Sigh. I just found out Morrissey is touring again. And I won’t get to see him. It’s the saddest thing in the world.

Our creeping thyme is growing. Hard to believe, but true.

Kristina’s wedding is in eleven days. I’m leaving a week from tomorrow to go to South Carolina for it. Hard to believe, but true. I think she had the world’s longest engagement. Nah, it only felt that way.

I do wish I had more exciting things to say. But honestly, I don’t. Sorry.


Okay, post post post…

Busy, tiring weekend. Planted seeds in the front yard strip thingy. Got a little sunburn, even. That was exhausting. Took a nice long nap after that.

(See? Aren’t you regretting you even came here? I’m boring you to tears.)

Yesterday was Friendship Day. That was fun. Here are some pictures

Can you believe Kristina’s wedding is in less than three weeks? Me neither. I have less than three weeks to lose 30 pounds and get my dress altered. It’s gonna be tough. Ha!


Who wants to see pictures of the shower?

They’re here. There are also tons of pictures of Ava, Jenny’s friend Monica’s daughter. Holy cow, I wanted to take her home with me, she’s so freaking cute. And look at Charlotte the ham! And Max. They’re all so cute!