It was a pretty fun weekend, I must say. Friday was Teresa’s 30th birthday (I DIDN’T FORGET!) and she and Jon and George and I went to the French Quarter.
Started at the Carousel Bar at the Monteleone and then had dinner at the Bourbon House (mmm, oysters…seafood gumbo…more oysters….) and finally ended up at the Bombay Club for a nightcap (or two.) It was just really fun and different, which was nice.

On Saturday, George and I cleaned the house (woo clean house!) and our friends Amy and Van came over for dinner. Mmmm, steaks. Fortunately the rain cleared up just in time for us to grill. They brought over a gallon of pina coladas, and dammit, Amy and I did our best to kill it. Fortunately, we failed.

Yesterday George and I went to the French Quarter. Browsed in Tower Records (they’re closing so everything was on sale. But not very good sale.) and went to look for a part of George’s planned Halloween costume. Didn’t find it, but we did have a yummy lunch at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen. Wandered around some more, and I made him come into the jewelry store where I got my wedding band so I could get my sparkly fix for the day. I think the guy at the jewelry store thought we were slumming it, because he asked George “what size stone are you looking for?” Yeah. No, sir, we really are this poor.

Anyway, it was a nice weekend. I am feeling some guilt because we missed going to a screening of one of Evan’s films, but it was late last night (late for me, anyway) and in the scary, scary hood. I hope he doesn’t turn Ellie against me because of it.

Must work on my Halloween costume this week…it’s gonna be good, people.

7 thoughts on “Fun!

  1. Anonymous

    yikes! ket is walking three days starting friday. i think that is way more crazy than marathon. so now kettie is ranked more crazy than pam. congratulations pam.


  2. Anonymous

    WALKING…with various stopping points to eat. MUCH less crazy than running 26 miles. However, crazy kicks in when I CAMP OUT (in at TENT) after walking said miles. Think I need to google the closest hotel…Kettie


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