Oh my!

Do NOT make this dish unless you’re prepared to eat an entire pork tenderloin on your own. Because it is THAT GOOD.

Holy crap. Yum.

Five Spice Pork


Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I ate waaaay too much and drank waaaay too much, but it was fun. We had dinner at the pub, and everyone brought something. It might not have been the best-organized potluck ever, considering there were four turkeys and about eight pumpkin pies. But it was all so good. Too good!

And tonight, Jon and Teresa and George and I are going out for our anniversary dinner. Not sure, in retrospect, how wise it was to schedule another big meal right after yesterday’s orgy of eating, but maybe it’s best to just get it all done at once. Not sure I’m hungry yet, though. Ha ha! I’ll manage, I’m sure.

We’re going to the Bombay Club. We went there for drinks on Teresa’s birthday and had a great time. Can’t wait to eat there! And have some port. I like port. It is yum. Liquid raisins. And I don’t even like raisins!

And six days until I see my Ellie. Yay!

Fresh start needed

Yesterday I made the mistake of going back and reading the archives of my blog. It depressed me for two reasons. First, I was a much better blogger back then. I wrote long, witty, genius, brilliant, hilarious, clever entries. Now I’m lucky if my entries are longer than 100 words. Second, I was reading the entries from early 2004, when I first started Weight Watchers. I was so hardcore! I lost 3.2 lbs in a week, and that was normal! I lost 35 lbs in 6 months!

So here’s what I take from that lesson. I need to write better entries (regardless of the fact that no one comments anymore, sniff, sniff) and I need to get really hardcore with Weight Watchers.

So starting Friday (for real, come on people, you try counting points on Thanksgiving day), I’m going to be seriously hardcore. I mean, Kristina’s wedding is now a little over four months away and I look like a repulsive blob. I don’t want to do that to her.

And a happy 18-month birthday to my adorable Ellie!


Word to the wise:

Don’t do a half marathon on no training. Or, at least wear socks made of wicking material. Not cotton.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Had a fun weekend, even including the 13.1 mile death march I voluntarily participated in. Teresa and I went shopping on Saturday and got a ton of cute outfits. And yesterday after the “race” (I came in second-to-last, hurrah!) there was a barbecue at the pub. Which is always fun. And hard to feel guilty about eating after you’ve just burned 2000+ calories.

Lucky George has this week off work. Ah well, at least I don’t have to work on Friday, like some people do. Blech!


Ooooh, I want I want I want!

In addition to the Canon Digital Rebel that is currently on my wishlist, I really want one of these lightboxes from SuppliesNet.com.

How fun does that look, for taking pictures of things, and for various crafty projects? You know I love the crafty projects. I’m thinking now of the holiday cards I want to make, and oooh, since I’m not much of an artist, I could use it to trace things. And make scrapbooks out of the six bazillion photos I have sitting around.

I love crafty stuff. I can’t wait until we turn the “library” in to “Pam’s office” so I can have a cool lightbox (to go along with my fancy digital SLR camera, of course.)

November 14, 2006

Fitness Goals. Something I’ve been thinking about. Or not, since I didn’t go to the gym yesterday. (You try running on the treadmill with a huge splinter in your heel! Not easy.)

But, let’s forget the splinter. Today, splinter or no, I will be at the gym on the treadmill. I would say I use the treadmill 90% of the time for my cardio exercise. Some people say they’re boring, but I highly disagree. Elliptical trainers – those are boring. You can only do one thing on them. But with treadmills you can walk or run. You can do hills or flat. You can run a 5K. Personally, since my goals include burning lots and lots of calories, I’ll set the treadmill so that my workout burns, say, 500 calories.

Or maybe I’m training for a race and I need to run 4 miles that day. So I’ll set the treadmill for 4 miles. Or when I was training for the Baltimore half marathon (which of course I didn’t do), I would set a brutal hill program because Baltimore is v hilly (and of course New Orleans is not, so even if I wanted to run outside in August, it wouldn’t do me much good.)

So today, my goal will just be to run. If I can just get this massive chunk of wood out of my foot.


You want to know about Mexico, huh? Well, ask and you shall receive! Here are some pics…

At the donkey party!


yes, that’s george in the sun!

anne and bill, married!

view from our balcony

spent a lot of time here

george smiling (the sun had gone down)

ay yi yi yi yi!

There, I hope you have enjoyed this photographic presentation of our trip to Mexico.


We’re back from Mexico! I’ll post later with pics and a full recap, but for now I’ll just focus on one thing. The stars. There were so many stars where we were, it was incredible. How cool would it have been to have had telescopes to look through?

I guess because we were far from any big cities and on the shore, it was dark enough and the weather was clear enough that the night sky was just incredible. We saw constellations, planets, meteors and stars. Lots and lots of stars. Shooting stars, twinkling stars, the whole shebang. It would have been really cool to have seen them up close.

That makes me think that a telescope would be a great Christmas gift. I remember looking through my brother’s telescope when I was little. Pretty neat.

And speaking of seeing things up close, binoculars are always welcome too. You know how you never have them when you need them? For instance, Kristina and Mike went parasailing and from the shore, all of the parasailers looked like specks. It would have been really nice to have had binoculars in that case.

Will be back with a Mexico re-cap later!


Ohhh yeahhh! In 24 hours, I will be at the airport with George, waiting for our flight to Mexico. Wahoo! Okay, actually we’ll be waiting for our flight to Atlanta, but you know what I mean. (I’m afraid to look at a map, to find out exactly how far out of the way we’re going, to get to a place due south of us. Alas.)

Here’s to hoping they actually let me on the plane, since my passport is in my maiden name, but I unthinkingly booked the ticket in my married name. Maybe I was naive and thought I’d get a new passport by now. Yeah, right. Well, I’m bringing every piece of documentation I can think of, including wedding pictures. Kidding!

Hey, good news about the election, eh? Well, at least about the House. Yeah! I am not the most political person, but I am pretty darn happy about this. And now we just have to hope for good results on the Senate side.

Okay, that’s about as far as I go with posting political stuff.


I’m glad my sister has finally realized that it can be difficult to come up with new content every day for your blog. But she doesn’t have the legions of crazed fans that I do, so I have the extra pressure.

So yeah, she’s having her first ultrasound on Thursday. Cross your fingers that my nephew only has one head.


I have been a bit of an online shopping fiend lately. Fortunately, I’ve discovered the magic of coupon codes! Awesome. My advice is to never buy anything online without first making sure there’s a coupon code for it.

For instance, you know how I’m v crafty, right? So these Joann Crafts coupon codes are perfect for me. Oooh, ooh, and I’m a magazine addict too. So instead of sticking one of those subscription postcards in the mail, I’d go to the BestDeal Magazine page and get a coupon code for them. Neato!