Ultrasound pics!

Had a very productive day yesterday, and a very unproductive day today. Yesterday we bought a crib, got another one from a friend, and bought a ton of stuff for the house. Then, since Annie was in town, we drove to visit Ren and Gary. Now, let me say here that GARY suggested that we peek at the babies, NOT ME. Anne doesn’t get to see hers as much as Ren and I do, so it would have been wrong to say “no thanks”!

So we took a little looky-loo (hey, I still made it TWO WHOLE WEEKS between ultrasounds) and all looked well. Nothing too in-depth, but I got a few cute pictures. They’re up on flickr:






Tuesday is my appointment with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist. Should be fun.

2 thoughts on “Ultrasound pics!

  1. Karen

    hooray for pictures! You’ll likely have ultrasounds every two weeks for a little while, but you’ll shift to every week by 20 weeks or so (earlier if you’re having issues earlier than that like I was, but I wouldn’t wish that on you!). At this point I’m in the office for an ultrasound AT LEAST once a week, but sometimes twice a week, which isn’t as much fun as it sounds! 🙂


  2. Anonymous

    thanks to annie and pajamala for the poboys and visit! was so much fun visiting with ya’ll! still funny to me that between the three of us there were five unborn children at the condo!


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