Happy Birthday Ellie!

Okay, okay, I know, lame. I’ve been lame. I’m sorry! But I had to post today, if only to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE! 2 years old today! woo hoo!

Of course, I’d really like to be talking and sharing about Emily, but she hasn’t yet made her appearance. Soon, I hope. TODAY would be awesome, don’t you think? Fingers crossed!

Didn’t do a whole lot this weekend. We’re leaving for San Francisco and Monterey on Thursday evening, so I had some design work to catch up on. I’ve been so busy with it, it’s great! But doesn’t leave a lot of free time in the evenings and on weekends.

I did borrow Liam, our friend’s kid, to go to Teresa’s work’s family day in the French Quarter. It was fun, and MAN that kid can pack it away. Almost three, and he ate a bowl of jambalaya, half of my snowball, half a hot dog, and maybe that’s it, but he’s little, okay?

Here he is, the snowball thief:


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ellie!

  1. you know.. I WAS totally against having her today so that Ellie could have her own birthday.. but screw it.. come ON Emily!!! I am having a little pain this morning.. doc’s appt in 3.5 hours.You know Pam, you could stop borrowing kids and just have one of your own.


  2. ask your dr. to strip your membranes! (or if midwife nurse…massage your cervix…eeewh). i made it to 41 weeks. then had this procedure done, and alison popped out the very same night. ren


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