Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, people. Now gimme some candy corn. Mmm, candy corn. I don’t think it’s Weight Watchers-approved. Dang.

In the latter part of last week, I was forced to eat many rich foods and drink many delicious adult beverages. So I’m not sure that the Weight Watchers people are going to be very happy with my weigh-in tomorrow. But I’m going to go to the morning meeting (no working on All Saint’s Day, hurrah!) so that maybe I can at least only gain seventy pounds instead of a zillion.

Mexico trip is next week! Can’t wait. Eeeeee!

Do you think I should be a blonde?


It was a pretty fun weekend, I must say. Friday was Teresa’s 30th birthday (I DIDN’T FORGET!) and she and Jon and George and I went to the French Quarter.
Started at the Carousel Bar at the Monteleone and then had dinner at the Bourbon House (mmm, oysters…seafood gumbo…more oysters….) and finally ended up at the Bombay Club for a nightcap (or two.) It was just really fun and different, which was nice.

On Saturday, George and I cleaned the house (woo clean house!) and our friends Amy and Van came over for dinner. Mmmm, steaks. Fortunately the rain cleared up just in time for us to grill. They brought over a gallon of pina coladas, and dammit, Amy and I did our best to kill it. Fortunately, we failed.

Yesterday George and I went to the French Quarter. Browsed in Tower Records (they’re closing so everything was on sale. But not very good sale.) and went to look for a part of George’s planned Halloween costume. Didn’t find it, but we did have a yummy lunch at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen. Wandered around some more, and I made him come into the jewelry store where I got my wedding band so I could get my sparkly fix for the day. I think the guy at the jewelry store thought we were slumming it, because he asked George “what size stone are you looking for?” Yeah. No, sir, we really are this poor.

Anyway, it was a nice weekend. I am feeling some guilt because we missed going to a screening of one of Evan’s films, but it was late last night (late for me, anyway) and in the scary, scary hood. I hope he doesn’t turn Ellie against me because of it.

Must work on my Halloween costume this week…it’s gonna be good, people.

Oct 18, 2006

Okay, okay, okay….I’ll post!

Had a fun weekend in Woodbridge with Kristina and Jenny and all the people who came to the shower. Shower went well, overall.

Missed my flight home on Sunday, so came home yesterday. Barely made that flight too. Yeesh.

Lost 1.8 last week! But I have a feeling I will gain it all back this week, so I’m postponing my weigh in until tomorrow, and going to the gym this afternoon. I reckon I’ll have to do sixty-seven miles on the treadmill to make up for the wine and cake and mini quiches, but it’ll be worth it.

I know, that wasn’t a very exciting post. I’m sorry.

Okay, I wrote that yesterday, but it didn’t post. Not that I’m going to write a lot more right now. Just sayin’. I did write yesterday.

I am currently exhaustedly tired. Went to the gym before work. Really, though it may seem like a good idea, it’s just a logistical nightmare. Never again.

Okay, I wrote that this morning. Went to my WW meeting…lost 1 lb! Woo hoo!


I never said, because I was embarrassed, but I gained. I gained. Only .2 lbs, which is practically the same as nothing, but still. I didn’t lose. Usually the first week is a huge loss that you never match again. And I gained. What does that mean?

So yeah. This week, I’ve been good. Very good. And on Tuesday, by golly, there’s going to be a loss. But I definitely will not eat sushi for lunch that day. I really do think that all that salt is a bad thing on the day of a weigh in. Or I like to think so.

I’m sorry (Chris) I didn’t give more detail on the girl weekend in Natchitoches. But I think it might be dull to the outsider. It was all about eating, drinking wine (oh, and daiquiris), watching Steel Magnolias, shopping, and more than anything, talktalktalktalktalk. And the cutest b&b ever. It was wonderful.

This weekend is decidedly less exciting. Painting the hallway! And hopefully the dining room. Better to get it all done at once that having to drag the supplies out again. Plus, the thought of never having to look at those eye-searing lime green walls again makes me very happy.


Duh duh dunnhhhhhh!

This evening is weigh in number two. Hopefully some progress has been made so I can change my cute little counter thing over there. If I have to make a new one with bigger numbers, I’m going to cry.

(If the number does go up, it’ll be worth it. Had the most fantastic girl’s weekend. It just involved a lot of calories. So be it.)