MFM appointment

So, I know I have to post about today’s appointment. Can I make it brief?

No membrane found.

But babies look great. They’re all the same sex – but we asked them not to tell us what that sex is.

Doctor is now on my shit list, for basically giving me no information, just saying “come back in four weeks and we’ll look [for the membrane] again.” I can’t tell you how angry this makes me, and I’ll be chatting with my OB on Wednesday about that. I really, really want to switch MFMs now to someone with a shred of bedside manner. Someone who doesn’t fall asleep while the u/s tech is looking at the babies.

So, that’s that. How about some pics?






Two years. And the mall isn’t open yet.

(Can I be flip?)

Anyway. I’m not going to be all nostalgic and morbid and eloquent. There are much better writers out there for that. Just thought I should commemorate. Two years.

Now can I post a couple of pictures of the nursery? Painting is done, and look at the cute flag banner I made!

Girls weekend

Well, I had a really fun fun fun fun weekend with the girls. It was our second annual girls’ weekend (or would it be girl’s?) and this time, we met up here in New Orleans, due to the two knocked-up among us. Much fun was had, and I was sorry to see it end. Come baaaack!

Samples of what we did:
Stalked celebrities (Brangelina’s house!)

Went in stores with pretty plants:

And mostly, ate.

In other news, today is Jenny’s birthday. Happy birthday Jenny! Today is the third day in a row of family birthdays. Sunday was Jennifer, and yesterday was our cousin Monica. Happy happy happy birthday birthday birthday! I rather hope this makes up a little bit for the fact that I haven’t actually gone birthday gift shopping for anyone yet. Owing mainly to the fact that if I did, everyone would be getting stuff from the dollar store, for that is my budget til payday.

We finally are getting the house rearranged. I am typing this from my new office! No longer in the guest room, but at the back of the house in the library. Hooray! And the guest room is now the room the babies will live in, complete with pretty blue-green paint and piles of crib parts. Will take pictures when we get it semi-set up.

You know what is weird? Suddenly, triplets are everywhere. I know it’s only because they’re on my mind, but seriously. It seems like everyone I know knows someone with triplets, or who is a triplet. And this morning, while telling myself I really need to get out of bed and listening to a story on NPR about Katrina, one of the women being interviewed mentioned she is a triplet. The manicurist I went to a few weeks ago – she had triplet cousins. The web designer we hired at work has triplet nieces/nephews. High school friends work with parents of triplets. Actually, lots of people seem to work with parents of triplets. Guess they have to take several jobs. Heh. Anyway, it’s kind of weird. I’m starting to think triplets aren’t so rare after all.

Must get ready for work now!

OB appointment

So, my appointment yesterday…was fine. Nothing exciting. Maybe ten minutes of face time with the medical staff. Nurse didn’t look at my chart, apparently, because after she found a heartbeat, she started to walk away. I had to ask her kindly if she was planning on listening for the other two. Ah well.

Then a doctor came in. An old doctor. Not my doctor. Some old fart who clearly hasn’t dealt with many triplet pregnancies. After he briefly looked me over, we went into his office so he could yell at me for gaining 21 lbs. Mind you, that’s 14 less than recommended by the multiple pregnancy guru, Dr. Luke.

So, whatever. I don’t care. Next Friday is my appointment with the MFM, part two in the Search for the Membranes.

This weekend I have far more fun things to think about, namely the girls’ weekend with Kettie and Maura and Ren (and even little Alison for part of it!) which will involve gossiping, floating in a pool, and sipping frozen beverages. Virgin, of course. I can’t wait!


Ack, it’s been a while since I posted! I’ve just been v busy. Nursery painting not quite done yet, but with a couple of more days of work this week it should be done. Yay! I feel bad, just being the “supervisor”, but what can ya do?

Went to Baton Rouge to visit my mom. Got some maternity clothes, and some shoes to fit my fat feet. Well, they fit sometimes. Yesterday at work…not so much. But they’re a good backup for days when my feet aren’t so swollen. And maybe they’ll stretch.

We saw Becoming Jane, which I enjoyed. I do love going to the movies. We also met up with my Aunt Caroline and got the rest of the fabric for the quilts. They are going to be so cute!

Tomorrow is an OB appointment. Only two weeks since my last one. I’m pretty sure it’s really supposed to be next Wednesday, but on my chart, my doctor’s “3” (as in “see patient again in 3 weeks”) looked like a “2”. Silly me didn’t even bother to correct the scheduler. But maybe it was a 2? Who knows. In any case, the paranoid feelings have been creeping over me again, and I’ll be happy to hear the heartbeats to set my mind at ease.

And then a week from Friday is another ultrasound with the specialist. Hoping (desperately) to see the membranes. Sigh.


Well, the nursery is well on its way! I am in love with the paint color I picked, it’s absolutely perfect. Just the right balance of blue and green. Well, perhaps it’s a little on the blue side, but I don’t care. I love it.

I was showing someone a picture of it, and they said “ooh, look, it’s the color of a Tiffany box!” And I said noooooo, that’s cheesy, I’d never paint something the color of a Tiffany box. It’s a bit of a brighter light blue, wouldn’t you say?

Luckily, I have two Tiffany boxes in my possession. Both came from my cousin Monica, who gave me a porcelain box from Tiffany for my college graduation, and a beautiful crystal bowl as a wedding gift. So I took one of the boxes into the bedroom to compare the colors.

