I’d like to note right now the sucky side-effects of pregnancy that I’m experiencing:

– my ankles and feet are starting to swell. Already. To the point where shoes aren’t fitting. Is it the heat? I drink a ton of water, but maybe I need to drink two tons. Suggestions?

– the lovely zits that are gracing my chest, back, and neck. Purty.

– getting winded going up a flight of stairs. Remember that marathon I did that one time? (Okay, fine, that was four years ago. How about the half-marathon I did in February with Kettie.) It’s hard to believe I was ever in that kind of cardiovascular shape. Sigh.

Okay, that’s enough bitching for now. Just wanted to document that. Yeah.

Had a fun weekend. Babysat Liam Friday night (he completely wore me out, but fortunately he was okay with running around while I laid on the couch.) Saturday I went to the French Quarter with Stephanie and Liam – most likely the last time I’ll do that much walking for a long time. My feet still hurt. But it was fun and totally worth it. And yesterday we went over to their house for a barbecue. I ate a ton of salad and some grilled meat, too, which means I think I’m getting over some of my food aversions. Both of those things were repugnant to me just a few weeks ago.

Oh yeah, one cool thing…on Saturday night, I met a triplet! A grown-up triplet! He has an identical brother and a sister, and it was pretty cool to get info from him. He was very reassuring, except for the part where he spoke of the “spectacular fights” they could get into. Sigh… ha ha!

July 24, 2007

Everyone….take a lesson from Kettie. Kettie has been showering the triplets with gifts ever since I found out about them. This is good. We like gifts. I mean, babies like gifts. First it was a big ol’ box of onesies (19!) and washclothes and swaddling blankets. Today it was three of these cute little diaper holders, in pink and brown dots. Does she know me, or what? THANK YOU KETTIE! I guess we have one name set now…Kettie.

The other name is going to have to be Amelia, after our sweet little friend in Pittsburgh. Thanks to Miss Amelia, I was able to order a bunch of maternity clothes from Old Navy. I do love maternity clothes. I can’t imagine going back to constricting waistbands ever again. Why would I do that?

But seriously, if I were going to name babies after everyone who has been so generous already, I’d need to be having a lot more than three. I have wonderful friends and family. I could get teary here, but my brother would just make fun of me for it.

PS Don’t watch Ace of Cakes (on the Food Channel) unless you have a box of cake mix in the pantry. Thank goodness I do! Mmmm, cake.

Quick post

Quick post before I’m late for work:

– got Harry Potter, read it on Saturday. V good.

– saw the triplets, all is well. Pictures!


It’s Harry Potter day! It’s Harry Potter day! (sorta)

I’m fully planning on being at Barnes & Noble, in line, buying my book, at midnight tonight. This is going to require some careful strategizing, much like Kristina and I had to do when the first movie came out. However, this time the strategizing will involve naps, whereas the last time, with the movie, it was all about hydration. And not having to get up in the middle of the movie to pee.

I really wish I could get someone to go with me tonight, but I don’t think anyone I know is that stupid. Darn.

OB appointment

I’m going to be seriously late for work at this point, but I just wanted to post real quick to say that my appointment yesterday went fine. I could have done without the 90 minutes of waiting to just have five minutes of face time with the doctor, but what can you do?

We heard three heartbeats, that’s good. The semi-bad thing is, the nurse wasn’t 100% sure what she was hearing was three babies, or if she was hearing one of them twice. Ugh. So you know what that means….off to see Dr. Gary this weekend!

I also have my first appointment with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist scheduled. That’s gonna be fun. A nice looooong ultrasound. Lots of face time with the parasites. Yay! That’s on August 7.

We saw Harry Potter last night. It was great! I loved it. Tomorrow at midnight I’m getting the new book. Hurrah!

Okay, must get ready for work now…


Not much exciting to say, really. I do have a doctor’s appointment this morning, but it won’t be very eventful. The only fun part is hearing the heartbeats. Fingers crossed that they can hear all three today!

You know what isn’t fun? Finding ants in your cereal box. After you ate it for the previous four mornings. I know those little shits were in there before, too. I wonder how many I ate. Ah well, they’re tiny, and I need all the protein I can get. Ya can’t blame them for lovin’ the Froot Loops, you just can’t.

This weekend, we got crib number one! Woo! Of course it’s not put together yet, but I do want to do that soon, if only so I’ll have a place to put all the baby stuff together. I also got some cute boys clothes and a mobile and a jogging stroller which is very fun. Fun to contemplate exercising again one day. Yeah right. I’m taking to not exercising too well, I think.

Tonight, George and I are going to see Harry Potter. Hurrah! And then on Friday night, if I can possibly stay awake that long, I’m going to get the new book at midnight. I’m going to have to take a nap after work or something. I’m determined!


Okay, okay, I’ll stop complaining about my comments. I promise! I have lots of good readers who probably have more to do than comment on my silly entries. I forget sometimes that other people are actually busy during the day. πŸ˜› I should do as Karen suggests and just check my stats. Then I might realize I have nothing to complain about. πŸ˜€

Alright, enough groveling.

George and I went to my cousin Monica’s house to pick up a crib and other items. Max is in a twin bed, very grown up, and since they’re moving, she offered it to me. Score! One down, two to go. And the other two have been promised to us, which is exciting. Monica told max (who is four) that I have three babies in my tummy, to which he asked, “why did you eat them?”

Hee hee hee! Love that Max! He was thoroughly confused, but I figured I’d leave the birds ‘n’ bees talk to his parents.

I also went shopping this morning, and got a baby name book (it’s hard when your husband only suggests names like Anakin and Spock – I want original, but not THAT original.) I did, however, agree on a girl’s name that comes from his favorite sci-fi show. It’s pretty normal. Anyway, I also got a body pillow. Mmm, snuggly.

Tomorrow is little Liam’s third birthday party. He’s been with his Grandma for the past three weeks, so I can’t wait to see him again. I owe this child much – he is one of the main reasons George ever agreed to have kids. Ha ha!

So. much. excitement.

Hmm. I do wish I had something interesting to say right now. Because If I did, maybe I’d get some comments.

No, wait, I tried that already. Hmmph.

Sorry, I get grumpy when I don’t get comments. I need validation.

Let’s see if I can dredge up anything interesting. Hmm…

Well, we met with our new accountant tonight…that’s kind of exciting, isn’t it? Yeah, if you’re old farts. Hmm.

I had spaghetti-os for dinner. Mmm. And I’m going to have a popsicle soon. CAN YOU STAND IT?

Ultrasound pics!

Saw the babies again today! V exciting, they’re all measuring right on target and are looking good. Here are some pics:

Triplet A

Triplet B

Triplet C

Cute, eh?


We’re home! Got back last night. It was nice to see everyone, and to finally meet my new goddaughter. Emily is an angel. For me, anyway. I babysat her on Friday and she cried for maybe a grand total of thirty seconds. She loves her Aunt Pam!

Some pictures of Emmy…

And my Ellie, who I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with…sniff, sniff…

Anyway, the trip was much fun, and Kristina and Mike were the best hosts. Kristina made her best effort for me to eat a lot, and I think overall I did a pretty good job. Mmmm, flautas….


Sorry I haven’t updated in a while – I’m on vacation! Sheesh. There has, of course, been much excitement but I’ll post more when I get home. With pics. Of Morrissey! And Emily and Ellie, of course.

Today we’re going to a cave. Can you guess whose idea that was?