Girls weekend

Well, I had a really fun fun fun fun weekend with the girls. It was our second annual girls’ weekend (or would it be girl’s?) and this time, we met up here in New Orleans, due to the two knocked-up among us. Much fun was had, and I was sorry to see it end. Come baaaack!

Samples of what we did:
Stalked celebrities (Brangelina’s house!)

Went in stores with pretty plants:

And mostly, ate.

In other news, today is Jenny’s birthday. Happy birthday Jenny! Today is the third day in a row of family birthdays. Sunday was Jennifer, and yesterday was our cousin Monica. Happy happy happy birthday birthday birthday! I rather hope this makes up a little bit for the fact that I haven’t actually gone birthday gift shopping for anyone yet. Owing mainly to the fact that if I did, everyone would be getting stuff from the dollar store, for that is my budget til payday.

We finally are getting the house rearranged. I am typing this from my new office! No longer in the guest room, but at the back of the house in the library. Hooray! And the guest room is now the room the babies will live in, complete with pretty blue-green paint and piles of crib parts. Will take pictures when we get it semi-set up.

You know what is weird? Suddenly, triplets are everywhere. I know it’s only because they’re on my mind, but seriously. It seems like everyone I know knows someone with triplets, or who is a triplet. And this morning, while telling myself I really need to get out of bed and listening to a story on NPR about Katrina, one of the women being interviewed mentioned she is a triplet. The manicurist I went to a few weeks ago – she had triplet cousins. The web designer we hired at work has triplet nieces/nephews. High school friends work with parents of triplets. Actually, lots of people seem to work with parents of triplets. Guess they have to take several jobs. Heh. Anyway, it’s kind of weird. I’m starting to think triplets aren’t so rare after all.

Must get ready for work now!

8 thoughts on “Girls weekend

  1. Jennifer and Rob

    Thanks PS!! Tell you what.. instead of going bday shopping for me.. get something for the triplets. 🙂


  2. Mar Mar

    Damn, that IS a good camera. Makes me hungry again just looking at those oysters. Don’t forget to send us the other ones!


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