OB appointment

So, I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday. It was pretty unexciting, except that I did get to hear all three heartbeats. Woo! I still have a bit of a hard time believing that they can differentiate between three different ones, but I guess they’re the pros! And I could tell that she was pressing on different areas of my tummy when she heard each one. I shall choose to believe that yes, there were three.

I have GOT to start packing for our trip! Ack! We leave tomorrow afternoon! At least I did the laundry. I also have to finish Emily’s birth announcements. They’re cute. Of course! I can’t wait to see her. My own little Emmy to play with! I told Jenny I’d babysit on Friday for a few hours. I wonder if I can get George to change a diaper. I doubt it would be worth the effort, though, but I’m gonna try.

Monday night is the Morrissey concert. Aaaagh! I can’t wait! As long as it doesn’t get cancelled, but I am going to think positive thoughts. The concerts for the past few nights have been cancelled, but we still have a few days for him to drink hot tea and get his voice back. I can’t even think of the alternative. (I’m so dramatic.) I mean, this is the triplets’ first exposure to good music! They’re going to be Morrissey fans! I can’t wait!!! Mwah ha ha ha ha ha!!!

June 26, 2007

Man, I am a posting fool! This must be a new record. At last, I have something vaguely interesting going on in my life. Sorta an understatement, yes?

So, I had a fun and relaxing weekend. Saturday I went to visit my favorite OB that’s not my OB, Dr. Gary! And got to see the babies again. Some may say I’m obsessed. I say, finally my obsessive nature has something really good to focus on. I just have a hard time believing everything’s okay until I can see it with my own eyes.

Anyway, it was really neat. The one baby we could see clearly (because of the way it was situated) was waving its little armlets and leglets around, and it even looked like it had hiccups for a few minutes! It was funny because I’d laugh, and then you’d see it jiggling around in my belly (like a bowl full of jelly, as it were.) Anyway, we saw the other two heartbeats as well. So yay!

After that excitement, I went to meet my cousins Monica and Max (her son) to go swimming at a community pool. That was fun! I wish I had gotten there earlier, it was kind of cloudy by the time we got there. Next time! It’s almost too bad I won’t be hugely pregnant in the summer. I’ll bet the pool would be nice. All in all, though, I’m extremely glad I won’t be.

Now, regarding weight gain. I’m going to listen to my wise blog readers and not stress about it. I had a bad day on Saturday where I really didn’t eat enough and I had painful hunger pangs that would not go away. Lesson learned. I’m going to start keeping snacks in my purse. Granola bars and stuff like that. Dipped in lard. Heh. Kidding.

Wednesday’s my doctor’s appointment. I’m looking forward to asking all of my questions – when will I start seeing the Maternal-Fetal specialist? That’s my number one question. But I have lots more written down. I was just so stunned at the last appointment that there was no room for questions. This time, I’ll be prepared.

Speaking of being prepared, I’ve had a lot of people asking (already) about showers. (Especially my friends who like to shop. Heh heh.) I don’t know how it works with high-risk pregnancies like this. I don’t want to have one too soon, that just seems presumptuous. I’d like to wait until 24 weeks, at least. I don’t want to wait too long, either. What if I’m on bed rest and I can’t go to my own shower? (Someone on a message board I read had this happen to her. So sad!) It sounds petty and small, but like I said, people ask about it. So…triplet-mom-readers, what do you think?

And on the topic of “stuff”, I have to say I have the most generous friends and family. We already have three cribs promised to us, three swings, three bouncy chairs, a metric shitload of clothes, a double stroller, a breast pump (apologies to any male readers), a bassinett, and so much other stuff I can’t even remember. It’s overwhelming how much people want to help out. Yay for people!

Okay, must go…eat.

+5 lbs

Ugh. Why do I feel guilty that I’ve gained five pounds? Shouldn’t I be happy? Isn’t this my goal? I’m worried my doctor’s going to yell at me. But I have a comeback for that (he didn’t give me any nutritional guidelines, so I went out and bought the most recommended book and have been following that. So there.) I think it’s more that I’ve struggled with my weight for my entire life, so I’m used to an increase being a bad thing.

For now, I’m just going to try to keep it steady, see what happens. Funny thing is, my clothes all still fit, so I don’t exactly know where the weight is going. It’s probably all of my running muscles turning to blubber. Charming. No, wait, that doesn’t work. Muscle weighs more. Dang. Who knows, then?

And I just want to reassure my new triplet-mom (and mom-to-be) readers that I will take it very easy when it’s time. And I’m taking it easy now. I promise. 🙂 I’m a lazy slob at heart. I don’t think it’ll be hard to revert to my slothful ways. Heh. (Thank god for Netflix and the DVR, that’s all I have to say.)

I don’t have a terribly exciting weekend planned, but next weekend…yeah!!!


Well, I don’t really have much to say new today, I just wanted to post because I’m addicted to comments. So help a poor girl out and comment! Heh.

I should say HI DEBBIE that was a very cheesy comment you left, but it was sweet. Thanks. And everyone else who left sweet/cheesy comments…thanks.

Next Wednesday I go to my next doctor’s appointment. I have no idea what’s going to happen. I don’t think there’s going to be an u/s (darn) and they didn’t give me a cup to bring my pee in (yeah, nice eh? Nothing better than walking around all day with urine in your purse) but I think that may have been an oversight so I’m going to call the doctor to see if I this is a BYOU party. Also, I don’t think they can check the heart rates with a regular heart rate checker thingy, because there are so many in there (but if anyone reading this can dispute that, let me know. I could be wrong.) So I don’t know what he’s going to do. Well, except answer the eighty million questions I have.

