Ohhh, I’m hungry. I think I’ll blame it on Weight Watchers, when in reality, I’m usually hungry at this time of day. (Actually, 8:50 in the morning is a bit early. So I think the WW blame is legit.)

Note: Fruity Cheerios do not make a filling breakfast. Unless I consider it a mini-meal or snack instead and not stress about it. I’m going to attempt to enjoy a banana in a little while. I really don’t like bananas, but I love the idea of them. Filling! Healthy! Portable! But yicky texture. (I do like banana bread, though.)

Last night’s Project Runway was exciting. I was on the edge of my seat. I made shish kabobs (ehhhh, not very good. I forgot the mushrooms! Duh!) and sweet potato fries (baked, of course, and I made too many for the pan, so they were mushy and not very good) for everyone. Jon and Teresa came over. Yay! Fun.

This weekend, Ren, Kettie, Maura and I are meeting up for a fun time in Natchitoches. A mini-reunion. I can’t wait! I must save my flex points for a daiquiri from Maggio’s. And bread pudding. And all the other yummy stuff we’re going to eat (and drink.)


So, okay. I went to the meeting. You happy? Actually, it wasn’t that bad. Except for the weigh in part, that is. You want to hear something awful? So mind-bendingly awful that you may self-combust?

My starting weight is one pound above my previous starting weight. Yes indeed. What that means is I have gained it all back. Plus one.


I have six months to lose it all, too. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 lbs so I don’t look like a repulsive slob in Kristina’s wedding pictures. (I’m doing it for her, you see. Not really. Kidding.)

Sooooo. Yeah.


Okay, post. (Don’t worry, Jenny, I’ll let you win this one.)

Going to WW meeting tonight. Tomorrow I’ll put up the highly-anticipated ticker.

Note to self: don’t grab the handle of a pan that just came out of a 450 degree oven. Just don’t do it. I don’t highly recommend it. In fact, quite the opposite. You will sleep with your fist curled around a bag of peas. (Also note: don’t use blueberries. They’re messier.)

Bring it on, WW!

Soooo, I know you all have been missing the fun “weight lost” ticker I used to have in the sidebar of my blog.

Thanks to my grotesque repulsiveness, I will be re-joining Weight Watchers (and going to meetings this time.) So yeah! Bring on the fun ticker!

PS I don’t really think I’m grotesquely repulsive, but I thought it had a nice ring to it.

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I am now the proud owner of two new tires and new brake pads. Isn’t it fun being an adult? Hmmph.

Going to an LSU game this weekend. Can you believe I convinced George? (Truthfully, it’s not the game I’m excited about. It’s the tailgating. And I wonder why I keep gaining weight.)

Weekend after that is a fun trip to Natchitoches with Ketty and Mar-Mar and Renny. Yay! Can’t wait to spend time with the girls. South China, here we come! And Maggio’s! And the place with the bread pudding! (Oh yeah. Merci Beaucoup.) Mmmm.

I don’t have much exciting to say. Though it is sort of exciting not to hear a grinding, groaning noise when you hit the brakes. But I suspect that is only exciting to me.

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Okay, so this has been the morning from h-e-double-hockey stick.

First, I am trying to print a copy of one of Kristina’s shower invites to send to her future mother-in-law and I realize I bought the wrong size cards for the envelopes. They’re a little small. Oh well. And then I waste some of them trying to make it print right. And then I get one looking good and the freaking ink smears. And so on and so forth. I hope she’s not too picky, Kristina’s future mother-in-law. But I know she’s very nice, so I don’t think she’ll mind a little smear on the envelope liner.

Then I go outside to go to work. Half-flat tire. George is already gone (with his magic tire-air-filler.) I get in touch with George and he reminds me of the fix-a-flat. Whew! So I fix-the-flat. Except I can’t really get the can off the tire. So I have to leave the plastic bits hanging off.

Leave. The traffic is backed up far. Very far. The farthest I’ve seen it? (Since last Friday when it took me an hour and a half to get home, about seven miles away.) So I turn back towards home, deciding to catch the next ferry. It’s only a few minutes until the next one leaves, but I have plenty of time to make it.

Oh no, the next ferry doesn’t leave in 5 minutes, it leaves in 20 minutes. Duh. So I wait and wait and wait and get on the ferry and then get to work late. Blech.

Let’s hope the day gets better from here.

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I know, time to post. I’m wondering how much longer I can continue this blog. Hmm.

Exciting things afoot, but I can’t talk about it. See, how fun is that? Not fun at all.

I made cauliflower soup last night for dinner. It was pretty good, if I may say so myself.

Last weekend was terribly exciting, what with Alison’s 2nd birthday party and the white party. But I am not inspired to write about it. I saw Monica and Max for dinner on Saturday as well. That was lovely. Max likes me, he really likes me! He came up to me and gave me a spontaneous hug while we were playing with his toys. (He’s three, by the way. Just so you know.)

We have a wedding coming up this weekend. In Mississippi. Woo!