Thank you, Kettie. There wasn’t gonna be any more posting by me until someone acknowledged the excitement of it all.

Now, what else is exciting?

Ummm…a three day weekend coming up? Saturday is Ren’s daughter’s second birthday party, and I’ll get to see Laurie and James and Elliot again! V v v exciting. Then I’m going to have dinner with my cousin Monica and her son Max! Haven’t seen them in ages, so also v exciting. Max is three now! I just hope he doesn’t freak out and cry when he sees me. This is usually what happens, because he associates me with mom and dad leaving. Not good.

Sunday will be another trip across the causeway for another party by another one of Ren’s family members. It’s an end of summer “white party” and no, it’s not racist. Yeesh. You wear white. I don’t know what I’m going to wear. Hmmm.

Monday? No plans. Relaxation is the plan. Woo!

It’s a girl!

(Or it will be in another four months or so.)

Yay Polly and Colin!

Okay, yes, I was wrong, and I don’t mind admitting it. Yay for girls!

On another note, I had another training session yesterday. I was disappointed to wake up this morning and not be sore. It really was a hard workout yesterday, and as much as it sucks to be sore, at least it means you did something.

Well, shoot me now because I hurt. Yay!

Boy or girl?

Today is so terribly exciting! Maybe I’m a little more excited than the situation warrants, but who cares! Today Polly and Colin are finding out what kind of baby they’re having. Okay, well, human, we know. But is it going to be a snakes and snails or a sugar and spice baby?!?

(My vote is for boy. Everyone else says girl. I don’t really care if I’m right or wrong. Right is good because, hey, I’m right! And I can gloat! Wrong is good because then they’re having a cute little girl, and let’s face it…girls rule! And have cuter clothes. Sorry boys.)

Today is also exciting because I have my second appointment with my personal trainer, who is evil, but in a good way. The scary part is that I have another appointment on Thursday. Not sure how I’m going to be able to exercise again when I can’t move. It’ll be a challenge, for sure. And even better…I have a fourth appointment on Sunday. Yow.

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So, last night George and I went to eat at the Palace Cafe.

We decided to go because they have a special summer menu. $25 for three courses. I had a blue cheese salad with roasted peaches and almonds and fresh blueberries. For an entree I had the most delicious pork porterhouse, whatever that means. It was paired with sweet potatoes and some other yumminess I couldn’t describe. For dessert, white chocolate bread pudding. And I ate all of it. Yeeeah!

George had some turtle soup to start (god only knows how, it was so hot outside. No way was I eating soup!), rotisserie chicken for an entree, and blueberry cobbler for dessert. All yummy.

Since our meals were so inexpensive, I had no qualms about ordering a glass of wine with dinner. When the waiter came to take our drink orders, George ordered a gin martini. Fine. I say “a glass of Chardonnay.” The waiter says, “oh, do you just want the Blahblah?” and I, assuming (because of the word “just”?!?) that this is the house wine. The house wine that is $5 a glass.

Ummm, no.

I ended up having two glasses. Of the most expensive wine on the menu.

Thirteen dollars a glass.

Thank GOD I didn’t have a third glass. Twenty six dollars is at least (at least!) three bottles of wine for me. Yes, of course wine is marked up higher in a restaurant. But I would never spend thirteen dollars a glass on wine, not when there’s perfectly good wine for $5 a glass.

In the end, we laughed. It was my own fault for not specifically ordering the house wine. Or for not looking at the wine menu. But I still think that’s pretty jerky of the wine waiter for doing that. I definitely think he thought we were tourists. Jerk. Jerky McJerkerson.

Ah well. It was good wine.

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I love Catholic holidays. I got a tan yesterday. Finally! Went swimming at Ren’s mom’s house. It was fun and wonderfully relaxing. And her mom invited me to stay for dinner. So nice.

Today’s my first session with my personal trainer. Am very excited. And nervous. A bit of both. Nervousness and excitment. And dread about the weighing part. Ew.

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Okay okay okay.

I’ve been busy, okay? When I’m not at work, I’m working on my design stuff, and I’m fortunate that there’s been a lot of it. And it’s not terribly exciting to blog about that, is it?

So let’s see. Went to the pub Friday night. Stayed waaaaay too long. Paid for that on Saturday. Slept til noon. Helped a friend with her resume. Met mom and her new friend at the pub. He took us to dinner. (Including Jon and Teresa.) Bought us champagne. (It’s nice to be buttered up, I must say.) After dinner, George and I went and got ice cream. Mmm.

Sunday I went to the gym. Got blisters on my hands from the rowing machine. I felt a bit like Mar-Mar, all rowing and stuff. Made some rolls, went to a friend’s house for a barbecue. Ate too much potato salad. (It wasn’t really potato salad. It was potatoes with cheese, bacon, capers, carmelized ONIONs, and other stuff that made it as addictive as heroin, or so I’ve heard.)

So yes, there it is. Tomorrow is a Catholic holiday. Hooray!


Let’s see, the weekend….you people want to hear about my boring weekend, fine by me.

Worked on some invitations for a friend.

Went to the pub.

Saw Devil Wears Prada (while drinking a daiquiri. Don’t you love the movie theaters here?)

Worked on some stuff for Kristina’s wedding. (Just call me Martha.)

Went to the gym.

Ummm. Oh yeah, made a loaf of bread, went to Whole Foods, cooked Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic for dinner last night. And yes, it really does. (A bit bland, though, considering.)

Power went out Saturday night, which was about the highlight of the excitement. Can you stand it?


I really suspect I need this, and I also suspect anyone reading will agree.

(It’s what’s at the top of the page. Don’t go to the bottom of the page if you’re easily offended, but then again, if you’re easily offended, don’t read my site. Not because it’s offensive, but just because that’s no fun, being easily offended.)

(I do realize now everyone‘s going to go to the bottom of the page.)