Okay, I should talk about non-triplets stuff. How about how we’re going to Virginia in 8 days? Yippeeee! Ellie and Emmy! Yay!

I really should get ready for work now. Probably that’s best, since I’m being v boring this morning.

Weekend recap

Wow, look how good I’m being about posting in my blog!

So, I guess I’ll talk about the weekend. It was fun. After work on Friday, I drove to Mandeville to Ren and Gary’s house. Alison (their daughter, in case you didn’t know) is the cutest little girl (who is not related to me) in the whole world. She’s only 2 1/2, but she can tell me that I have three babies in my tummy. Poor mommy, though. She only has one in her tummy. She’s so deprived.

Me and the cute lil family drove to Gary’s office (he’s an ob/gyn) where Ren and I both got to see our little parasites. I won’t give away the ending to Ren’s ultrasound, but it’s very exciting (Alison got to find out if she’s having a baby sister or baby brother.) Okay, not as “exciting” as finding out there are THREE in there, but still pretty cool. I’m happy I got to be there to see.

So then I got one, and we got to see the three little grape-sized monsters in there, tiny hearts chugging away. Really, they still look like blobs. It’ll be fun when they have, you know, visible limbs.

Then I drove to Baton Rouge, where I hung out with my mom this weekend. We ate, shopped (I got as-yet-unneeded maternity clothes), and saw Shrek 3. It was fun. We also talked to Ellie on the webcam on Saturday night. I can’t wait to see her in less than two weeks! Yay!


Ugh, I’m starrrrving. This is kind of boring, this eating-all-the-time thing. I think I’ll go have a bowl of fruity pebbles. Mmmm.

Multiples and eating

Well, who knew? Turns out there is a family history of multiples in our family. Two sets, in fact. My mom’s side of the family is so huge it’s hard to keep track of.

So an exciting thing about being pregnant with triplets is that I’m supposed to eat a LOT of food. A LOT of calories. It’s a truly mind-boggling number, particularly for someone who has spent her entire life attempting (but not always succeeding) to count calories and keep the number low.

The only problem is, not all food sounds appealing to me right now. And I can’t say until I’m hungry if I’ll be in the mood for anything in particular. But I am intrigued by the promise of smoothies and Wendy’s Frosties. And Ben and Jerry’s. For some reason, sweet things always sound appealing. Figures.

Ah well, I shall sacrifice for the three little piggies so they become nice and chubby and healthy. Even if it means full fat ice cream. Heh.

Knocked up, times three

Okay! Now it’s time to find out just how many people read this blog! I’m expecting many comments of congratulations, people. Or pity. Heh heh.

I think most of you know this anyway, judging by the oh-so-clever comments left in the last post, but I’m pregnant. Whoopee doooo, believe me, this news may seem exciting now, but only for the next few seconds. Until you read that I’m pregnant with triplets.

Before I go on, let me say:

1. No, I have no family history of multiples (just lots and lots of kids; see my grandfather who had something like a dozen+ siblings)
2. No, I was not on fertility drugs
3. If you want to know how anyone reacted, ask yourself how you are reacting now. Shocked? You think I’m lying? Surprised? Stunned? Excited? Happy? That’s how everyone reacts. Except George and me. We’re still just stunned.
4. We don’t know if they’ll be identical or fraternal, or some combination.
5. We’d like to keep the sexes secret, if possible.

(Those are the answers to the top five questions we get, so I thought I’d just get it out of the way.)

I wasn’t going to post today, because I’m having dinner with my cousins Monica and Max, and Aunt Mary tonight, and if I can tell someone in person, I’d rather do that. But I’ll take the chance that Monica (and Max and Aunt Mary) is far too busy to read my silly blog.

It’s still early days, and there are no guarantees that we’ll end up with three babies down the line. I know that sounds morbid, but I’m just trying to be realistic. This is scary stuff, people. I’m terrified. So just keep us in your thoughts and prayers (if you’re so inclined) and don’t forget to contribute to the Minivan Fund! (Kidding.)

PS: This is technically proof, but it just looks like three blobs. That’s blobs 1 and 2 on top, and blob 3 on the bottom.


Woo hoo! Congratulations to Paula on her new big rock! I mean, on being engaged! Yay!

California and pictures

Aww, isn’t Emily cute? Here’s a picture that Jenny sent me a LONG ASS TIME AGO. NEED MORE PICTURES, MOMMY!!!

Who’s a bunny???

Eeeep! Isn’t she cute?

Speaking of cute…

Now, you can’t deny that I have the cutest nieces in the whole wide world. Don’t even try arguing with me! I can’t wait, less than four weeks and I get to hug them both at the same time. Woo hoo!

Also, want to apologize for lack of posting. We were in California last week for fun/work. Fun first – we went to San Francisco, and then work in Monterey. It was friggin’ COLD but we had fun. Just so dang busy!

Here we are at the Golden Gate bridge. Wearing fleece jackets. IN MAY.

Now, I promise to start posting more! Promise!

PS Paula, were you trying to say in the last entry that you have something to share with the rest of the class? Just wonderin’.