Four days til Mexico! Four days til Mexico! In four days, I’ll be sipping margaritas with donkeys and my friends! Can you ask for more? I don’t think so.

Actually, I figured out the other day that for the next month or so, Thursdays will be v. exciting.

Let me demonstrate…

Thurs, Nov 9: Mexico!
Thurs, Nov 23: Thanksgiving!
Thurs, Nov 30: Go to Monterey, see ELLIE!!!

(Which is more exciting? Mexico or Ellie? Hmm. I hope Anne doesn’t read this.)

And then I’m sure there are some more exciting Thursdays after that, I just can’t think of them.


Well, you know what’s coming up….oh heck, lots of exciting stuff! Christmas and Thanksgiving, yes, but even more exciting…our anniversary! Yes indeedy. Not just our first wedding anniversary, but our second engage-aversary. Sigh. I like to reminisce. Especially that lovely moment when the box was opened and I got a first glimpse at my engagement ring. It’s kind of sad that I’ll never get another one. But surely there’s someone out there that will get one of these beauties this year…

Ahh, lovely. Who doesn’t love Engagement Rings?

George, can I have another? Pleeeeease?


Only a tiny, .6 gain this week! Miraculous considering all of the culinary debauchery that went on last week.

Right now I stink of yogurt and berries. Just splashed some bright fuschia smoothie all over my shirt. My white shirt. Within five minutes of getting to work. Pleasant. I think I was tempting fate anyway, buying a white shirt. But I’ve worn it for over five months, so I think I got a pretty good run out of it.

And now for the real excitement…George couldn’t wait to give me my anniversary present, so I got it yesterday. Introducing the newest member of our family…

(you thought it was going to be a puppy, huh?)