Lo and behold, the box nearly blended into the wall. I was shocked. I guess Tiffany blue isn’t that obnoxious after all.

Here are a few pictures of the color…

Obviously, we’re not done yet. All of the trim will be white. Hopefully it’ll be done by the end of the week. Big thanks to Stephanie and Teresa for painting! I was able to work a little, but only when I had this hideous and hot mask on. So I didn’t do much.

When the painting is done, we’ll be able to move the cribs in. Yes, we have them all, but only because two of them were hand-me-downs from friends and family who were ready to get rid of them. All of the furniture will be white, and with the cute crib skirts and quilts Aunt Caroline is making, it’s going to be the best nursery ever! Just need to get some new blinds and curtains, maybe a rug, and a new comforter for the double bed that’s staying in there.

Regarding my last post, I am quite proud of myself for remaining pretty calm about everything, and not worrying. I am hopeful that everything will work out for the best, and that we’ll come home with three healthy babies. I mean, I have to think that!

I can’t say how wonderful it is to hear from my triplet mom readers that they’ve gone through the same thing with a positive outcome. It really, really helps. And my gigantic ovaries aren’t causing me any pain, thank goodness. Heh.


Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I was going to post after my appointment on Tuesday, but to be honest, I was just kind of depressed about it, and didn’t feel like writing it all up.

But now I think I am over it, and am trying to be optimistic about everything.

The appointment didn’t really go any differently than I expected. It was at the hospital, and I really liked the u/s tech. For about an hour, she looked at all three babies, taking measurements. They looked great. All growing well, all wiggling around (far more active than Mommy and Daddy), so much so that the tech was having a really hard time measuring the heartrates.

Then it was time to look for the membranes, and as I suspected, they were only able to find one, the one between B and A&C. So, B is “walled off” by his (random gender! no we don’t know and we’re not finding out) membrane, and as far as they could see, A&C are floating around in another chamber. They couldn’t find the membrane between A and C, which is vital. Without the “wall” separating them, they can get tangled up in each others cords. This would be very bad.

If they don’t find the membrane at the next appointment, we will start seriously discussing hospital bedrest. Beginning around 24 weeks. (Is it totally wrong to hope it’s at 25 weeks since my second shower is 24 weeks, 6 days?) A lot of monitoring, hopefully to make it to 32-34 weeks.

I really don’t want to be in the hospital. I really don’t want to spend every day for eight weeks worried sick about little A & C. It’s terrifying. And even if they do find the membrane, then I have to worry about another possible complication, where one baby takes more of its share of the placenta, and they both suffer.

It just makes for a bleak picture.

And it doesn’t help that the doctor was presenting us all kinds of doom-and-gloom scenarios. Fine, it’s his job, but it was a little overwhelming.

They also found that my ovaries are GINORMOUS (think baseball sized) and full of cysts, but they’re not worried about it. It really was just funny how the doctor was all “OH MY GOD” at them. Heh. You’d think that between two baseballs and three avocado-sized beings in my torso, I might actually look a little pregnant. Not so much. Ahh, the joys of being tall and wide.

So I may sound very pessimistic from this post, but really, I’m not. There is a good chance they’ll find the membrane. (Based on some reading I’ve done – there were three yolk sacs when they were teeny, therefore there should be three amniotic sacs. So the “scientists” say. Heh.) And if I end up in the hospital, well, what better place to be? I’d happily give up my freedom for the peace of mind this would provide. And George’s work is just a few minutes away, so he’d be able to visit a lot.

I hope all of my male readers enjoyed that tour into my reproductive organs.

Ultrasound pics!

Had a very productive day yesterday, and a very unproductive day today. Yesterday we bought a crib, got another one from a friend, and bought a ton of stuff for the house. Then, since Annie was in town, we drove to visit Ren and Gary. Now, let me say here that GARY suggested that we peek at the babies, NOT ME. Anne doesn’t get to see hers as much as Ren and I do, so it would have been wrong to say “no thanks”!

So we took a little looky-loo (hey, I still made it TWO WHOLE WEEKS between ultrasounds) and all looked well. Nothing too in-depth, but I got a few cute pictures. They’re up on flickr:






Tuesday is my appointment with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist. Should be fun.


I really don’t have much to say, but I want to be a good blogger. Bullets are easier in such situations…

– Have my big ultrasound with the specialist on Tuesday. I can’t wait! I hope everything goes well, and that he finds the membranes between the babies. This is my biggest fear, that he won’t. But I’ve done a little research, and I feel pretty confident that he will. It’ll have been over two weeks since my last u/s when I have this one – my longest time between them, ever, I think. What willpower I have!

– My friend Anne is coming in this weekend on a spur-of-the-moment trip. So exciting! We’re going to hang out on Saturday night, hopefully to go visit Ren and Gary and Alison (but I swear I won’t hit him up for an ultrasound – I swear!) Anne’s pregnant, too, so it’ll be three pregnant women, a toddler, and Gary. Heh. Fun for him!

– Tax-free shopping days are Friday and Saturday. A whole 4% we’ll save on state tax, but I guess it’s better than nothing. I want to go buy the paint for the nursery and the iron balusters for the stairs. Can’t wait until we have a bannister. Will feel a tad more safe.

Okay, that’s all I got….