre-conference.) Seminars were interesting, esp the one about computer forensics. Tuesday night was the opening picnic. I got to eat another french-fry sandwich. Yum. I went to the gym that morning, did I mention?

Wednesday: Real conference beginning. Went to seminars. That night, my coworkers and I went to an outdoor mall where I shopped and then we ate dinner. Went back to hotel where we visited the hospitality suite. Fun!

Thursday: More conference. That afternoon we had the big outing. The Cathedral of Learning with the Nationality Rooms – very cool, a tour of the cathedral, and then a boat trip up and down the rivers with dinner and faux-gambling. I am now a faux-roulette expert.

Friday: last day of conference. I won a seat on the Board of Directors! V exciting. Friday night was the closing banquet. Yummy food, we had a fun table, and I won another printer! (Last year, at the closing banquet I won a photo printer. This year, a big ol’ inkjet that will come in v handy for my design jobs.) They had these ethnic dancers (Eastern European) that were highly entertaining.

Saturday: up at another god-awful hour for another early flight, this one to DC. Kristina picked me up, and we went to her house. I took a nap, we got manis/pedis, and then I started making five batches of hamburger and hot dog buns. Only I made them too small, so we ended up having a ton of rolls. Just rolls. Lots left over. Too bad I didn’t bring any home. Mmmm. Bread. I drank too much champagne punch, made a toast (before too much punch was imbibed, I think) and had lots of fun. Too much.

Sunday: got up not too early for flight home. Only one bag made it with me, not the big one. Sucky. But now everything is back safely in my hands.

Last night we went to Jacque-Imo’s for dinner with Polly and Colin and Teresa and Jon. Polly and Colin are moving to Pittsburgh on Sunday. 😦