Five years!

Five years ago exactly, I was v nervous. You know what’s cute? Read my post from five years ago tomorrow.

“Late night last night, but worth it.”

Five years ago tonight, George and I had our first date. (And get your minds out of the gutter. It wasn’t that late.)

Yesterday, Polly, Colin, and Amelia left after four fun-filled days here. I mean, seriously. We were busy having fun the whole time. That Amelia. Party animal! As usual, I took a ton of pictures.

I have much excitement coming up in the next few months. Next weekend, I’m going to meet up with some girlfriends. Cinco de Mayo weekend – bring on the margaritas! I even got a new bathing suit (first one in probably six or seven years, no kidding) to wear to the pool. It has a skirt.

In one month, we’re leaving for our trip to San Francisco (for fun) and Monterey (for work and fun.) I can’t wait. And then July 1 kicks off our trip that includes so much good stuff I can barely stand it. Ellie! Emily! Morrissey! New York! Pittsburgh! Planes, trains, and maybe a rented automobile! I hope I can make it through all of the fun. We shall see.

Off to work now…


Woo hoo! The Williams are coming, the Williams are coming! They’ll be here tonight and I can’t wait to see them. Now, I don’t want to be rude and say I’m looking forward to seeing Amelia most of all, but, see, I can talk to Polly on the phone, but I can’t talk to Amelia on the phone. And Amelia, being four months old, isn’t great at replying to e-mail. So we have much to catch up on.

Nothing else terribly exciting to say, I’m sorry.


I think it’s time for Regular Reader to tell the exciting news (in the comments). Come ON! Spill it!

Went to French Quarter Fest yesterday. (And to the gym, twice! But I didn’t take pictures there.) Here are lots of pictures from yesterday. It was a gorgeous day, and thanks to the shirt i was wearing, I have a lovely farmer’s tan today. Niiiice.

Polly and Colin and Amelia are coming on Thursday. Yay! I can’t wait to see them all again. And there’s a crawfish boil on Sunday. Mmmmmm……


Wooooo hoooooooo!!!!

I get to see Morrissey in concert after all! Just not in Houston with my pals Jane and Terry. Instead, I found out today that he’s going to be in Northern Virginia at the same time we will be (for Jenny’s baby’s christening) so I get to fulfill a dream I’ve had for at least fifteen years!


Easter and CCC 10k

Sorry for the lack of posting! I’m lame. I know, I know.

Not much has been going on. Well, except for walking the Crescent City Classic last weekend with Teresa and Stephanie (and Liam in his stroller) and then hosting Easter at our house the following day for about a gajillion people. That was fun. (No, really, it was.)

See, now I accidentally just recapped every notable thing I’ve done in the past week and a half in once sentence. Oops. How ’bout if I post an Easter pic or two? Will that help?

Lotta food:

Liam is really cute:

Oh yeah, and there’s exciting news afoot from one of my regular readers, but I am not at liberty to say what it is just yet. Regular Reader, you know who you are….

Congrats Mike and Kristina!

I know I have been remiss in posting (sorry, Julie! tee hee!) and I really should go get ready for work right now, but I will leave you with this lovely photo from the wedding:

And a link to lots more.