Let’s see, the weekend….you people want to hear about my boring weekend, fine by me.

Worked on some invitations for a friend.

Went to the pub.

Saw Devil Wears Prada (while drinking a daiquiri. Don’t you love the movie theaters here?)

Worked on some stuff for Kristina’s wedding. (Just call me Martha.)

Went to the gym.

Ummm. Oh yeah, made a loaf of bread, went to Whole Foods, cooked Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic for dinner last night. And yes, it really does. (A bit bland, though, considering.)

Power went out Saturday night, which was about the highlight of the excitement. Can you stand it?

9 thoughts on “08/07/06

  1. Anonymous

    AACK! Did not book Judge Porter as I thought Pam was doing it! Will book right now! We are still on for September 30th right??KETTIE


  2. Anonymous

    Judge Porter has 2 day minimum for weekend- boo.So, am calling elsewhere- anyone have any requests?Kettie


  3. pam

    no requests, whatever we can find! oooh, the lakeview. is that what it’s called? ha ha. ren can barf by the pool again!


  4. Mo

    That is so mean! Don’t make fun of sweet little Ren like that. I seem to recall someone else FREAKING out at the Lakeview because we told her that her parents (who were on their way back home to BR after seeing her get confirmed) were heading back up to Natchitoches — and would see her drunk butt any minute. I recall much screaming and also something about hiding poor Matt Couvillion in our bathroom. Oh, and I think they tore the Lakeview down, so we can’t stay there.


  5. Anonymous

    1. as i recall, i didn’t barf by the pool. i threw up on greg keaton (?)…who probably deserved it.2. aww man! i cant believe there’s a two night min at judge porter. that sucks! but i’m game for anywhere…as long as we get to go to merci beaucoup this time and have sin bars and bread pudding!


  6. jmt

    can you just give out your username and password and we can take turns updating your blog by what we think you’re up to? much more entertaining than pulling up the same page day after day after day.


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