Okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I just haven’t felt very inspired to write. Not that I haven’t been doing exciting things, but I just don’t feel like writing about any of it. Okay, so I will now.

Went to Delaware for Anne’s bachelorette party. It was fun, even though we were at the beach and it rained all day on Saturday. We were staying at a veritable mansion (seven bedrooms? five bathrooms? something like that.) and we did manage an hour or two on the beach on Friday, but Kristina sprayed me with this magical, extremely effective sunscreen, so I did not tan. Didn’t burn, either, which I’m pleased about. And since you’re not supposed to tan, I suppose it was for the best. Hmmph.

Overall, though, for a bachelorette party, it was fun. We made Anne do naughty things and that’s really what it’s all about.

Unfortunately, my sinuses were still stopped up the entire time, which resulted in little sleep and not much relaxation. After a visit to my ear, nose, and throat doctor last Monday, I’m feeling much better. On the other hand, George is sick as a dog. Argh. Will this never end?

This past weekend, I went to Baton Rouge, visited my mom, and rode in my friend Paige’s convertible Mini. Mostly with the top up, since it was, yes, raining. But we made her husband put the top down on the way home from dinner, even though it was still sprinkling. It was worth it. I want one!

I’m not going anywhere for a good long while. I’m ready to be at home. To make some more bread. To paint the dining room, perhaps? To plant the seeds we bought for the strip of dead weeds in front of the sidewalk.

And then the mad-travelling will begin again. My plans for the next, oh, eight to ten months include Baltimore, Mexico, Natchitoches (you reading this, girls?), Monterey, Las Vegas, South Carolina, and New Yaaawwwwk. And then Monterey again. And who knows what else. I’m so cosmopolitan!


Okay okay, I’ll post more. But it’s gonna be boring, so consider yourself warned.

What did I do this weekend? I already mentioned the long run. That wasn’t too bad. I mentioned we were going to a comedy show. It was okay. One of the three comedians was funny, the other two were amusing. One of the amusing ones played Skippy on Family Ties. Admittedly, I don’t really remember Skippy from Family Ties, but he did look familiar.

Oh dear. I just looked him up on IMDB. This is bad…

“…Appeared on the NBC reality show Last Comic Standing in 2006 as a contestant but failed to make it past the first round…”

Yeah. Not good. No wonder. Oh, Skippy, how far you have fallen…

But it was a fun night anyway, seeing some friends I haven’t seen in a while. And after the show, we went and got beignets. Mmmmmmmm.

Yesterday was pretty boring, too. Went to breakfast. There were lots of flies. Don’t think we’ll be frequenting that particular place again.

Going to Delaware this weekend! Fun!


Oh, I do have readers, I do! I do!

Ran today. Seven miles. Hips are a bit sore. That’s a new one for me. Ugh. Not too worried about it, though.

Going to a comedy show tonight. Hope it’s funny!

Gee, I’m boring. I’ll write more when I have exciting things to say.

July 11, 2006

Oh wow, this has to be the longest I’ve ever gone without posting. Bad Pam! Sorry about that. Wait, no one reads anymore anyway, so it’s okay. Whew.

Let’s see…Kristina came down for a day and we found her wedding dress. It’s so beautiful. Stunning. Breathtaking. It really is. No exaggeration.

Ren lives here now! Well, Hammond, which is about an hour away, but still…closer than Richmond!

Went to California. Duh. Ellie. There are not words to express Ellie. I adore her beyond all reason. She has the cutest wrist dimple where her chubby arm meets her chubby hand. It kills me. When she giggles, my heart melts. And so on and so forth. As soon as I get my pictures organized, I’ll post some. Because I cannot keep the Ellie all to myself. That would be unfair.

Right now I’m sick. Sinus infection gone awry. Hacking cough. That’s fun.

Working on some wedding albums. Now that really is fun.

Became enamored of a hair straightening iron. Really, it’s magic. I don’t hate my hair so much anymore. At least not on the days I use the iron.

Anne’s bachelorette party is the weekend after next. Can’t wait! Should be fun. Except for the bathing suit part. It’s at the beach in Delaware. My first trip to Delaware! Exciting.

Marathon training has been derailed a bit by illness and travelling. Must get back on track as soon as my lungs are empty of goo. Cross fingers.