Easter and CCC 10k

Sorry for the lack of posting! I’m lame. I know, I know.

Not much has been going on. Well, except for walking the Crescent City Classic last weekend with Teresa and Stephanie (and Liam in his stroller) and then hosting Easter at our house the following day for about a gajillion people. That was fun. (No, really, it was.)

See, now I accidentally just recapped every notable thing I’ve done in the past week and a half in once sentence. Oops. How ’bout if I post an Easter pic or two? Will that help?

Lotta food:

Liam is really cute:

Oh yeah, and there’s exciting news afoot from one of my regular readers, but I am not at liberty to say what it is just yet. Regular Reader, you know who you are….

4 thoughts on “Easter and CCC 10k

  1. Anonymous

    kettie, it appears that you have completely glossed over the amazing news that i am tanner than someone! (and that someone lives in california!). this is big! do you think i should mail kristie my copy of Powder???


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