I never said, because I was embarrassed, but I gained. I gained. Only .2 lbs, which is practically the same as nothing, but still. I didn’t lose. Usually the first week is a huge loss that you never match again. And I gained. What does that mean?

So yeah. This week, I’ve been good. Very good. And on Tuesday, by golly, there’s going to be a loss. But I definitely will not eat sushi for lunch that day. I really do think that all that salt is a bad thing on the day of a weigh in. Or I like to think so.

I’m sorry (Chris) I didn’t give more detail on the girl weekend in Natchitoches. But I think it might be dull to the outsider. It was all about eating, drinking wine (oh, and daiquiris), watching Steel Magnolias, shopping, and more than anything, talktalktalktalktalk. And the cutest b&b ever. It was wonderful.

This weekend is decidedly less exciting. Painting the hallway! And hopefully the dining room. Better to get it all done at once that having to drag the supplies out again. Plus, the thought of never having to look at those eye-searing lime green walls again makes me very happy.

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